Shakira shows her buttocks in a hot bikini on the beach shocking everyone (PHOTOS)

Shakira continues to impress with images on the beach Now, this time the singer surprised with a sexy bikini revealing her buttocks The C...

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FOTO: Mezcalent
  • Shakira continues to impress with images on the beach
  • Now, this time the singer surprised with a sexy bikini revealing her buttocks
  • The Colombian rarely shares these types of images

Shakira left everyone stunned with pictures of her sexy Body on the beach clad in a hot bikini revealing her buttocks.

A few days ago, the singer had published her vacation on the beach but in the Photography He only showed his wet hair in a diving suit with a kind of black shorts, but without looking complete.

Now, the one from Colombia showed off her body in two sexy and beautiful postcards that did not leave much to the imagination.

First, Shakira can be seen from the front in an almost transparent flesh-colored dress with the sea in the background as she smiles and describes that the Maldives is one of the sweetest places on the planet.

Shakira glutes (Instagram)

Shakira glutes (Instagram)

However, Shakira did not miss the opportunity to show off her buttocks in a sexy bikini designed especially for her.

Through her Instagram account, Shakira wrote on the postcard: “This is a new swimsuit that I designed and my friend Begonia made it for me. I always like to create my own summer, “said the Barranquilla.

In the postcard, Shakira appears with an innocent smile, her back while her breasts are covered with a lilac top, but the protagonists of the photo are her round buttocks that are almost covered by the thong that has a kind of hanging threads around it .

Shakira’s comments about her glutes and bikini raised the temperature: “Graphic description of“ Perfection ””, “Goddess”, “WOW! Wow! Wow What a body ”,“ You look beautiful 20 years old ”,“ Sculptural… beautiful ”,“ almost as big as tunas ”,“ Her hips don’t lie ”,“ I put my pepi .. ”,“ Very rich girl ”,“ You you will never grow old, divine forever. “

Shakira bikini (Instagram)

Shakira bikini (Instagram)

Shakira in a bikini uncovers her buttocks.

A few months after JLo gave a show that few will forget in the Super Bowl, Shakira appeared in a sexy swimsuit in the sea.

The Colombian singer is rarely shown in little clothes on her social networks, but this time she managed to conquer with a spectacular body.

The mother of two children used her Instagram to send a message to her followers amid the chaos over the coronavirus pandemic and shows that she is having a great time.

Shakira appears in the snapshot on board a boat with wet hair, her natural face without makeup, very smiling, tanned and with a spectacular body that young women would like.

The one from Barranquilla wore a diver-style swimsuit, since on her torso she showed off a tight black water blouse while she revealed her lower part with pants of the same dark tone.

Shakira swimsuit (Instagram)

Shakira swimsuit (Instagram)

The photograph was reproduced by the Instagram account of Un Nuevo Día and in it the comments of the people did not wait.

Shakira published her photo in a bathing suit with the following message: “Greetings from the sea”, and suddenly the cascade of comments appeared:

“Incredible, you always look the same as young!”, “Simple and natural that is BEAUTY”, “How beautiful”, “Always young and beautiful”, “What did you do to your face that you are different but beautiful”, “What You look young! ”,“ How beautiful ”,“ she looks too young, that photo is old ”, they commented to the singer.

And you, do you think that Shakira in a swimsuit looks better than many young women and do you think she did something to her face?

Shakira in a bikini uncovers her buttocks.

Unlike Shakira, Adamari López also wore a swimsuit. From the beach, the host of Un Nuevo Día, Adamari López appears very calm on the beach in a bathing suit on a mini vacation with her family, while Agueda López, wife of the singer Luis Fonsi, shows off in the sea a tremendous rear with a white thong.

These images were released through the Instagram account of @ agedalopez21 and that of Facebook @

Immediately the comparisons were irremediable between the two women, however, they drew them well since both have a large sector of the public that loves them.

To see the video click here

However, it was very evident that the gaze was captured by the wife of the singer Luis Fonsi, since she is thinner and wears almost any clothes that fit her.

But the chaparrita’s charisma and good humor managed to captivate the hearts of hundreds of followers who let her know at all times.

Adamari López uploaded a video with the following message: “Hello, hello, we are on a mini vacation to celebrate Toni Costa’s birthday and Alaïa is excited to ride a jet ski, I’m a little scared. Do you like this one? kind of activities at sea? ”.

But so that nobody talks to you too much, now we invite you to see the following page so that you can check the materials that were uploaded to their networks and compare to see who has the best figure of Adamari López and Agueda who appear in a bathing suit and thong .

Shakira in a bikini uncovers her buttocks.

After Adamari López appeared in a black bathing suit from the beach, like Agueda, Luis Fonsi’s wife, but this one in a white thong, people began to give their opinion on the page of the short.

“Congratulations!!! Beautiful woman, mother and wife, enjoy to the fullest the wonders of nature that our creator gave us. God bless you very much and protect hugs, love from Peru, ”said one of the people.

Someone else commented, “Blessings and congratulations to your husband Tony. May God continue to give you many more years of peace, prosperity, health and work. Next to her daughter Alaïa. Congratulations to your beautiful marriage ”.

Then another follower commented: “Blessings today and always for Tony, may he have a wonderful birthday in the company of family and friends. Regards”.

“As beautiful as always Adamari, beautiful family”, what a beautiful Adamari family God bless you “,” Hi Adamari, God bless you, you are very beautiful “,” Congratulations to Tony, may God fill you with beautiful blessings. How beautiful enjoying the birthday with the family. From Ecuador we celebrate the birthday boy ”, more people told him.

On the next page you will see the image of Agueda in a white thong.

To see the video click here.

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