Ohio school bus crash leaves 16 students injured

Appalling Ohio school bus crash leaves students injured. The bus was rear-ended by a van and 11 students were taken to the hospital. The ...

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  • Appalling Ohio school bus crash leaves students injured.
  • The bus was rear-ended by a van and 11 students were taken to the hospital.
  • The accident happened in Middletown, Ohio, they were heading to Highview Sixth Grade Center.

Appalling school bus crash in Middletown, Ohio leaves 16 sixth-graders injured, according to information published by the the news site The Sun, they immediately received medical attention.

Authorities’ preliminary report indicates that a total of 24 Highview Sixth Grade Center students were being transported in the school vehicle. The clash occurred at around 8:20 AM and there were other automotive units involved.


Injured school bus crash
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After the strong impact, authorities from the Middletown City School District confirmed that 11 of the students were transferred to various hospitals to be treated for injuries and minor injuries that they presented, but their health status is reported stable.

The information indicates that the truck driver was taking the students to the Highview 6th Grade Center, however, at one point a truck hit them from behind and caused the injuries of the youngsters, but none of the drivers were injured.

Injured School Bus Crash: REPORT

Middletown Ohio
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The accident report by authorities indicates that the school bus was heading west on Central and turning left from Central towards Highview when it was suddenly struck by the truck traveling east on Central.

The first images show the arrival of several ambulances with dozens of paramedics who helped the injured and after stabilizing them, they were taken by ambulances to different clinics to receive specialized medical attention.

Injured School Bus Crash: COORDINATED WORK

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The school authorities called the parents to announce the traffic accident and went to the hospitals to be aware of their children during their recovery. So far the conditions in which they are are not known.

After the accident, elements of the police and road agents came to the scene to protect the area and help with the work of vehicular traffic. While the investigators collected testimonies and evidence about the event in which there were more than 10 injured.


Middletown Ohio
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Two years ago a similar event marked the lives of several students, as a camera recorded the moment when a school bus driver passed out behind the wheel and two children acted quickly to save them all. Although the event occurred a few years ago in Milton, Washington, the dramatic video is still being watched today and adding views on YouTube.

Jeremy Wuitschick was on his way to school with 12 other students when he noticed something was wrong with the bus driver because, he later recounted, he looked like he was having a heart attack and drowning. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Injured School Bus Crash


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The 13-year-old immediately got up, grabbed the wheel, headed the bus onto a sidewalk and pulled out the key, the Telegraph reported. He then began to perform chest compressions on the unconscious driver.

On the spot, another student, Johnny Wood, said he knew the CPR technique, so he took care of chest compressions on the driver, while other students called 911. Filed Under: Injured School Bus Crash

Injured school bus crash: THE VIDEO

Injured school bus crash
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The camera carried by the school bus showed the boys acting calmly during the situation, the aforementioned outlet said at the time. Police arrived shortly after Jeremy managed to stop the bus. All 12 students were safely evacuated.

The boy’s actions were described as “heroic” and the local authorities praised him for his courage and “quick thinking,” said the aforementioned media. Milton Police Chief Bill Rhodes told a local outlet at the time that the young man did the right thing and deserved credit for his action.


Middletown Ohio
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Students receive drills of emergency procedures during the school year, and even learn what to do when the bus driver is incapacitated, which is why these types of actions helped these little ones to be able to react before a tragedy.

The video that recorded how a school bus driver fainted has been published on different YouTube channels, where many users applaud the young people and agree that they are “heroes”. Filed Under: Injured School Bus Crash

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