She looks young! At 41, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, wife of William Levy, shows off her body in a bikini (PHOTO)

  • Elizabeth Gutiérrez appears on social networks with a daring bikini
  • William Levy’s wife shows off her figure while posing on the beach
  • At 41 years old, he shows that age is just a number

What a great body, because the actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez, wife of William Levy, took the opportunity while she was on the beach to show off her tremendous figure, posing for the camera in a daring bikini that made her look like a young girl.

It was through his account Instagram, where the American actress decided to share an image of heart attack, and that is also the model at 41 years old has shown that age is just a number.

It is worth mentioning that Elizabeth has had a loving relationship with actor William Levy since 2003, with whom she had two children. Christopher Alexander Levy and Kailey Alexandra Levy.

wife of William Levy Elizabeth Gutierrez bikini


In the shared photograph Elizabeth appears modeling on the beach, with the ocean waves in the background, while she poses with a tiny flowered two-piece bikini and sunglasses that make her look spectacular.


This caused the lust of his followers on the social network, and so far the publication has more than 400 comments, where most of these are compliments and compliments for the model.

There were those who compared it to a good wine, stating that the more time passes, the better it looks: “You are like good wine every year you are better, precious Ely.”

Even some of her friends took the time to send a message, leaving their mouths open when they saw the figure that Elizabeth Gutiérrez has in her photo: “My friend warming up,” said one user.

Some of the Internet users who commented on the shared publication could not believe the beauty that the model has despite her age: “Oh my God, how much beauty in this person.”

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