She already has the body of a young girl! Adamari López and the photo that confirms suspicions (PHOTOS)

Adamari López has almost reached her ideal weight. The host of ‘Hoy Día’ confirms suspicions with her body. While Toni Costa ...

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  • Adamari López has almost reached her ideal weight.
  • The host of ‘Hoy Día’ confirms suspicions with her body.
  • While Toni Costa is spending time with Alaïa, did Adamari López catch up to them?

Adamari López is more focused on her body than on reconciling with her ex Toni Costa and now, the Puerto Rican confirms that she is about to reach her ‘ideal weight’, that is, the same weight she had when she was a young lady, because her progress is evident and impressive at the same time.

After her separation from Toni Costa, it was said that Adamari López was determined to ‘show’ her detractors that she could lose weight and have the same body she had when she began her career and now a photograph confirms suspicions because her body looks different.

Adamari López is doing a lot of exercise

Adamari Lopez
Instagram: Adamary López Torres

Recently, the Puerto Rican is going through a complicated situation with her ex Toni Costa, because after 10 years of relationship, they decided to put an ‘indefinite pause’ to try to ‘save’ what was deteriorated, amid rumors of alleged infidelities, financial problems and even the ‘selfishness’ of the Puerto Rican for dedicating herself more to her body.

In recent days, it was said that Adamari López would have had a vacation period of ‘Hoy Día’ to go on a trip and she gave ‘signs’ that she would meet her ex Toni Costa and her daughter Alaïa in Spain, however, still they don’t share photos or videos that prove they’re together.

Adamari López leaves ‘unglued’ and with her ‘new body’

Adamari López body

Something that attracted a lot of attention in the images of Adamari López was her ‘new body’, since it is evident that she has lost many pounds and is wearing whatever she wears, such as the very sexy outfit she used for the airport that took her breath away to his followers.

With loose hair, large glasses, loose and comfortable jeans she conquered, but her torso was ‘weakly’ covered by a white top that showed her very ‘unkempt’, showing off the attributes that she has worked so hard to maintain and for which fell in love with Toni Costa.

The photo of Adamari Lopez confirming suspicions of her body

The photo that confirms suspicions of his body, the ex of Toni Costa

The Instagram account of fans ‘Adamary López Torres’, is responsible for collecting images, videos and moments that few people have seen about the Puerto Rican and a few days ago he published a photo of when he was a teenager and probably before participating as a contestant in a contest of beauty.

In the photo, which is in black and white, you can see Adamari López smiling, with her tousled hair and up to her shoulders, a beautiful smile and a very slim figure while wearing a striped top and a mini shorts with shapely legs that would drive anyone crazy, but Another current photo of the driver reveals her breakthrough.

Is Adamari López already at her ideal weight as when she was young?

Toni Costa's ex and her body

A few weeks ago, when she announced her separation from Toni Costa, Adamari López showed off a great advance of her body with a tight pink dress that highlighted her figure and the pounds she has lost; remarkably he found the fruits of his diet and his discipline to achieve ‘silence mouths’.

In the flirty photo, she also added a pink hat and the comments of the people were immediate: “Super beautiful God bless you always”, “Beautiful”, “She looks very beautiful”, “Linda”, “Short spectacular wardrobe” , “My idol most goddess”, “You are a great lady with a lot of personality”, “From the dresses that you have taken beautiful all the lights”, “Divine the babe”.

Toni Costa’s ex, very elegant and her spectacular body

Adamari López sexy

Do you presume to Toni Costa what you let go? Adamari López is in her best single moment and happier than ever with her ‘new body’ and her rejuvenated image, but now, she raises suspicions if she seeks a reconciliation with her ex who is currently traveling with her daughter Alaïa. ?

Through some photographs and videos where Adamari López tells that she is fixing her hair to go on a trip to spend a well-deserved vacation, it began to speculate that the Puerto Rican host of ‘Hoy Día’ would go to Spain to catch up with her ex Toni Costa and her little Añaïa and being together.

