Shooting breaks out at Target in Ohio, one fatality reported

Shooting breaks out at Target store with one dead in Columbus, Ohio. So far neither the suspect or detainees have been identified, say po...

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  • Shooting breaks out at Target store with one dead in Columbus, Ohio.
  • So far neither the suspect or detainees have been identified, say police.
  • Owners make a firm decision to keep customers safe.

Violence in the United States doesn’t take a break and today a shooting was reported in a Target store resulting in the death of one man in Columbus, Ohio. In addition, two women were also murdered on Sunday morning. Thus fear spreads throughout the population in light of other violent events in recent days that have kept authorities busy.

According to reporting by The Sun and WDTN, and based on information gathered by Fox 28, the bloody incident was reported to 911 and authorities responded immediately. They arrived in police cars along with rescue and medical personnel in ambulances.


Dead Target shooting Ohio
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The incident happened on Monday, November 8, and so far the police have no information about the suspect. It is still unknown whether anyone has been arrested for this violent incident. In addition, it is not known if more people were injured during the shooting at the store so officers remained on the scene to ensure everyone’s safety.

Officers cordoned off the area while a search was made in an effort to find a possible suspect. Police said they saw a body in the store after the shooting, but they had not confirmed whether anyone else was injured. All this happened around noon and due to the severity of the situation, managers of the Target decided to close it to the public.


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A Fox reporter said he saw a body on the ground covered with a white sheet and initial reports indicate that the shooting took place outside the store. Obviously this also affected those inside, as people who heard the shots were frightened and the scene became chaotic while everyone was trying to figure out what was going on.

It was reported that after the shooting, customers were kept safe inside the store until police arrived and they were authorized to leave when conditions were less dangerous. At this time the investigators are on scene to collect evidence and take statements in an effort to identify a suspect.

One Dead in Ohio Target Shooting: WHAT CAUSED BULLETS TO FLY?

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Police determined that it was an isolated event that did not constitute a serious threat to the general public. Apparently the shooting stemmed from a dispute between two people who knew each other. Nonetheless, authorities are investigating the crime as a homicide, though they need more information before reaching an official conclusion.

The Morse Crossing Target is close to the Easton Town Center and this homicide is currently number 175 in Columbus in this year alone. This number is already equal to the amount of homicides last year, which was the highest in the city’s history. Since there are almost two more months until the end of this year, thy could easily surpass that record. To see the video click here.


Dead Target shooting Ohio
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According to information from the AP, two women were killed in a shooting Toledo over the weekend, Ohio authorities said. Police responding to an alert about a possible shooting at approximately 7 a.m. Sunday found the women on a street in downtown Toledo.

Police officers said one of them was in the driver’s seat of a sedan and the other was lying on the street next to the passenger door, which was open. Both were declared dead at the scene. On Sunday afternoon, police identified the victims as Laura Luckey, 42, and Natasha Carlisle, 40, and indicated that there is an ongoing homicide investigation. Filed Under: Dead Target Ohio Shooting


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“There is no indication that they were doing anything illegal,” Sergeant Brian Smith told the Toledo Blade newspaper. “We understand, up to now, that they came here together.” Neighbor Diane Taylor, 50, said she heard the first three shots and saw a man running through a nearby field, “holding his chest and shooting backwards.”

No arrests were immediately reported. The women were killed a few yards from a makeshift monument honoring a man who was shot to death six years ago, which consists of several photographs of him attached to the trunk of a tree, the newspaper reported. Filed Under: Dead Target Ohio Shooting

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