Second case of Omicron identified in the US in a Minnesota resident

The second case of Omicron was detected in the country. It was in the state of Minnesota. The man who tested positive had traveled to New...

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  • The second case of Omicron was detected in the country.
  • It was in the state of Minnesota.
  • The man who tested positive had traveled to New York and soon after developed symptoms.

THE SECOND CASE IN THE COUNTRY. After the first case of the Omicron variant was made known in the country, the alerts were turned on and the search for other possible cases began. Unfortunately, it was found that a man from the state of Minnesota tested positive for COVID-19 with the new variant.

Authorities interviewed the man, who reported that he had attended an Anime convention in New York City and after returning from the trip, he exhibited a couple of signs of COVID-19. So far, Minnesota authorities have begun working with New York to alert the population that attended the event.

A second case of Omicron?

Photo: Twitter

According to the EFE news agency, the Minnesota state health authorities have identified a case of the Omicron variant this Thursday, the second that has been registered in the United States. The news has come to worry the Minnesota state authorities since a control is currently being carried out to avoid more cases like the one that has just occurred.

This novelty surprised citizens after the first case was identified yesterday within the territory. The authorities are investigating the origin of the new variant, alerting citizens to exercise extreme caution in one of the most difficult times due to low temperatures and respiratory diseases.

Second case of Omicron in the US: From a convention?

Second case Ómicron USA: For a convention?
Photo: Twitter

A second patient has been detected with the Omicron variant. The authorities investigated the necessary data to know where the infection started. According to EFE, the Minnesota resident traveled to New York City for the Anime NYC 2021 convention, which was attended by 53,000 people on November 19–21. This person developed mild symptoms of COVID-19 on November 22.

Minnesota health authorities said in a statement that they are working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and New York City officials to investigate the contagion, EFE said. One of the main concerns is that more people may have been infected by having participated in this meeting. Filed under: Second case of Omicron in the US

Second case of Omicron in the US: Were there any suspicions?

Second case Ómicron USA: Were there any suspicions?
Photo: Twitter

The governor of Minnesota expressed his concern about the Omicron variant and the case that had been generated in his state. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz highlighted in a statement that the state’s infrastructure and robust testing network have made it possible to quickly track the virus that causes COVID-19 and better understand its spread, according to EFE.

The second case detected in the country strengthens the fears of the country’s authorities who have been concerned about a possible “rapid” spread of the Omicron variant. Filed under: Second case of Omicron in the US

Second case of Omicron in the US: People should be prepared

Second case Ómicron USA: Should they be prepared?
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Through Twitter, the Minnesota governor gave statements about his feelings about the contagion that was reported today. According to him, the authorities “knew” that cases could be generated around the new variant of the Coronavirus and although he said it was “worrisome,” they knew that it could occur at any time and therefore, it is not a surprise.

“Today, Minnesota’s nation-leading testing network and detection program found a case of the Omicron variant in our state. This news is concerning, but it’s not a surprise. We know that this virus is highly infectious and moves quickly throughout the world,” he wrote in a tweet. Filed under: Second case of Omicron in the US

Second case of Omicron in the US: Do you urge others to get vaccinated?

Second case Ómicron USA: Do you urge to get vaccinated?
Photo: Twitter

After the news was released, the president also mentioned that Minnesotans knew how to protect themselves against the growing wave of infections and fear that runs in the country. The governor urged citizens to take care of themselves by taking existing precautionary measures or by getting vaccinated, to avoid further infections.

Minnesotans know what to do to protect each other: get vaccinated, get tested, put on a mask indoors, and get a booster dose. Together, we can fight this virus and help each other stay safe. ”Tim Walz mentioned through social networks, after confirming the first case of omicron in the state. Filed Under: Second Case Ómicron USA

Second case of Omicron in the US: Didn’t he travel to another territory?

Second case Ómicron USA: Didn't he travel to another territory?
Photo: Twitter

Although it is known that it would not be the only case in the country, there is concern that this case has a singularity that drew the attention of the country’s authorities and the CDC. According to the EFE agency, the concern about this second case detected in the United States focuses on the fact that the person had not traveled outside the country.

EFE also reported that President Joe Biden will announce this Thursday a strategy to deal with COVID-19 during the winter months, with a resurgence that is looming after the discovery of the omicron variant. At the moment, the only recommendation is that citizens continue to wear a mask and get the vaccine. Filed under: Second case of Omicron in the US

The first case in the country?

Ómicron COVID USA coronavirus
Photo: Twitter

Through a press conference at the White House, Anthony Fauci commented that the individual returned on November 22 from his trip to South Africa, but it was not until the 29th that he tested positive fot COVID. He also gave information about the patient’s health status and the symptoms he presented.

“The person was vaccinated and experienced mild symptoms, but he is already improving,” said Fauci, who also specified that the patient had not yet received the booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

The patient with the first case of the Omicron variant in the US is quarantined at home and is fully vaccinated

Coronavirus USA COVID omicron

According to information from the EFE agency, the patient, whose name or age was not confirmed (we only know he resides in California) is taking proper precautions by quarantining at home so as not to infect more people. However, experts believe it’s inevitable that the Omicron variant will continue spreading throughout the United States.

The individual’s relatives were tested for COVID and fortunately all have tested negative so far. At the moment it has been reported the University of California, San Francisco is in charge of verifying and analyzing everything related to the first case of the Omicron variant of COVID in the US.

Fauci alarmed by the appearance of the first case of the new COVID variant in the US?

coronavirus arrives with a new variant in the US

Before learning about the first case of the Omicron variant of COVID in the US, the Biden administration had already announced stricter rules for citizens who were going to leave the country and those entering from other nations where the number of COVID cases with the new strain is rapidly increasing.

“It was just a matter of time before the first case of the Omicron variant appeared in the US,” said Anthony Fauci, who also fully agreed that the Biden administration should request COVID tests from all those who want to enter the country.

Travelers will have to be tested to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant in the US

US COVID omicron

Regardless of the vaccination status of citizens and non-citizens who intend to enter the US, they will have to be tested for coronavirus three to five days after their arrival in the country in order to prevent them from spreading COVID.

Anthony Fauci was very clear about the measures he suggests implementing to safeguard the health of the entire US population against COVID in the midst of an expected wave that will be caused by the Omicron variant. In Europe there is already talk of confinements again. Anyone who enters the country must be tested for coronavirus 24 hours before boarding a plane and travelers must also quarantine.

Is Omicron more contagious and dangerous than the Delta variant of COVID?

omicron coronavirus USA

GREATER RISK? The WHO announced that it named a new COVID variant that seems to be highly contagious and possibly more dangerous. According to scientists, the new discovery sparked fear around the world and led to a number of emergency meetings to determine how to proceed in the face of this potentially dangerous variant.

The new variant was named Omicron by the World Health Organization and they stated that it had been classified as a highly transmissible variant of concern. The same category that includes the Delta variant. So far, the latest study on the virus shows that it has an increased risk of reinfection.

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