Salvador Ramos is said to have threatened girls on social networks

Salvador Ramos apparently threatened girls. He used the social network known as Yubo. Administrators are already cooperating with the pol...

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  • Salvador Ramos apparently threatened girls.
  • He used the social network known as Yubo.
  • Administrators are already cooperating with the police.

The Robb Elementary school shooter in Uvalde, Texas, Salvador Ramos, threatened girls who rejected him online, illustrating that he already had a disturbing history of violence, according to The Sun.

In several social media messages, the young man who went on a rampage killing 19 children and two teachers in a Texas elementary school, “threatened to kidnap and rape the girls who rejected him, daily,” according to the outlet.


Salvador Ramos threatens girls
Photo Twitter

Everything seems to indicate that Ramos used an account on Yubo, a social network where internet users can make live video broadcasts with up to 10 friends. Some of his messages have been shared with the media.

In one of them he told a woman who had rejected him: “You’re going to regret not doing what I say.” Later, in another video, the young man apparently commented the following: “Go jump off a bridge.” Given this, the Yubo administrators said that they were investigating an account that was deleted from the platform and were cooperating with the police regarding Salvador Ramos, who allegedly threatened girls online.


Rob Uvalde Texas school shooting
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According to alleged statements a Yubo user made to The Sun: “He would tell people to lock their doors, don’t show up to school tomorrow, just classic s**t that creeps on the internet say. I never knew it would manifest into this.”

She continued: “The threats were mostly toward women in response to them rejecting him. He would threaten to rape girls, he would always say he had the power to make us go missing, it was honestly just typical stuff you hear on apps like Yubo & Discord etc, just creeps you have to ignore.”


Salvador Ramos threatens girls
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The shooter’s behavior is said to have been like that of men who call themselves “incels”. It’s a misguided online subculture that pushes the misogynistic idea that men are entitled to have sex with women. “He always said that he had the power to make us go missing.”

“There’s sides to Yubo, different communities where everyone is familiar by name and everyone is mutual friends with each other. We all knew him. We just never thought to record the things he said as they were being said. As it’s a live-streaming app you cannot look up old lives or watch old lives everything is in the moment.” Filed Under: Salvador Ramos threatens girls


Texas Gunshots
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“He was an extremely homophobic, transphobic and racist individual which of course resulted in him using slurs and he openly admitted his homophobia multiple times. He had a video in his profile with the caption ‘When the teacher doesn’t let me use the bathroom’ and the man in the video goes on to use degrading language against Black people,” the user said.

“The whole reason for me sharing this is because the community on Yubo saw how little information anyone had on him and we realized just how much we knew about him. I have messages from him since the beginning of this year, he was with all of us for a long time.”

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