Shooting during a high school game leaves several injured (Video)

Authorities confirmed that there was a shooting during a football game at a high school. The shooting that occurred during the match, but...

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  • Authorities confirmed that there was a shooting during a football game at a high school.
  • The shooting that occurred during the match, but not inside the stadium, left multiple injuries.
  • The players threw themselves to the ground as a safety measure when the detonations were heard.

A shooting once again left a distressing scene in the United States. Authorities confirmed that on Friday night, October 15, there was a shooting during a football game at a high school and that four people were injured.

Quoting the police, NBC News reported at around 2:00 am on Saturday, October 16, that there were four injured after the shooting broke out outside an Alabama high school, where a football game was taking place.

Shooting was recorded during a high school game

shooting during match

After being taken to a health center, one of the injured is in critical condition. And two of the four people shot were minors, Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine was quoted as saying by NBC News. So far the identities of the victims have not been specified.

The shooting occurred just before 10:00 p.m. on an exit ramp outside Ladd-Peebles Stadium during the game between high school rivals Williamson and Vigor, which was about to end. The shooting did not occur on the field or in the stands, but the crowd fled to the starting gates and the players threw themselves to the ground for safety, he also reported.

It is believed that a single gunman unleashed the shooting during the match (click on the image to see the video)

shooting during match

Police believe there may have been several people involved in the incident on Friday night, but only one gunman, Police Chief Paul Prine said. Until the moment the report was published, no arrests had been made.

Between five and seven shots were believed to have been fired, the police chief said, and the motive is still being investigated: “I am disturbed by that. This is a place where the family comes, the children come after being in school all week ”.

Shooting during the game left dramatic scenes (click on the image for the video)

shooting during match

Mobile County Public Schools communications director Rena Philips told she was still working to try to obtain details about the incident that resulted in at least four people being injured. Anyone with information about the incident was asked to contact Mobile Police at 251-208-7211.

The newspaper also recalled that in 2019 nine people were injured (six of them shot) in the stadium when shots broke out at the end of a game between LeFlore High School and Williamson High School.

Shooting reported in the vicinity of the Mexico City airport

Mexico City Airport

On the other hand, the media reported on Friday morning a shooting and persecution in the vicinity of Terminal 2 of the Mexico City International Airport (AICM). According to the first reports at the time, a person was shot in terminal 2 of the airport.

The wounded man was driving a luxury black pickup when two motorcyclists shot him. According to information from W Radio, the driver of the truck ran over one of the alleged assailants. The vehicles were insured, the El Universal agency reported.

Shooting breaks out at Mexico airport

Mexico airport shooting AICM
Photo: Twitter

According to the airport spokesman, the driver of the van arrived at the Terminal 2 roundabout dragging one of the motorcycles in an attempt to save his life, he reported. Indigo Report. The man who was injured reported that the subjects who were traveling on motorcycles were chasing him from Avenida Oceanía and shooting at his vehicle.

According to local media, the motorcycle that was dragged by the truck caught fire, however, the fire was controlled by a team of AICM firefighters. So far, the Ministry of Citizen Security has not provided further details of this incident. To see the video of the shooting at the AICM airport, click HERE.

There is already a detainee for the shooting at the Mexico airport

Mexico airport shooting AICM
Photo: Twitter

Claudia Sheinbaum, head of Government of Mexico City, said that “there is already a detainee” for the direct attack against a person in Terminal 2 of the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), reported the El Universal agency.

“A few moments ago there was a direct attack on two people in the AICM, there are two people injured out of danger, at the moment @SSC_CDMX has already arrested one of those responsible, also injured by a firearm,” he reported on his side in networks social Omar García Harfuch, Secretary of Security for Mexico City.

Shooting at a children’s soccer game leaves 4 dead in Mexico

Photo: Shutterstock

On the other hand, this week, a shooting during a children’s soccer game, left four state policemen riddled in broad daylight in the vicinity of the Multiforo and a few meters from the C5 facilities, reported authorities of security, according to the El Universal news agency and the portal DNA 40.

The facts generated crisis of panic among the families who enjoyed a children’s soccer tournament, in a sports field that is in front of the C5 of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), a few meters from where the shooting was perpetrated and where the bursts of fire were heard. high-caliber weapons.

Disturbing video

Shooting game soccer kids
Photo Twitter

In the afternoon, the state security authorities confirmed in a statement said armed aggression in the Hidráulica neighborhood and it was one of the news that most impacted society, because everything was recorded in a video that has gone viral.

“After the first indications, it was confirmed that the men who lost their lives are police elements assigned to the Metropolitan Police, who were on their day of rest,” the authorities said about the fact that the lives of the police were lost.

An injured officer

Photo Twitter

Similarly, it is mentioned that when carrying out the operational actions to locate those responsible, one more element of the Metropolitan Police was injured, without giving more details of the injuries, and only indicated that it is reported stable and that it is not in danger.

On the other hand, security sources indicated that in the municipality of Villa de Cos there was a confrontation between hitmen and elements of the Army, where the death of a soldier is mentioned in a preliminary way, but investigations are still continuing.

They were at rest

They kill cops
Photo Twitter

It is said that the four elements assigned to the Metropolitan Police were on rest when they were executed by the criminals. At the time of the attack, the officers were in the vicinity of the National Fair, located in the capital of the country.

The State Board for the Construction of Peace and Security, a group that was installed by Governor David Monreal and made up of officials from the three levels of Government, confirmed the bloody events that took place on Saturday, October 9 of this year. For more details visit this note.

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