Sebastián Tovar is accused of trafficking in the dead undocumented

Sebastián Tovar, 24, faces serious charges of transporting undocumented immigrants in Texas Tovar caused an accident while trying to esca...

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  • Sebastián Tovar, 24, faces serious charges of transporting undocumented immigrants in Texas
  • Tovar caused an accident while trying to escape from the authorities and 8 people he was transporting died
  • The boy said he lived in Austin and faces the possibility of life in prison for the crime.

Sebastián Tovar, 24, faces eight serious charges of transportation of undocumented immigrants who died in an accident in Texas. Agents of the Office of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), in San Antonio, charged the boy on Wednesday, March 17, 2021.

The young Sebastián Tovar is accused of having driven a red Dodge Ram truck at more than 100 miles per hour in Valverde County, according to the case documents consulted by MundoHispánico, to try to avoid being detained by officials of the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS).

A tragedy in South Texas

The tragedy occurred when Sebastián Tovar tried to escape the authorities and drove more than 100 miles per hour while trying to flee from the authorities. (Photo: Texas Department of Public Safety)

The indictment against Sebastián Tovar, who is being held in the Valverde County jail in the border city of Del Río, also holds him responsible for the deaths of the eight people and faces charges of “resisting arrest by driving recklessly and irresponsible ”which ended in the fatal accident.

The Mexican Consulate in Del Río is waiting to verify the identity of the eight dead by the authorities in Laredo, where the bodies were transported to carry out the forensic investigations of the law. All the deceased are young people presumably from Mexico between 18 and 20 years of age.

The Consulate of Mexico offers help

Photo: Taken from Twitter.

The diplomatic representation of Mexico in Del Río opened the telephone number (1) 830.734.9962 for citizens of that country seeking information, in case any of their family members have ventured to enter the United States as undocumented and they think that such once they are among the deceased today.

Sebastián Tovar, during his first statement before the federal authorities of the HSI, declared to be a resident of Austin, Texas, and later he availed himself of his right not to say anything more to the authorities until he had legal representation. The man has also not disclosed where he picked up the undocumented immigrants, nor where he was going to take them.

The deadly chronicle

On Monday, March 15, 2021, TxDPS agents spotted a red Dodge Ram pickup at 1:50 in the afternoon that was traveling at full speed along US 277, in a semi-desert area and 30 miles north of the city of From the river. The area where the truck was going, very close to the border, is known for being a route for the traffic of undocumented immigrants.

According to the TxDPS report, the patrolman who saw the truck came out in pursuit and ordered him, through the hazard lights, to stop to give him a ticket. However, the driver of the Dodge Ram truck ignored the order of the highway patrol agent and accelerated the march with his load of undocumented immigrants.

Sebastián Tovar was going in the opposite direction at full speed

Sebastián Tovar, who was driving the Dodge Ram truck, attempted an escape maneuver and drove down the road in the opposite direction to try to avoid being followed by the TxDPS patrol that was already about to catch up with him. The officer leading the pursuit even asked other officers for radio support to block the vehicle.

However, when the man hurtled down the highway at full speed, he was no longer able to avoid another Ford F-150 pickup truck that was on his way and both vehicles collided head-on at full speed. The eight passengers, undocumented immigrants, who were in the Dodge Ram truck were killed by the impact.

Sebastián Tovar escaped into the desert

After the impact in which the eight undocumented immigrants died, the driver, later identified as Sebastián Tovar, tried to escape from the TxDPS agents and ran into the desert. However, after a brief chase, the highway patrols managed to catch up with him as he escaped through the bushes.

While some agents were in pursuit of Sebastián Tovar, others approached to assist the victims of the brutal collision and realized that all the passengers had been killed in the Dodge Ram. The two occupants of the Ford F-150 truck were rushed to a hospital in San Antonio, Texas for treatment.

Only one immigrant survived

In the Dodge Ram truck, TxDPS agents were able to rescue one of the passengers and who was not killed by the impact, although he was in serious condition. That person, whose name was not revealed by the authorities, was transferred to a hospital in From the river as a detainee, due to his undocumented immigrant status.

Sebastián Tovar, the man who was driving the Dodge Ram truck, faces several charges that are considered serious, including eight counts of reckless homicide while causing an accident while driving. He also faces federal charges for transporting undocumented immigrants.

Sebastián Tovar, is he part of a human trafficking network?


Sebastian Tovar

Until the moment of writing this story, the judge handling Sebastián Tovar’s case had not determined when his first hearing would be. Border Patrol agents in Del Río are also investigating the man, to find out if he is part of an illegal trafficking network on the Texas-Coahuila border.

Before being transferred to jail, Sebastián Tovar was also taken to the Val Verde Medical Center, in Del Río, to be treated for a series of minor injuries due to blows, as a result of the impact when the truck collided with undocumented immigrants and then faced the charges formally.

A life sentence in the future

Sebastian Tovar

According to the Border Patrol in Del Río, another 12 immigrants were traveling in a different truck than the one that Sebastián Tovar was driving and after the accident, they tried to escape towards the desert dunes when they saw the authorities. However, they could not get lost in the vast plain and were captured by officers of various corporations.

According to a source from the United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District in Texas, who spoke with MundoHispánico On condition of anonymity, the man faces a life sentence if found guilty after he faces trial. As of this writing, it has not been determined when his first hearing before a judge will be.

Soldiers at the border

Sebastian Tovar

The HSI agents, when interviewing the 12 immigrants who tried to escape through the desert, revealed to the officers that they were all part of a human smuggling operation that had just crossed the border and the ‘coyotes’ ordered them to divide into the two vans with the intention of taking them to the northern city.

Just last Tuesday, March 9, 2021, Greg Abbott, governor of texas, ordered 500 National Guard soldiers to go to the border to help contain illegal immigrants. The governor made the decision at noon on Tuesday, February 9, 2021, as an extraordinary measure to help contain the immigration of undocumented people in that area.

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