The ‘secret’ of Jacqie Rivera’s husband and her aunt Rosie is revealed

Aunt and niece shared a man’s love. Jacqie and Rosie’s situation worried Jenni Rivera. According to Rosie Rivera, the situtat...

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  • Aunt and niece shared a man’s love.
  • Jacqie and Rosie’s situation worried Jenni Rivera.
  • According to Rosie Rivera, the situtation with her niece Jacqie was solved.

In an unexpected episode of the Rivera soap opera, the “secret” of Jacqie Rivera’s husband and her aunt Rosie has now been revealed. The telenovela of the family of the “Diva de la banda” is still being written, and after the problems regarding her inheritance were made public, other intimate passages of the dynasty are being revealed.

And it turns out that apparently aunt and niece shared a man… Rosie Rivera had an affair with the now husband of Jacqie Rivera, and it was Jenni herself who had to intervene so that her daughter and sister could leave that situation in the past and get on with their lives.

Jacqie Rivera husband: Rosie dated Jacqie’s now husband

Jacqie Rivera husband: Rosie dated Jacqie's now husband
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According to the elchisme_noduerme Instagram page, it had long since come to light that Rosie Rivera had been the girlfriend of Mike Campos, now Jacqie’s husband, and in the midst of the controversy over the inheritance of “La Diva de la banda”, the gossip The fact that aunt and niece had been with the same man at different times gained strength again.

It is in the same publication where a video is shown in which Rosie Rivera talks about this chapter that she lived with her niece Jacqie, and that according to her assurance at that time, said situation became very worrying for Jenni herself, who was the one who He spoke with everyone involved so that the coexistence between his daughter and sister could continue.

Jacqie Rivera husband: It was difficult for the “Diva of the band”

Jacqie Rivera husband: It was difficult for the "Band diva"
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The following can be read in the publication: “If Rosie and Jacqie continued to live together, it was because Jenni Rivera intervened. When the diva found out, she didn’t have a good time knowing that her sister’s ex-boyfriend was her daughter’s fiancé ”. WATCH VIDEO HERE

“At the time it was very difficult for the whole family, not only for Jacqie, for me or for him, for Jenni you cannot imagine, her daughter and her niece, but we handle it as we handle everything, we will talk about it and we will not we are going to hide and we are going to sit and watch open up… ”, said Rosie in the interview.

Jacqie Rivera husband: Jenni intervened

Jacqie Rivera husband: It was difficult for the "Band diva"
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In the interview, Rosie Rivera made it clear that it was Jenni Rivera herself who mediated so that the situation did not happen to adults and she and her niece did not lose their good relationship: “The four of us sat down and said that we had to be adults” , revealed Rosie Rivera, who later joined her life with Abel Flores. Some images are from these videos

Jenni Rivera’s sister gave details of what the singer, her daughter and her fiancé Mike Campos spoke at that meeting: “We said we had to be adults, it was not the love of my life, it was not something big, it was something small. and I had to accept it ”.

Jacqie Rivera husband: Rosie says it is already in the past

Jacqie Rivera husband: It was difficult for the "Band diva"
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Rosie Rivera also assured that it was Jenni herself who advised her daughter Jacqie about the situation that she and her aunt were facing, as they had both shared the love of the same man: “Jenni gave her advice to Jacqie and we move on.”

The younger sister of the interpreter of “Parrandera, rebellious and daring”, assured that that chapter with her niece Jacqie had already been in the past and was forgiven: “And over time when one forgives, when one lets go, one leaves his free mind and everything works, and believe me, after a while I didn’t see that anymore ”.

Jacqie Rivera husband: “I saw my niece happy”

Jacqie Rivera husband: It was difficult for the "Band diva"
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Rosie Rivera remarked that after forgiving and letting go, she could see how happy her ex-boyfriend made her niece Jacqie, as she recounted in the interview: “After a while I saw my niece happy, I saw that she felt full , that he respected and loved her, and was left in the past.

“And sometimes it will happen, maybe not with couples, but in different situations, friendships, and you have to forgive and move on …”, said Rosie Rivera of the episode she went through with her niece when she found out that she was engaged to her ex-boyfriend .

He assures that his niece is one of his best friends

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In addition to clarifying the situation with the now husband of her niece Jacqie, Rosie assured in the interview that Jenni Rivera’s daughter was one of her best friends: “… and since I love Jacqie so much, she is honestly one of my best friends, honestly, I had to decide, I’m not going to let anything or anyone separate us, nothing… ”.

“I’m going to shut up, I’m going to swallow it and zaz, we move on and to date she is one of my best friends … that is, it was a moment when I don’t understand why and then she fixed herself and left behind, and I think it’s the only thing we can do, ”said Rosie Rivera.

Rosie says Jenni saw a strength in her

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The also businesswoman and now next exalbacea of ​​Jenni Rivera’s assets, assured that after the love affair that she and her niece lived through, she did not lose Jacqie and her sister saw another strength in her, “And Thank God I have not lost my girl, I have not lost my best friend, my sister saw a strength in me, she could admire me ”.

The doubt is that if, just as Rosie and Jacqie were able to move on after dating the same man, Jenni Rivera’s other children will be able to regain trust in their aunt after mismanagement, which according to them has made the inheritance and not He has given them what by law corresponds to them and that was why his mother worked so much.

Ask for prayers for your family

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It should be remembered that in a live broadcast that she made through her social networks, Jacqie Rivera, who has been said to take the place of Rosie Rivera at the head of her mother’s companies, Jenni Rivera, on the verge of tears asks for prayers for his family.

They have not been easy days for the members of the Rivera family after it became known that Johnny sent an audit to Jenni Rivera Enterprises, so the back and forth have been a constant from that date. WATCH VIDEO HERE

Dedicate “Defender” to the Rivera

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With the good humor that characterizes her, Jacqie Rivera said at first place that what he wanted to share was very important and that he was definitely going to cry on this live broadcast, as well as thanking everyone who shared his song, called Defender.

“This song has touched my heart and helped me in a dark stage, I carry your comments in my heart, everything is important to me, but what I wanted was to make an impact on their lives,” he commented. “You already know what is happening in my family, and how difficult it is to be in the middle because of both people I can feel the pain, I can feel the broken hearts of my family and this song, now at this moment, I dedicate it to you. to my family”.

Defend her aunt and her brother

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Jacqie Rivera mentioned the attacks that both her aunt Rosie Rivera and her brother Johnny have received, without forgetting Chiquis and her grandmother, Mrs. Rosa: “I think what is happening and what they are talking about on the networks and in all the interviews have hurt every person in my family ”.

The singer wanted to make it clear that there is no more important side, or a more hurt side, in her family, since both have been damaged by what is happening, which makes her very sad because it is about her own family.

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