Seven injured in Atlanta parking lot collapse

Atlanta parking lot collapse. A total of seven injured workers left the collapse of a parking lot under construction A first incident was...

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  • Atlanta parking lot collapse. A total of seven injured workers left the collapse of a parking lot under construction
  • A first incident was reported on Friday in which six were injured and another on Saturday that left one person injured
  • City of Atlanta ordered construction to halt while causes are investigated

Atlanta parking lot collapse. A total of seven injured workers left a parking lot under construction in Atlanta, Georgia, collapsed after a first incident was reported on Friday and another the next day, the city’s Fire Department reported.

Friday’s collapse injured six construction workers in a parking lot being built for the Emory Hospital expansion in Midtown, local television station WSB reported.

Atlanta parking collapse

Twitter WSB

On Saturday, a worker was injured and sent to Grady Memorial Hospital after another part of the platform fell. Workers were on site Saturday to clean up and try to shore up the building. OSHA, the government agency in charge of workplace accidents, was on the scene at the time of the second collapse.

Firefighters said the worker was standing on a large concrete beam when he collapsed, falling about 10 stories. The worker fell, sustaining serious but not fatal injuries.

“The worker suffered some major injuries to his lower extremities,” said Sgt. Cortez Stafford.

Stafford said some workers struggled to try to get him out from under the rubble, but firefighters were eventually able to get him out of the building.

West Peachtree Street is closed between Pine and Linden Avenue. The city of Atlanta ordered the construction company to halt its work until investigators can determine what is happening.

“Right now, the parking structure is compromised,” Stafford said. “There is no one in the structure, we pushed people back and closed the streets.”

According to WSB, this is the second incident in recent years in Midtown involving worker injuries or deaths on a project by the same company.

Baston Cook Construction tweeted that they were responsible for the construction of one of Atlanta’s largest parking lots in June. The platform at Emory Midtown is slated to have 16 floors with 3,000 parking spaces and 16,000 square feet of retail space.

Records show the company paid more than a $ 12,000 fine for a 2017 accident that killed a 20-year-old construction worker at a Midtown hospital. At the time, the president of the company told WSB that it was a concrete installation.

A decade earlier, two construction workers from the company were unconscious at the bottom of a 25-foot-deep culvert in Forsyth County, Georgia. One died and the other was hospitalized.

In an informal settlement, records show the company paid a $ 5,000 fine to OSHA linked to a training violation.

In another case, the construction company is also collaborating with OSHA investigators in Virginia after a crane collapse at a construction site in downtown Charlottesville earlier this year.

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Fire deaths in the US approach 30, with dozens missing

Local authorities on Saturday reported three new deaths from one of the many large fires burning in the western United States, bringing the total death toll from the fires since mid-August to 28, although it is expected that the figure grows as there are still dozens of missing.

At a press conference, Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea reported the new victims in the North Complex fire, one of the most advanced in recent days in California and burning in the North of the state.

These three deaths bring the total number of deaths in this fire to 12, while 13 residents of the area are still missing.

The North Complex fire has burned 102,000 hectares and has destroyed more than 2,000 buildings since it started 24 days ago, and so far firefighters have only managed to contain it by 22%.

Just 350 kilometers north, in the neighboring state of Oregon, dozens of people remain missing.

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In the midst of the chaos, the forecasts for the missing are not encouraging, and the director of emergency management of the state, Andrew Phelps, indicated that they are preparing for a “massive misfortune” of loss of human life, a term used in EE. .UU. To refer to incidents in which it is estimated that there are a large number of people killed that cannot be confirmed at the moment.

In one of the few positive notes in recent hours, Oregon Governor Kate Brown, a Democrat, admitted an error in the information previously released by her office according to which up to half a million people had been evacuated by the fires, and reduced the figure to around 40,000.

The 500,000 initially targeted by state officials (which would represent 10% of the entire state population) are not people who have already been evacuated, but people who have been informed to prepare to leave their homes in case it is necessary, Brown clarified.

Most of the fires broke out in mid-August due to an unusual thunderstorm in the region, and since then dryness, strong winds and high temperatures have caused them to spread rapidly.

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