Rumors of famous TikToker CyberMax’s death have been circulating

Did famous TikToker CyberMax pass away? The Great Londini paid tribute to the TikToker, ‘confirming his death’. The young man...

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  • Did famous TikToker CyberMax pass away?
  • The Great Londini paid tribute to the TikToker, ‘confirming his death’.
  • The young man’s family has not made any statement.

News of CyberMax’s death has been circulating through social media. He was a young content creator who apparently lost his life recently. One of his friends who announced the sad news on social media. So far, the family has not made any statements regarding his passing.

In The Great Londini’s live broadcast, he reported that his friend had recently passed away and the expressions of sympathy were immediate. Although the family has remained silent, it was reported that late Youtuber’s sister was present during the broadcast which lends credibility to reports of his death.


Photo: TikTok

According to The Sun, the famous TikTok content creator, CyberMax, recently passed away and it was his friend The Great LonDini who confirmed the sad news through a tribute created for the late TikToker. Reports of the young man’s death started circulating on Monday, however, they have not yet been confirmed by his family, the news outlet noted.

The last video shared on TikTok by the young man, known as ‘CyberMax’ was on November 6. The video consisted of the young TikToker, performing a dance while narrating the song he was dancing to. The clip was 59 seconds long and had garnered over 2019 likes.

TikToker CyberMax’s death: Who broke the news?

Tiktoker CyberMax death: Who broke the news?
Photo: TikTok

In a TikTok video, The Great LonDini reported that his friend CyberMax had lost his life. The Great LonDini, who is known for wearing a mask to conceal his identity and altering his voice with special effects, stated that it was terrible to learn about the young TikToker’s passing and that he hoped the family would recover quickly from their loss.

“I am very saddened by the news that today we lost my friend CyberMax,” said The Great LonDini during the video tribute he posted in memory of CyberMax. “He was one of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met,” said the young man, who has received a large number of messages of support regarding the death of his friend. Filed Under: TikToker CyberMax Death

TikToker CyberMax’s Death: Are the Rumors Real?

Tiktoker CyberMax Death: Are the Rumors Real?
Photo: TikTok

Although the veracity of this information is not known, The Great LonDini stated to his followers, in the video that he shared 17 hours ago, that all he wants is for CyberMax’s family to find the peace they need. The young man also mentioned that he would deeply miss the content creator and how kind he had been to him.

“To his family, I pray that God will bring them peace in this tragic time. Rest in peace brother, you will never be forgotten,” he stated in the video that was posted on TikTok where he announced the death of the young man who called himself ‘CyberMax’. He also posted an image of the young TikToker while referring to his death. Filed Under: TikToker CyberMax Death

TikToker CyberMax’s Death: A Hint?

Tiktoker CyberMax Death: A Hint?
Photo: TikTok

According to The Sun, hours before the young TikToker’s death was announced, he had shared a quote on Facebook that made many of his followers suspect that he might be in trouble. Rumors began to spread when his death was allegedly confirmed. Some netizens mentioned that it was a possible suicide although the family has not confirmed this information or any of the other rumors that are circulating. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

“The moment you give up is the moment you let someone else win,” reads the post that the young man shared on Facebook, which has caused a wave of rumors. So far, it is not known if his death is real or not. Users have begun to leave their condolences in the last video he shared on TikTok. Filed Under: TikToker CyberMax Death


Photo Twitteer

Huey Haha’s death was confirmed Wednesday on social media. The comic lived in Stockton, California and was of Vietnamese descent. It was on his official Instagram account that the following message was posted: “Rest in peace Huey Haha. Huey Haha passed away on October 25, 2021. He loved and appreciated each of his followers.” TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

To give you an idea of his monumental fame, he had accumulated more than 4.5 million views on TikTok. However, after the tragedy, his account appears to have been deactivated, according to a report by The Independent. Rumors of his death sparked tributes from fans and peers on various platforms and he became a trending topic on Twitter. Filed Under: TikToker CyberMax Death

TikToker’s Death: HOW DID HUEY HAHA DIE?

Tiktoker CyberMax Death: HOW DID HUEY HAHA DIE?
Photo Twitter

“Damn, you were a staple in this Asian entertainment shit too,” social media star @DollaSigngYoung posted on Huey’s Instagram in her tribute to the star. “May your soul rest in peace brother.” “Rest in paradise, young, creative and incredibly talented star,” commented a mourner on Twitter.

