Senators regret calling witnesses in Donald Trump trial

Senators regret calling witnesses to impeachment impeachment against Donald Trump It had been agreed to call the witnesses, however, a fe...

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  • Senators regret calling witnesses to impeachment impeachment against Donald Trump
  • It had been agreed to call the witnesses, however, a few minutes later they stopped that option
  • The last minute agreement avoided a lengthy trial and established that closing arguments will be heard.

The United States senators regret calling witnesses in the impeachment trial against Donald Trump for the assault on the Capitol, and following the process as planned, according to information published by the news portal of Fox News and AP.

It was a day full of twists in the voting, since it had previously been agreed to call witnesses, however, a few minutes later the legislators stopped that option.

As reported, that option had already been voted on, when suddenly the they canceled, as both parties reached an agreement to begin with a registration of a statement key code.

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Senators voted 55-45 to subpoena witnesses, thus extending the impeachment impeachment trial for the assault on the Capitol against Donald Trump.

But then, in a further twist, they agreed to put a key statement from Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler on the record.

Moments earlier, the trial had fallen into confusion after lawmakers voted to consider hearing witnesses, a step that could have extended the procedure and delayed voting on whether the former president incited the deadly assault on the Capitol.

Just a month after the assault that caused five deaths, the final arguments of the historic process against the former president were ready for when the senators met in an unusual session on Saturday, all under the supervision of the National Guard, which continues to guard the emblematic building.

Confusion about the next steps to take brought the proceedings to an abrupt halt. Senators crowded the upper house as leaders spoke to employees on the stand. Political trials are rare and the rules are negotiated for everyone from the start.

For Trump’s trial, the agreement said that if senators agreed to hear witnesses, votes would be allowed to hear additional testimony, but it was unclear if there would be support in the Senate, which is evenly divided on the proposal to call witnesses.

The last-minute fight over witnesses followed revelations by a Republican lawmaker about a heated phone call on the day of the riot, which Democrats say demonstrated Trump’s indifference to violence.

The confusion occurred after top Democratic prosecutor Jamie Raskin requested a statement from Republican Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler to provide fresh information. She has widely shared a conversation she had with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy about Trump’s actions on Jan.6 as the crowd rioted over the results of the presidential election.

Raskin said it was necessary to determine Trump’s role in inciting the January 6 riots. Fifty-five senators voted to debate the subpoena motion, including Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who changed his vote in the middle of the recount.

Trump’s attorney, Michael van der Veen, opposed the request, saying he would then call 100 witnesses, saying it was not necessary.

The announcement came as senators were supposed to be about to vote on whether Donald Trump was responsible for inciting the horrific assault on Capitol Hill following a swift impeachment that exposed the violence and danger they ran, as well as the fragility of tradition. of a peaceful transition.

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The leader of the Republican block of senators, Mitch McConnell, will vote for Trump’s acquittal in the impeachment of the former president, according to a source close to McConnell who was not authorized to speak publicly about the decision and who did so on condition of anonymity. The decision could influence their bloc coreligionists.

Although the Senate is unlikely to get the two-thirds of the votes it needs to convict Trump, several senators appeared to be still deciding their vote. McConnell is not pressuring his party representatives and told senators to vote conscientiously.

Many Republicans representing states where Trump remains popular doubt whether he was fully responsible or whether impeachment was the appropriate response. Democrats seem almost united for a conviction.

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Trump is the only president to have passed two impeachments and he is the first to do so after leaving the White House.

The outcome of the quick, raw and emotional process is expected to reflect a nation divided over the former president and over the future of his brand in US politics.

“The important thing about this trial is that it is directed at Donald Trump to a certain extent, it is more directed at a president we even know in 20 years,” said Maine independent senator Angus King, weighing the direction of his vote.

The process, which lasted almost a week, has offered a grim and explicit account of the January 6 riots and their consequences for the country in a way that senators, many of whom had to flee to safety. that day, they recognize that they continue to face each other.

Trump is expected to be acquitted in a 50% split Senate, a verdict that could have a major impact not only on his political career but also on the senators who vowed to deliver impartial justice as jurors when casting their vote.

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