Running out of money? Chiquis Rivera raffles her car



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  • Chiquis Rivera surprised everyone in her most recent post
  • The singer is raffling her car, making many wonder if she is running out of money
  • She also received harsh criticism and commenters are saying that the winner will be someone from her family or friends.

Is she going through financial hardship? Chiquis Rivera, daughter of the late singer Jenni Rivera, surprised everyone in her most recent post where she says that she is going to raffle her car, so that now many wonder if she is running out of money, she has also received harsh criticism.

In a video that is available on her official Instagram account, Lorenzo Mendez‘s ex shows her purple 2012 pickup, which she calls the “G-Wagon,” and which has so far driven 63,000 miles.

“With my heart in my hand”: Chiquis Rivera

Running out of money? Chiquis Rivera raffles her truck Daughter of Jenni Rivera
Photo Instagram Jenni Rivera

With more than 240,000 views to date, this publication by Jenni Rivera’s daughter says the following: “With my heart in my hand, I am raffling off my 2012 G-Wagon, which has 63,000 miles and is in excellent condition. One of you can be the winner or the winner. Enter the link in my bio for more information ”.

Although in this video Chiquis Rivera makes it very clear why he decided to raffle off his truck, users reacted in different ways, from which they thought that he had already run out. money even those who say it is a type of fraud (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

It was time to say goodbye

Running out of money? Chiquis Rivera raffles her truck Daughter of Jenni Rivera
Photo Instagram Jenni Rivera

“What’s up, my people. As you can see here, my truck, my G Wagon, from 2012 has 63 thousand miles, brand new, because the inside is clean, as you can see, with my logo. On the rims I have the Be Flawless logo, I made it purple because that is its color, ”said Chiquis Rivera.

The singer also shared that the time has come to say goodbye to her truck: “I love this truck, my heart hurts, you don’t know how and how much it hurts, but I want you to have the opportunity to win this truck that I love so much.”

Chiquis Rivera would personally deliver the truck to the winner of the raffle

Running out of money? Chiquis Rivera raffles her truck Daughter of Jenni Rivera
Photo Instagram Jenni Rivera

Visibly excited, Chiquis Rivera expressed that her truck has been with her both through thick and thin: “I will be selling tickets for a month,” said the singer, who invited her followers to enter her website to check more details.

“I just put a sound system on it as well, it’s the bomb. For a month I will be selling tickets, at 100 dollars each ticket, each person can buy up to 10 tickets, and I also wanted to tell you that I could take them personally if they live in California and maybe in Arizona ”.

Chiquis Rivera confesses that “his heart hurts” to raffle his truck

Running out of money? Chiquis Rivera raffles her truck Daughter of Jenni Rivera
Photo Instagram Jenni Rivera

To end with this video, which provoked reactions of all kinds and made several wonder if Chiquis Rivera ran out of money, the singer again invited her fans to support her by buying a ticket for this raffle.

“My heart hurts, but it also gives me joy because you are going to be able to have something that has been with me for so many years and that I love so much, and if you want, I will even sign you here (pointing to one of the doors) or I don’t know where, and if they don’t want an autograph, too ”(Filed under: Are you out of money? Chiquis Rivera raffle truck).

“Let’s see if you don’t come out the same”

Running out of money? Chiquis Rivera raffles her truck Daughter of Jenni Rivera
Photo Instagram Jenni Rivera

Although several celebrities showed their support for this initiative, the Mexican comedian José Luis Zagar did not want to say the following: “I have an aunt who raffles bags and her daughters always win them, let’s see if you don’t go out same”.

“Give it away or donate it. You go over there ”,“ Good business. If 10 thousand people buy a ticket at 100 dollars, it is a million “,” My love, if you need money, just tell me “,” Always making money “,” With a thousand people buying a ticket, she comes out earning a chin … of money ” , you can read in some comments.

“To earn more than it cost”

Photo Instagram Jenni Rivera

When it seemed that the criticism for Jenni Rivera’s daughter would end, they continued to be present, since it seemed strange to many that she had decided to raffle off her truck: “Smart girl, raffling the car to earn more than it cost her.”

“Chiquis, I love you, but why take your fans’ money?”, “Better sell it, so many contacts according to her and making raffles for her fans”, “Ah, people, how are you going to think that the raffle is free? Nothing in this life is free ”,“ Do not stain, you will get double what it is worth new ”(Filed under: Are you out of money? Chiquis Rivera truck raffle).

“My beautiful queen”

Photo Instagram Jenni Rivera

Just a few weeks ago, and after her separation from Lorenzo Méndez, Chiquis Rivera caused a surprise by removing all her publications from her official Instagram account, which she has gradually taken up with videos like this time.

“My beautiful queen”, “My girl”, “I love you”, “Reyna”, “You are beautiful my Chiquis”, “Beautiful and authentic”, “You are the love of my life”, “Chulada”, “Beautiful little girl” Some followers expressed when they saw her pose in this way in the middle of Friday (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

With Luna Bear and “the owner of his fortnights”

Photo Instagram Jenni Rivera

“There is a girl with autism who has taught me more about life than anyone else in this world, Luna Bear,” said Jenni Rivera’s daughter in this image in which “the owner of her fortnights”, her dog, also appears. Pancho.

The displays of affection for both the little girl and the singer were swift, without forgetting her nice pet, who even has her own Instagram account, where more than 30 thousand followers are aware of her publications.

He lets himself be “groped” by Don Cheto

Photo Instagram Jenni Rivera

Great surprise caused a photo that the singer Chiquis Rivera uploaded to her social networks in which she assures that Don Cheto, her partner in the program I have talent, a lot of talent, is the only one who can support her and allows herself to be “groped”: “I know … Not everyone can handle me, but @donchetoalaire yes, so little! Haha ”, he expressed.

With more than 100,000 likes to date, this publication provoked reactions of all kinds, among them, from the comedian himself, who acknowledged that “almost, almost” can hold it, but that he still needs to. Both are judges, along with the singer Ana Bárbara and the producer Pepe Garza, of the program I have a lot of talent.

“Standing and smarter than ever”

Photo Instagram Jenni Rivera

In another photograph, the singer was seen wearing a dress that left nothing to the imagination and that highlighted her curves: “I was not born ready, I had to prepare. Facing difficult times, jumping over obstacles and learning to ignore those who did not believe in me. But thank God here I am, on my feet and smarter than ever, ”she wrote.

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