“We will miss you. Prayers and condolences to all his friends and family.” “That kid made half of Stockton laugh at his skits,” another fan posted. “Rest in paradise, Huey.” “Man RIP Huey. This screwed me up,” someone else posted overnight. “I don’t know what happened, but I understand what it took to get to where he was. Praying for your baby and your family.” How did Huey Haha die? Filed Under: TikToker CyberMax Death


Photo Twitter

Almost immediately on Thursday morning, a GoFundMe in Huey Haha’s honor was started by his friend Coby Jdn. It had already received more than $32,700 in donations to cover funeral expenses and support his little girl, who was his little princess whom he loved dearly and to whom he was faithfully devoted.

“I used to say RIP, but this is what hurts the most, we always hate comedy because all people see is laughter, not what we had to do or what we went through,” Jdn posted on Instagram. “They’ve already taken the fun out of comedy, but now it’s not going to be the same without you. We love you brother, see you in the future.”


Photo Twitter

Although the comedian and TikTok star’s cause of death has not been officially established, on Twitter it is rumored that he may have committed suicide on October 25. On Ryrna’s account it says: “The Los Angeles rapper, Mozzy, has offered to cover all the comedian’s funeral expenses. @hueyhaha_, who committed suicide on October 25.”

On his Instagram profile, Huey Haha posted videos and photos of his daily life, but he also posted comedy routines that he did to entertain his followers. But one of the most moving posts was a recording in which he talks about fatherhood, right after the birth of his daughter. “It’s great, I love it. I love it when I get home and then my daughter, she comes running to the door and yells like ‘ahhhh!’ And then she runs in a circle and comes back and hugs me. It’s like the best feeling. You don’t understand parenting until you’re at it,” he explained.


Huey Haha TikTok dies
Photo Archive

This year several Youtubers and TikTokers have died unexpectedly. The exact number is unknown, and some have been tragic. This is the case with 19-year-old Hispanic influencer Gabriel Salazar, who died in a tragic car accident. His friends paid tribute to their greatest friend: “It is very difficult for us to talk about what he went through.”

Last September 26 it was announced that young Gabriel Salazar, a 19-year-old Hispanic TikToker, had died tragically in an unfortunate car accident, in San Antonio Texas. And, despite the fact that his death has not been officially confirmed, friends and family have already said goodbye to him, as reported by The Sun.


Photo Archive

According to the The Sun, it was a friend of Gabriel Salazar, the Hispanic TikToker who died at 19, who posted three tributes on social media dedicated to him. In the tributes he said goodbye to Gabe, who was known on TikTok by that name. The young man had around 1.3 million followers, and his user name was @gabenotbabe.

In his first tribute, Instagrammer Rickey Flores, a friend of the influencer, said goodbye to Gabe, calling him a brother, and later confessed that he did not know how to feel about this death: “Words cannot even explain how I feel at this moment. Man, I would do anything to get you back right now, bro.”


Huey Haha TikTok dies
Photo Twitter

But there are also other stories that end badly for TikTokers, and not because they have died. Some have committed murder. This is the case with popular TikToker Ali Abulaban, who has almost a million followers on TikTok who love his comedy videos. He was accused of spying on his wife, from whom he had recently separated, before killing her and a friend with whom he believed she was being unfaithful.

TikToker Ali Abulaban was charged with two counts of first-degree murder on Tuesday, October 26, according to records obtained by People magazine. For its part, NBC San Diego reported that last Thursday the ‘influencer’ was arrested after he allegedly confessed that he had shot and killed his wife Ana Abulaban, 29, and a friend of hers identified as Rayburn Cadenas Barron, who was 28 years old.


Photo Twitter

Prosecutors alleged that TikToker Ali Abulaban had been living in a hotel and harassing his wife since she had told him to leave their San Diego, California apartment on Oct. 18. According to media reports, she was planning to divorce him.

On Thursday, TikToker Ali Abulaban allegedly sneaked into their apartment while his wife was away and downloaded an app with a listening device onto iPad their 5-year-old daughter’s iPad while she was in her bedroom. He is also accused of vandalizing the apartment before sneaking out again, Assistant District Attorney Taren Brast said in court Monday, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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