Sergio Mayer and Charly López, former members of Garibaldi defend themselves and say why they did not help Xavier Ortiz (VIDEO)

After the death of Xavier Ortiz, a former Garibaldi member, the accusations have not been long in coming From the family, to the widow an...

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  • After the death of Xavier Ortiz, a former Garibaldi member, the accusations have not been long in coming
  • From the family, to the widow and Sergio Mayer and Charly López have been ‘blamed’ for the singer’s suicide
  • Now, the former members of Garibaldi defended themselves against the accusations against them

As a result of the depression that Xavier Ortiz suffered and that led him to suicide, his close friends and former Garibaldi members, Sergio Mayer and Charly López, were pointed out as ‘responsible’ for what happened.

After learning that Xavier Ortiz suffered from severe depression due to not having a job, stable economy and not being able to see his son, people wondered why no one helped him?

In addition to filtering a dispute over Garibaldi’s name that he had against his former partner Charly López, people claimed that Sergio Mayer, being his best friend, did not support him.

The now public official granted a interview to the morning ‘Venga la Alegría’ where he assured the plan that all Xavier Ortiz’s colleagues in Garibaldi have, to support his 8-year-old son.

“I already talked about it with Xavier’s brothers and I talked with Carisa (his widow) about seeing the possibility of setting up this trust and those who want (Garibaldi), without any commitment, of course, be aware of Javi (son by Xavier Ortiz) ”, he assured.

However, he also defended himself against those who point it out as part of suicide because it never helped him.

Xavier Ortiz, Sergio Mayer, Charly López, Garibaldi

Xavier Ortiz, Sergio Mayer, Charly López, Garibaldi

“There have been a series of stupid comments out of context, where they blame Charly or they blame me, the only thing I can say is that I am sorry that there are such sick people,” he began by saying.

But he also told why it did not help him: “They think that by being a deputy I have all the possibilities, or as if I were God to know everything that is happening around me, and that neither Charly nor I have anything to do with it, not even his brothers they were responsible for the event, “he concluded, but not only Sergio Mayer defended himself, but also Charly López, go to the next page so you can find out.


For his part, Charly López after being devastated by the death of Xavier Ortiz, after the dispute they had a few months ago over the name of the Garibaldi group, a problem that they resolved in a television program, now the former member of the group, He defended those who accuse him of being a ‘murderer’ and a ‘bad friend’ or ‘responsible’ for the suicide.

On his Instagram account, he posted the 6-minute video giving his point of view on Xavier Ortiz’s suicide: “I make this video for a reason, because of the love I have for Xavier and the Garibaldi group. May my brother rest in peace. He hadn’t spoken, he hadn’t said anything, he hadn’t uploaded anything because I don’t usually do any of this on my social networks and they can check it out. “

“In this case, I am doing it because Sergio and I are being attacked unfairly. At first because I uploaded a video on Sunday morning and everyone thought it was like a joke for Xavier, that’s at first. Second, everyone thinks that I stole the concept from Xavier. What Xavier and I fought or discussed at some point on a television show was the name. He was making a Garibaldi reunion. Garibaldi’s reunion is to bring the members of the group together. At that time we couldn’t neither Sergio nor Paty… I was in Solo para mujeres and in a play ”.

And on the accusations of ‘murderer’ and what they have told him, Charly López said he was hurt: “It has hurt a lot. These two days have been terrible for me because of everything that has happened, because of everything that has been talked about because there is a little eight-year-old who is Javier who is our nephew of the eight Garibaldis, from Luis de Llano, whom we must take care of, who must be protected. It’s not so much for me anymore ”.

Without mincing words, the former Garibaldi member ‘shut up’ mouths saying that if Xavier Ortiz was wrong, he should ask for help: “The day I did an interview recently with Gustavo Adolfo Infante I would not stop crying and it is a feeling that I have because of the way Xavier left. I am not crying or for them to say ‘crocodile tears are crying’ … far from it … it is a feeling of helplessness of not having … because they say ‘why were you there?’. We were not there because he never asked us for help because his family was not aware of it either. Believe me, any of the seven Garibaldis or Luis de Llano, who had scored, would have given him the help he needed. We didn’t know what situation Xavier was in, believe me. We had no idea ”.

But things did not end there, because Charly López continued to tell ‘the truth’.

Charly López (IG)

Charly López (IG)

Charly López said that if it had been in his hands to support Xavier Ortiz, he would have done so:

“I am truly sorry for everything that is happening, I am very sorry for the loss of my dear friend Xavier. I really feel a lot and not because of guilt, for not having been there or for not paying attention to us, because it is not our duty, Xavier was already an adult man, it was to raise his hand and say I need help, everyone at some point we all need it and more at this moment, but if Xavier didn’t ask for it, then nobody listened to him and that’s why what happened happened ”.

Like Sergio Mayer, the former Garibaldi member asked that the photos of Xavier Ortiz hanging in his house not be filtered.


Charly López, former member Garibaldi (YouTube)

Charly López, former member Garibaldi (YouTube)


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