She lost many kilos! Yalitza Aparicio is back with a ‘new body’ (PHOTOS)

Yalitza Aparicio is losing kilos and her latest photos show it The Mexican Oscar nominee shows off her new body In her recent photos, the...

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  • Yalitza Aparicio is losing kilos and her latest photos show it
  • The Mexican Oscar nominee shows off her new body
  • In her recent photos, the physical change is evident.

Yalitza Aparicio finished recording a movie in Mexico, and in her most recent photographs she showed that she is also working on changing her body because she has lost many kilos and is noticeably thinner, is it possible that someone told her that she should keep a healthier lifestyle?

Since she began her career 3 years ago in the filming of the movie Roma, which earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress, Yalitza Aparicio has been ‘bullied’ by her image, from her Oaxacan origins, to her way of dressing, her skin color, her body, her way of expressing herself and even the issues she supports as an activist.

Yalitza Aparicio used to look more ‘full’

The Oscar-nominated actress changed her body

In your account Instagram, the Mexican actress boasts the most professional and personal moments that occur to her, however, it is evident that over time, Yalitza Aparicio has lost many kilos and now her body is preparing for a more palpable diet and exercise regimen.

The Mexican appeared in recent photographs where her image has notably changed, almost as she was in her teaching years and did not dedicate herself to acting or activism, since her arms are thinner, her waist is slimmer and her legs are more worked.

Yalitza Aparicio has ‘changed’ her body

Yalitza Aparicio 'new body'

In a recent Photography In her Instagram account, Yalitza Aparicio appears sitting in a room with her pet while the Mexican is in profile with a red dress, with her feet crossed and opening a white bag and is captured in an unexpected way.

However, it is clear that the Mexican’s body has lost many kilos because her legs and arms look less bulky than when she began her career, not to mention her belly that she no longer forms ‘the chubby ones’ that were noticeable before, because in some photos of his past were something that ‘pointed’ to him.

Before, Yalitza Aparicio was ‘marked’ by her body

Yalitza Aparicio

In a photograph from before, Yalitza Aparicio was shown in profile with her long loose hair while wearing a dark dress and very pensive, but it is evident that her arm was more bulging than in the recent images, so the Mexican probably underwent a diet and exercise regimen.

“One of the things that I like the most when receiving visitors in my house is to tell anecdotes and stories next to the warmth of a delicious bonfire and in the best of cases with a delicious cup of coffee. A good host turns those little moments into great experiences. Become a Magic Host in @Airbnb and discover the fascinating world of our Magical Towns, thanks to this alliance that will lead us to fall more and more in love with our Mexico ”, he wrote in another photo, where Yalitza Aparicio shows off his ‘new body’.

The Oscar nominee is currently sporting her slim body

Yalitza Aparicio lost many kilos

Was it a trick or did he really lose a lot of kilos? Yalitza Aparicio received messages in a current photo where she sits with her legs extended on a wooden bench in front of a campfire and with the same red dress she shows that her legs are more toned and slimmer.

The messages were immediate: “as precious and real as that fire that has always existed”, “How beautiful Yalitza”, “Beautiful feet”, “our roots and our humility are the reflection of our parents”, “Magnificent” , “Wow, how beautiful”, “I admire you very much you are one of the people who motivate me to fulfill my goals in life, God bless you, and have a wonderful life”, “What a beautiful smile Yalitza”.

In her previous photos, Yalitza Aparicio’s body looked ‘chubby’

The Oscar nominee changed her body

A few months ago, the Mexican woman drew attention with a purple dress where her body was ‘squeezed’ by its fabric and many people claimed that Yalitza Aparicio had ‘the chubby ones’ in her arms and waist, all while I was promoting the movie Rome.

However, if it is compared with the following photograph, it is evident that the arms of the Mexican are already thinner, her belly ‘disappeared’, the waist is less wide and the legs are toned, because her outfit, a striped mini skirt, and a glued blouse will not lie.

Now, Yalitza Aparicio boasts her fewer kilos

The Mexican lost many kilos

“Last night,” wrote Yalitza Aparicio in a series of images from Mexico City, where he portrayed the streets and a park with flowers on the ground, where he took the opportunity to take the photograph that left everyone with their mouths open where your body looks slimmer and more slimmer.

“Yali !!! You have to eat well! You are skinny ”,“ Wow, how beautiful ”,“ What beautiful photos ”,“ Yali is going to be a cinematographer, very beautiful photos ”, but there was one person who did not agree with her way of dressing:“ Well, time has passed test and should try to dress better and improve his appearance if he wants to dedicate himself to this, “he wrote.

The Oscar nominee is not very well received because of how she dresses

Yalitza Aparicio red carpet

During her promotion to the Rome film, Yalitza Aparicio was just beginning to get involved in glamor and everything that being a recognized movie star implies, so the outfits were her ‘weak point’ depending on the event she attended as they urged her have better taste and a more suitable stylist.

On a red carpet she attended, she was criticized a lot for a dress in which they decided to put an earth color that did not favor her, in addition, her makeup did not have ‘feet or head’, and the outfit had wrinkles on all sides, which earned the former teacher a wave of terrible teasing.

A few years ago, Yalitza Aparicio looked much more stylized

Before I was famous I had a slimmer body

A few years ago, the first photographs that Yalitza Aparicio shared on her Instagram showed that when she was a teacher and jovial, she was shamelessly shown with necklines and an exposed abdomen that made her look shocking and of course more sexy than the image she currently manages.

In this photo, the Mexican Oscar nominee is seen posing with someone hugged wearing a very low-cut white top, with her waist uncovered and her arms around her waist while her hair looks curly while smiling in a quite animated way, as seen in the present.

A few weeks ago, she showed off on the beach

Yalitza Aparicio teasing (IG)
Yalitza Aparicio teasing (IG)

A few weeks ago, Yalitza Aparicio got very ‘sexy’ from the beach with a Mexican pink swimsuit whose panties gave her away, as she was wearing a kind of long white embroidered blouse as she walked on the beach barefoot, without imagine that many comments would unleash ridicule.

“The truth is that they still get a couple of jumps …”, “When are you going to film the movie THE EROTIC MAID?”, “The perfect pink bikini combination on a dark-skinned woman ?!”, “How boring And this old woman is a puppet ”,“ What sensuality? You can’t see anything ”,“ nothing beautiful ”, several people in the photograph thought, however, the worst was yet to come …

You don’t have a taste for dressing up and highlighting your body?

Yalitza Aparicio hate (IG)
Yalitza Aparicio hate (IG)

A few months ago, the Mexican actress attended the Latin Grammy Awards where she served as presenter and decided to wear a royal blue dress with flashes of white stones on one right side, she also left her legs uncovered while her hair wore combed and she perfectly made up. .

The mockery of the people against Yalitza Aparicio for this photo began: “Like when you shine only because of your indigenous condition and forced inclusion, but you are not pretty, you have no talent. IT’S NOT THAT WE DON’T LOVE YOU, YOU JUST DON’T LIKE YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO TALENT “,” You have a face like a reptile, including your skin, “” Advertising is just having fun with it, just to get attention, “mostly women commented . Some images of this note come from the following video

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