Shocking photos of damage to collapsed building in Miami are leaked as more casualties emerge

Shocking photos reveal the damage and flooding to Miami condo 36 hours before it collapsed. The former construction official who said in ...

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  • Shocking photos reveal the damage and flooding to Miami condo 36 hours before it collapsed.
  • The former construction official who said in 2018 that the building was “in very good condition” was suspended from his new job.
  • So far 16 people have died after the collapse and more than 140 people are still missing.

Shocking images taken just 36 hours before the collapse of the Miami building showing heavy flood damage at the facilities of the complex of apartments have been leaked, the Miami Herald reported.

The photographs were taken by an unidentified contractor and show large cracks in the concrete columns in the pool equipment room as well as leaks in the parking lot.

Miami Building Collapse: Photos of Previous Damage Revealed

Miami building collapse
Photo: Twitter.

William Espinosa, a building owner told CBS that in the parking lot there were leaks of sea water. “Every time we had unusual high tides, any King Tide or something like that, we had a lot of salt water coming in from the bottom of the base,” he said. To see all the images press HERE.

Weeks before the collapse of a Florida apartment building, the chairwoman of the board of owners wrote that structural problems discovered during an inspection in 2018 had “significantly worsened” and that owners had to pay a considerable sum to fix them.

Miami building collapse: Many works could be done

Miami building collapse
Photo: Twitter.

The letter Champlain Towers South condo president Jean Wodnicki sent on April 9 hinted at an ongoing debate over the repairs and the reluctance of some owners to pay for major works that would cost at least $ 15.5 million.

“Many of these works could have been done or planned years ago. But this is where we are now, ”he wrote in the letter, which was confirmed to The Associated Press by a spokesman for the board of homeowners. Wodnicki noted that costs had risen since engineering firm Morabito Consultants first reported weakening concrete problems in October 2018, and predicted that if repairs continued to be delayed, costs would increase.

Damage got worse

Photo: AP

“In fact, visible damage like in the parking lot has worsened considerably since the first inspection,” Wodnicki wrote. “The deterioration of concrete is accelerating.” “It is impossible to know the severity of the damage to the reinforcing rods until the concrete is opened. Often the damage is more extensive than can be determined by an inspection of the surface, “he added.

“I admit that we are talking about a huge project and a very large review. The longer we wait, the higher the prices will be ”, he pointed out. Wodnicki did not immediately respond to calls, emails and texts seeking comment.

They fire an official who said the building was in “very good condition”

Photo: AP

The former Surfside, Florida construction official who told members of the Champlain Towers South board of homeowners that the Florida building was in “very good condition” nearly three years before the collapse, according to meeting minutes released Monday, was fired from his current job as a government contractor following the Miami building collapse.

The city of Doral, Florida, said Rosendo Prieto was suspended from CAP Government Inc., which provides construction department services to governments, according to the Miami Herald. The contractor confirmed Prieto’s suspension on Tuesday and did not specify whether it was voluntary, the newspaper reported.

Prieto ignored the warnings

Photo: AP

According to reports, a private engineer alerted Prieto about “major structural damage” three years ago. “If the waterproofing is not replaced in the near future, the extent of concrete deterioration will expand exponentially,” the report said.

Prieto’s comments came during the meeting with the Champlain Towers South board of directors on November 15, 2018. The meeting took place just over a month after the engineering company Morabito Consultants issued a report describing failures. key in the structure, reported AP.

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