Sadis Martínez Ortez is accused of killing an immigrant from Colombia

Sadis Martínez Ortez is accused of having stabbed Byron Alberto Viafara Ochoa to death in Houston, Texas. Martínez Ortez, 26, has a histo...

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  • Sadis Martínez Ortez is accused of having stabbed Byron Alberto Viafara Ochoa to death in Houston, Texas.
  • Martínez Ortez, 26, has a history of violent crime, attacking a woman with a knife in 2018.
  • In addition, the man, just last year, attacked a neighbor with a hammer and was imprisoned for three months for this crime.

Sadis Martínez Ortez was arrested in Texas accused of having killed an immigrant from Colombia with a knife in the middle of a dispute. Agents of the Homicide Division of the Houston Police Department (HPD) arrested the man after a fight allegedly between acquaintances.

Martínez Ortez, 26, is charged with the serious crimes of aggravated assault with a weapon and murder for being the alleged perpetrator of the death of Byron Alberto Viafara Ochoa, 35, an immigrant from Colombia in Texas, in a tragedy that occurred last Wednesday, March 10, 2021 in the southwest of the Houston metropolitan area.

A murder in the middle of the street

Sadis Martínez Ortez, 26, is accused of stabbing a Colombian immigrant to death in the middle of the street in southwest Houston. (Photo: Houston Police Department)

Sadis Alonzo Martínez Ortez, his full name, faces a murder charge that according to the Texas State Penal Code Anyone found guilty of this crime after facing trial is punished with a minimum penalty of 20 years and a maximum of 99 years.

Martínez Ortez will face his criminal proceedings before Judge DaSean Jones of the 180th Criminal District Court in Harris County and where details of the crime he is accused of are revealed. What is relevant in the story of Sadis Martínez Ortez is that the man already has a criminal record for various violence, including one for having attacked a member of his family.

The Innocent Victim: A Devout Immigrant

Byron Alberto Viafara Ochoa, 35, was an immigrant from Colombia in Texas who died from a stabbing attack after a fight with Sadis Martínez Ortez. (Photo: Courtesy of the Ochoa Family)

Byron Alberto Viafara Ochoa was an immigrant from Buenaventura, Colombia, who came to Houston, Texas like many other immigrants seeking to have a better life. The boy was a devout Christian who regularly attended the Christian TC Torre Fuerte Church from the southwest of the city.

Byron Alberto is survived by his mother and mother who on social media received the support of the Colombian community in Houston. The religious service in which the boy was buried, officiated by the pastors of his church, brought together dozens of people dressed in T-shirts with the dead boy’s face.

It all started with a fight: Sadis Martínez Ortez the accused

Sadis Martinez Ortez
Photo: Courtesy of the Ochoa Family.

According to the documents of the case, consulted by MundoHispánico In Texas, that Wednesday, March 10, 2021 at 9:15 p.m. a call came to the emergency number to report an altercation between two Hispanic men that occurred at 11298 Bissonnet Street in the Alief neighborhood in southwest Houston.

The report that came to the emergency number, it is not revealed who called the authorities, detailed that two men had had a dispute in a house on Larkdale Street moments before and were locked in an argument that increased in tone until Byron Alberto Viafara Ochoa ran down the street while Sadis Martínez Ortez chased him with a knife.

The wounded man vanished on the street

Sadis Martinez Ortez
Photo: Taken from Facebook.

Sadis Martínez Ortez caught up with his rival Byron Alberto Viafara Ochoa at the corner of Bissonnet Street and Leawood Boulevard and in front of several witnesses, who were in a butcher shop and a gas station, he stabbed the man who fainted from his wounds. Someone then called 911 while the attacker escaped.

The first to arrive at the scene of the attack were the paramedics of the Houston Fire Department (HFD) who transported the seriously injured Byron Alberto Viafara Ochoa to Memorial Hermann Hospital to be treated for his injuries.

The person in charge runs through the neighborhood

Photo: Taken from Twitter.

When the first HPD patrols arrived at the scene, witnesses gave them a description of the man with the knife who had run away through the Alief neighborhood. Agents coordinated with several officers to walk the streets and search for the man in alleys, behind businesses and in parking lots.

After several hours of touring the neighborhood, one of the agents managed to arrest Sadis Martínez Ortez, who matched the description of the various witnesses, and first they charged a member of his family with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Another victim asks for a protection order

Photo: Taken from Twitter.

However, while Byron Alberto Viafara Ochoa was in the emergency room, the man died due to the severity of his injuries and the doctors were unable to do anything to save his life. Then the case was taken up by the agents of the HPD Homicide Division who presented charges of murder to Sadis Martínez Ortez.

The documents of the case mention a third man involved in the incident and who, after Martínez Ortez attacked Viafara Ochoa, requested a protection order in his favor and against the accused because he fears being attacked. That man’s name will not be revealed in this story to protect his identity.

A history of crime and pain

Sadis Martínez Ortez is no stranger to crimes involving knife violence. In Harris County criminal records it is detailed that on Sunday, April 1, 2018, the man was arrested in his apartment, on Westpark Street in west Houston, because he attacked a woman with a knife.

The charge that Martínez Ortez faced at that time was aggravated assault with a deadly weapon by causing injury to a woman identified as AG, it is not specified what relationship he had with the man, but the victim was so traumatized by the attack that he also requested a judge an order of protection in your favor and against your attacker.

The attack on one of your neighbors

Sadis Martinez Ortez
Photo: HPD Twitter.

However, these two are not the only violent cases that Sadis Martínez Ortez has starred in in his life. On Thursday, December 5, 2019, the man lived in an apartment complex on Nairn Street, also in southwest Houston, the man attacked a neighbor named JF with a hammer, causing him serious injuries.

The case documents do not detail the reason why Martínez Ortez allegedly attacked his neighbor. On Sunday, March 21, 2020, Martínez Ortez wrote a letter to the judge who is handling that case, which coincidentally is DaSean Jones of the 180th Criminal District Court in Harris County asking that he be released on bail.

The accused asks for clemency: Sadis Martínez Ortez

Photo: HPD Twitter.

According to the document signed by Martínez Ortez, of which MundoHispánico has a copy, the defendant asked Judge DaSean Jones for clemency to release him on the grounds that he was concerned for his family due to the coronavirus pandemic. In April of last year the judge granted him the right to go free.

The documents in the attack on the woman with the knife and the attack on the neighbor with a hammer are still open, which means that Sadis Martínez Ortez will have to answer for those two crimes in addition to the charges for the murder of Byron Alberto Viafara Ochoa. The judge may consider that background when he has to enter a conviction.

Four court cases

Sadis Martinez Ortez
Photo: HPD Twitter.

At the time of writing this story, Judge DaSean Jones has not determined when the first hearing will be in the new case against Sadis Martínez Ortez since the magistrate asked the Harris County Prosecutor’s Office and the defense attorney for the defendant for extra time. to review the case considered very serious.

Sadis Martínez Ortez continues to be detained in the Harris County Jail this time without the right to be released on bail. In addition to violent crimes, the boy has two more arrests. One for driving under the influence (DWI) and one for interfering with the work of a police officer in an emergency.

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