Sarah Kohan, Chicharito’s partner explodes in networks and sends a message to those who accuse her of being unfaithful (PHOTO)

Sarah Kohan comes out to deny all the rumors regarding an infidelity towards the player Javier Hernández. The British model argues that E...

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  • Sarah Kohan comes out to deny all the rumors regarding an infidelity towards the player Javier Hernández.
  • The British model argues that El Chicharito is the father of her son.
  • Denies her infidelities with the friend of the Mexican player.

Sarah Kohan Chicharito couple: The British model, Sarah Kohen, sentimental partner of Chicharito Hernández broke out today on social networks by publishing a letter where Sarah confirmed that her first-born is the son of the Mexican player.

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández and his partner Sarah Kohan are not going through a good time in their marriage after the paternity of the soccer player with his first son Noah Hernández was questioned.

Rumors began to come out a few days ago on social networks and pointed out that the model had been unfaithful to the player with Diego Dreyfus, coach and longtime friend of Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, according to sources from the Agencia México portal.

Sarah Kohan couple Chicharito

Instagram. Sarah Kohan.

Rumors argued that Noah’s eyes had come out blue due to Diego Dreyfus’s genes, since many wondered why the color was if neither parent had blue.

Following these speculations and rumors, the model He did not hesitate to use his Instagram account to express his dissatisfaction with this situation and clarify once and for all the origin of his eye color firstborn, Noah Hernandez.

Same stories that were shared by the official Instagram account @nelssiecarrillo.

The publication that shared this story was accompanied by the following caption: “#javierhernandez’s wife reacts to rumors that his son #noahhernandez is the son of the footballer’s life coach ”.

In the stories, which were initially shared by the model, Sara Kohan, Chicharito’s partner, the following reads: “I wouldn’t have to explain anything, but things in the media got out of control. I’m tired of the messages that point out that Diego is Noah’s father just because of the color of his eyes, his father is Javier! – The girl released annoyed.

You can see the publications of Sarah Kohan couple of Chicharito here.

After this, Sarah Kohan, Chicharito’s partner clarifies that she had been waiting for Noah since before meeting Diego Dreyfus, with whom she had allegedly cheated on him. soccer player Mexican, Javier Hernández.

“I was already pregnant with Noah when I met Diego. Noah has my mother’s eyes. End of story. Leave my family alone ”. Sarah Kohan, Chicharito’s partner, ended.

Sarah Kohan couple Chicharito

Source: Mexico Agency.

Before this publication, many Internet users began to reach the statement that Sarah Kohan, Chicharito’s partner, had written.

One netizen wrote that it was quite obvious that there was similarity between her son Noah and the Mexican soccer player: “But if the child is just like Chicharito.”

To which another user replied: “I know, this baby shits Chicharito.”

More users began to argue the same as the last comment: “That little guy has the whole face of Chicharito, how dare they say that?”

Another portal follower argued that those eyes weren’t just coming from the mom of the model: “Do not stain, also say that the eyes were taken from Javier’s father, not just from his mother.”

It should be noted that prior to this message that Sarah Kohan Chicharito’s partner posted on social networks, Javier Hernández’s ‘life coach’, Diego Dreyfus also spoke out against these rumors through an Instagram live, where he visibly upset denied have an affair with his friend’s wife and called everyone who gave rise to that hypothesis “pend **”.

At the beginning of October, this couple also welcomed their second daughter named Nala, making the family of one of Mexico’s most beloved players, Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, grow further.

Sarah Kohan couple Chicharito

Source: Mexico Agency.

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Chicharito Hernández and his partner Sarah Kohan became parents.

Sarah Kohan Chicharito couple: It should be noted that it was not long ago that Sarah Kohan couple Chicharito and the Mexican player became parents of their first-born, Noah Hernández.

It was last year when Mexican soccer player Javier Hernández announced, through his social networks, that he was expecting a child with his partner, model Sarah Kohan.

This will be the first son by Javier Hernández who is 30 years old.

In a video posted on his account instagram, the forward answers some questions with his girlfriend; However, at the end of the video, the one born in Guadalajara mentions in Spanish, while the model does in English that they are going to become parents.

“This interview is about that, being able to be me. The most powerful energy is love, ”said the Mexican soccer player.

After that statement, Chicharito and his girlfriend responded in unison: “We are going to have a baby.”

The video was titled “A Simple Interview” and is divided into four parts.

In the shorts, the couple show off their happiness, throw romantic glances at each other and even reveal how many children they want to have.

“I would like to have three children,” Chicharito Hernández confessed.

While his girlfriend said: “I want five.” They both laugh.

In addition, the forward defined his girlfriend as “sweet” and she responds that he is “sensitive.”

Because of her beauty and bearing, Sarah Kohan works successfully in international modeling.

For his part, Chicharito tries to consolidate himself in the Premier League while giving himself to the maximum in the Mexican National Team.

As is known and according to the newspaper El Comercio, Javier Hernández is quite cautious in his intimate Instagram posts, although yes, the Mexican has shown himself a couple of times with the future mother of his first baby.

For her part, the beautiful model is more outgoing in her social networks and has countless images in a bikini, showing off her tremendous body.

PHOTO: Instagram. Javier Hernandez

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