Seven hikers were struck by lightning in North Carolina

Seven people who were on Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina were struck by lightning. At least four people managed to survive with mi...

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  • Seven people who were on Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina were struck by lightning.
  • At least four people managed to survive with minor injuries.
  • A person is in the hospital, having suffered serious burns.

They were struck by lightning! Seven people were in the Grandfather Mountain hiking area, which is located in North Carolina, when a shocking event happened. According to testimonials from the authorities and the local press, the hikers were on the trail when lightning struck them.

The press commented that four of the hikers were able to remain on their feet and were the ones who called for help, three were injured and suffered major injuries. One of them suffered major burns and was admitted to the hospital; no more details on this event have been released.

Lightning Hikers North Carolina: The hike didn’t end very well

Lightning Hikers North Carolina: The hike didn't end very well
Photo: Twitter

Seven people hiked to the Grandfather Mountain area. A site where hundreds of people go to hike and camp, but who had not experienced a phenomenon like the one experienced by this group of hikers at that site; They were walking along the MacRae Peak Trail when the weather conditions began to change.

The hikers never imagined the experience they were going to live, when lightning struck them causing one of them to fall and hit his head, another person suffered impressive burns and the other people were able to stay on their feet; they went to ask for help quickly, including those with more serious injuries.

Lightning Hikers North Carolina: News Confirmed

Lightning Hikers North Carolina: News Confirmed
Photo: Twitter

According to local media, it was the National Weather Service, who confirmed that seven people were struck by lightning at MacRae Peak on Grandfather Mountain shortly after noon on Friday. The situation impressed the people who come to the National Park, because it is rare that cases of lightning strikes are heard in the area.

One of the hikers was rushed to the hospital. The person was in a group of seven walking on a part of Grandfather Mountain around MacRae Peak, as detailed in The News Herald. The information of the event is still in process, since the authorities have not yet provided details. Filed Under: Lightning Hikers North Carolina

Lightning Hikers North Carolina: Functions as a State Park

Lightning Hikers North Carolina: Functions as a State Park
Photo: Twitter

Spectrum News mentioned that part of the mountain functions as a state park, and the rest is run by the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation; For this reason, it is that they could be helped quickly, so their wounds were healed and the danger they faced was minimal.

The mountain rises nearly 6,000 feet (1,850 meters) above sea level. A considerable height and for this reason, is that the forecasts of the weather are usually unpredictables; The seven hikers were in one of the most careful areas within the park, for this reason it is that the lightning could easily reach them. Filed Under: Lightning Hikers North Carolina

Lightning Hikers North Carolina: The Effects of a Storm

Lightning Hikers North Carolina: The Effects of a Storm
Photo: Facebook

On the official Grandfather Mountain page on Facebook, they recounted the experiences of the young people. They experienced the effects of the sporadic storms that pass in this area and that on several occasions make hikers take their due precautions to avoid going through a situation similar to that experienced by these people.

There was an incident on Grandfather Mountain earlier today when a storm broke abruptly and seven hikers around MacRae Peak, which is in the interior of the mountain, felt the effects of a nearby lightning bolt. reason for this incident, clarifying the situation that occurred. Filed Under: Lightning Hikers North Carolina

North Carolina Lightning Hikers: Helped the Injured

North Carolina Lightning Hikers: Helped Injured
Photo: Twitter

The incident prompted the Facebook page to mention the followers, which was the team of Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation, who came out to help people who were injured; According to the page, there were four people with minor injuries, two with blows and one who was immediately taken to the hospital.

“The incident occurred on the Grandfather Mountain State Park property, but a team of people from the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation (the nonprofit that runs the adjacent attraction) assisted with the incident, as well as several other local water management groups. emergencies. ”, is mentioned on the official Facebook page. Filed Under: Lightning Hikers North Carolina

“I’m glad they are well”

"I'm glad they're okay"
Photo: Twitter

In the comments of the publication, it was several followers who did not hesitate to comment on the situation, leaving their good wishes for the people who faced the lightning that caused them serious injuries. In the comment, one person pointed out that she always carried a lightning detector to prevent her from such actions.

That’s why I always carry a lightning detector / alarm. It’s terrifying how quickly these types of storms come up around here. I’m glad everyone went out ”, mentioned the follower on social networks, mentioning that storms usually arise from one moment to another, which is why it was a danger for hikers.

“I hid in the storm”

"I hid in the storm"
Photo: Twitter

Among the comments, it was highlighted that they were glad that the hikers were doing well. But, they also took the moment to mention their personal experiences in that area and one of them mentioned that he was at the scene of the incident, when the storm that affected the seven people occurred.

I’m glad everyone is okay. I hid under a cliff on that mountain during that hike. I could not imagine being on those stairs on the face of the granite (of the mountain).

“Do not spread misinformation”

"Do not spread misinformation"
Photo: Twitter

One of the Internet users thanked the site’s social networks for reporting the news, since on other portals they were posting erroneous information about what happened to the hikers. In addition, he told one of the versions that were disseminated on social networks, where they mentioned that a person fell from the peak.

Heard someone was struck by lightning at the top of McRae Peak and fell and had to be airlifted. It shows how quickly misinformation can spread online, but I’m glad to hear that everyone is mostly okay. ”Said one of the users via social media.

“Thankful to the team”

"Thankful to the team"
Photo: Twitter

There were also those who thanked the mountain team, in addition to the teamwork they did, to be able to carry out the rescue task in which they participated, was noted. Several users joined the chain of thanks, which arose from the news that was spread on social networks.

Prayers for everyone! We support our mountain community and we are GRATEFUL for the response and teamwork! Give him a pat on the shoulder and on the tip of the hat!

“I’m glad everyone is okay”

"I'm glad everyone is okay"
Photo: Twitter

The users wanted to warn other people who wish to go to that area, mentioning that it is common for storms to develop in that place, so they asked that they be careful enough so that no accident occurs and that in the future, keep more alert.

I climbed those stairs with a good friend years ago, dangerous once you’re there and a storm breaks out, I have to ride them, I don’t want to get caught on those stairs when the wind blows. I’m glad everyone is safe, ”they commented on social media, also saying that they were glad they were doing very well.

“I can’t imagine being there”

"I can't imagine being there"
Photo: Twitter

There were people who could not imagine being in that place, facing the storms that break out at any moment and with the risk that they could experience a situation similar to that experienced by the seven hikers in the area; There were several users who supported this idea, mentioning that they would not want to face the dangers of lightning.

I’ve been on that trail and couldn’t imagine being there during that kind of storm! I am glad that no one is seriously injured ”, they commented on the Facebook post, where it has become one of the most commented on in recent days, from the moment the news that happened was shared.

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