Shirtless, Chef Yisus finally introduces his wife Julianna

Chef ‘Yisus’ surprises his followers by showing his partner. His followers congratulated his young ‘wife’ on her ...

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  • Chef ‘Yisus’ surprises his followers by showing his partner.
  • His followers congratulated his young ‘wife’ on her birthday.
  • He’s more cheerful, after the loss of his mother in March.

Chef Yisus introduces wife. In the middle of the weekend, celebrities have shown their community of followers what a great time they are having this holiday weekend, visiting tourist places or celebrating their loved ones with yacht rides or simply taking a break from the stress of the week.

This time it was the turn of Jesus Diaz better known as ‘Chef Yisus’ who delighted his followers by showing himself shirtless on social networks and introducing his beloved wife Juliana, with whom he has been married for nine years and they have formed their family with two adorable girls who are the center of attention of the couple.

Chef Yisus presents wife: Celebrating Juliana

Chef Yisus Introduces Wife: Show Off Your Wife
Photo: Instagram

Chef Yisus through his social networks showed his community of followers how well he is having this holiday weekend, celebrating one of the most important people in his life: his wife Juliana. Usually, Jesus tries to be reserved when it comes to his personal life, but sometimes he teaches his daughters or makes a special post for his wife.

This time he not only celebrated his wife through Instagram, but also showed his sculpted torso that won the majority of compliments that fill the comments section, although they also added to wish Juliana a “happy birthday”, highlighting the beautiful couple that they do and how always, he was very attentive to what they said letting him know by means of a ‘like’. Filed Under: Chef Yisus Introduces Wife

The yacht celebration

Chef Yisus Presents Wife: The Birthday Celebration In Miami
Photo: Instagram

The celebration for Juliana’s 36th birthday took place on a yacht that they rented in Miami, where friends and family of the couple enjoyed the Chef’s wife and took on the task of relaxing for a while on this festive weekend. . Close friends of the couple through Instagram Stories shared more about the party, showing how they were having it.

Later, it was Jesus who posted on Instagram Stories some details of the birthday, such as the cake they distributed among their guests, in addition to the photographs of yesteryear where the couple is happy, the followers of the Chef did not go unnoticed this change in the content of their Instagram account, but they were more than happy to see the couple more united than ever. Filed Under: Chef Yisus Introduces Wife

Chef Yisus Introduces Wife: Show Off Your Wife

Chef Yisus presents wife: Show off your wife on social media
Photo: Instagram

He not only showed details of the birthday party, but also showed off his young wife through his Instagram stories, where he uploaded a couple of photographs where the woman appears with sunglasses and in a bathing suit, in addition to having her side a glass of Champagne that they used to celebrate.

The winner of two Emmys, he proudly taught Juliana, with whom he has been with for 11 years and they have become one of the most stable couples in the middle, as they try to keep their lives private, although they have always been the support of the other, commenting on his posts or teaching his little daughters. Filed Under: Chef Yisus Introduces Wife

Chef Yisus presents wife: “How beautiful they are”

Chef Yisus Introduces Wife: User Reviews
Photo: Instagram


It was through a photograph that the Chef uploaded where he congratulated his wife on her birthday, that the followers took advantage of the moment to fill them with positive comments where they highlighted how good they look together and wishing the best wishes for both, in addition to mentioning the beautiful family that have formed.

“Many congratulations and blessings for your wife, she looks very young”, “Many congratulations to your wife chef God bless her”, “Congratulations and blessings with the family”, “Beautiful! Congratulations ”,“ we love you very much ”,“ Nice family ”,“ Beautiful and with a heart of gold. Congratulations @ juli0703 You are loved very much ”,“ We ​​adore you, Julianita ”, reads the prominent comments of the photograph. Filed Under: Chef Yisus Introduces Wife

Chef Yisus presents wife: The celebration does not end

Chef Yisus presents wife: The celebration is not over yet
Photo: Instagram

For this purpose, it seems that the couple has continued with the celebration plans, as they continue to celebrate with their friends and family this July 4th, as Juliana shows on her Instagram profile where she also released different images of the party that they organized on July 3.

In one of the photographs he showed on Instagram Stories, the couple appears smiling and in their respective swimsuits, showing off their splendid figures, in addition to the romantic caption that Jesus’ wife placed: “My best company”, teaching their followers how in love they are. Filed Under: Chef Yisus Introduces Wife

The relationship that started 11 years ago

Eleven years together
Photo: Instagram

Although they have been married for 9 years, the couple has always kept out of controversy and being a fairly stable marriage, so they have commented on different occasions where the former dancer has boasted of his marriage with his followers, mentioning how happy he is next to his wife Juliana.

A couple of weeks ago, Juliana congratulated Jesus on their wedding anniversary, posting a photograph of their wedding, with the following caption: “Thank you for these 9 years of marriage (and 11 together). Every day more in love with the family that we have built based on love, respect and much happiness. Thanks for so much Albertico. I love you infinite”.

They show off their daughters on social media

The two daughters of Chef Yisus
Photo: Instagram

What Jesus has shown is how happy he is with his wife and daughters, whom he always boasts on his social networks through images or videos, making recipes, showing the girls’ school achievements or simply to dedicate a loving word to them. girls, showing your love for them.

Like Juliana, although she is not very active in that social network, she always finds a reason to teach her two little girls and she has spoken on different occasions what motherhood means and how she enjoys each stage: “Being a mother has become not only a personal challenge, because I have learned many things in these years, but also at a stage that has allowed me to be a great teacher for my daughters, “he wrote a couple of weeks ago.

In good and bad

Farewell to his mother
Photo: Instagram

A couple of months ago it was announced that the Venezuelan’s mother passed away, who made him known through social networks and also mentioned that one of the people who had been his conditional support in this difficult stage was Juliana and her daughters. , who were aware of him at all times.

““ You were and will ALWAYS be my cane, my food, my engine, the woman of my life. It was not enough for you to bring me to life, but you also gave me yours. You taught me everything with examples, but your words and writings were never lacking. I do EVERYTHING thinking of you because that way everything works out better for me ”, was part of the dedication he wrote on March 6 when he announced the sad news.

The winner of “Mira Quien Baila”

The winner of 'Mira Quien Baila'
Photo: Instagram

After that hard blow, the Chef participated in the Mira Quien Baila program, where last April he was crowned the winner, since that had always been his goal from the beginning, also on Instagram he mentioned that he did it in memory of his mother , who always wanted to see him dance and win, so it was satisfactory when he reached the end of the broadcast and passed the challenge in the best way.

According to the portal of Infobae, the chef of the morning show, wanted to be on the track to support Amigos For Kids, a foundation that looks out for the well-being of the children of South Florida and that seeks to strengthen families, as well as educate communities in prevention of child abuse and neglect

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