Adamari López is ‘delighted’ with her ‘new’ body

The ex of Toni Costa body

Just when she appeared in a purple jumpsuit in her morning show that brought her many good reviews, Adamari López went to the stylist to touch up her gray hair and ‘it came out’ to confess that she would be ready to go on a trip to a well-deserved vacation, in the middle of rumors of a supposed reconciliation with Toni Costa.

For his part, the Spanish dancer had posted a photograph from his trip with his little daughter Alaïa, who had arrived in Spain on vacation for days, so it is possible that the former couple will reunite and reconcile ?; “The journey of unforgettable memories with our princess # Alaïa, today we repeat” The City of Arts and Sciences “and tomorrow more and better, guess where I’m going to take her very close to there…. We are going to enjoy a lot !!!!! ”, he wrote in the photo.

Did you get to meet Toni Costa and Alaïa?

The daughter of the boricua

People were fascinated with the beauty by Adamari López before going on a trip and the comments on the Instagram account ‘adamarylopeztorres’ appeared: “When you decide to change your face, you change many successes in your trip”, “Adamari you are beautiful and it shows in your face you’re happy “,” I’m so happy for you, you’re beautiful, that you enjoy your vacation. ”

And the messages continued: “These heartbreakers love”, “I hope that she will be reunited with her ex-husband and daughter”, “List your bags. To go on vacation, to Spain ”,“ you are beautiful, many blessings for you! ”,“ That is the best ”,“ She looks beautiful ”,“ Divine princess ”.

“Why do you wear blouses half bubi?”, The claim of a fan

Adamari López was very enthusiastic about her vacation

To such a degree that Adamari López looked so disheveled, she scandalized a girl who follows her and demanded: “Because she uses the half-bubi shirts”, but quickly more fans came out in defense of the Puerto Rican: “because she feels like it . The clothes do not have age codes or who and how they are put on. It looks spectacular like this. People don’t even have a damn life of their own. However they criticize and if there are no reasons they invent them ”.

Other people also supported the naked sensuality of Adamari López: “because she feels sexy since she left Toni. There you will never know what happened. Now you have to find a new partner ”,“ Because you want and can! I do not understand why they get involved and think of her life as if they were intimate “,” look mijita because if she wants and can no one supports her so leave the lie for another day. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF ADAMARI LÓPEZ AT THE AIRPORT

Leave everyone quiet with their outfits in ‘Hoy Día’

Adamari Lopez

The Puerto Rican leaves everyone quiet with her arrangements to look better: “” Hello my beautiful people, I’m going on a trip tomorrow, a few vacations and I had a lot of gray in my hair but I came to Faby, who is my favorite person and I am retouching my flashes of light ”, she said from where the stylist ‘made her beautiful’.

In addition, she wore a green dress that her cleavage looked like lingerie, so they licked her: “Today she is as she should look. Youthful, elegant, classy! Congratulations Adamari ”,“ Wepaaaaaa how much style and elegance ”,“ How classy and beautiful, divine ”,“ She took like 10 years off her mind ”,“ She looks like 25 years old ”.

Will there be reconciliation with Toni Costa?

The Puerto Rican almost reaches her ideal weight

Will there be reconciliation? After everything that has been said after the separation, almost a month ago, of Adamari López and Toni Costa, the Puerto Rican actress and host sends a message to her ex-partner on the occasion of Father’s Day, in addition to remembering her father, who passed away in February 2015, with an emotional message.

It was in her Instagram stories, after sharing some videos of the baby shower that she organized for Génesis Peña Bonilla, the girl who helps her take care of her daughter Alaïa, that the Puerto Rican surprised everyone with an unexpected message. “Thank you for giving me the best gift in this life and for giving so much love to our daughter Alaïa. Happy father’s day. Toni ”, can be read in this publication in which the Spanish dancer appears with his little girl while they live with the family pet. Some images of this note come from the following video

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