Is the president of Mexico unfaithful? Rumors about AMLO’s alleged girlfriend

Rumors arise regarding AMLO’s alleged girlfriend. Who is the alleged girlfriend of the president of Mexico? What does AMLO’s ...

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  • Rumors arise regarding AMLO’s alleged girlfriend.
  • Who is the alleged girlfriend of the president of Mexico?
  • What does AMLO’s wife say?

Rumors of AMLO’s alleged girlfriend are circulating on social media. Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), president of Mexico is 68 years old and has been running the country for more than three years. In all that time, the rumors of some sort of infidelity have not been as strong as they are this week.

On social media, there are powerful rumors about the leader’s alleged infidelity. The hashtag #LaNoviaDeAMLO is the #1 trend on Twitter.

Who is AMLO’s supposed girlfriend?

Who is AMLO's supposed girlfriend?
Photo: Instagram

The woman in the image is María Geraldine Ponce Méndez, current mayor of the city of Tepic, in the Mexican state of Nayarit. But since she was elected as a deputy, her “closeness” with AMLO has put her in the public eye. Many wonder about this relationship and if it bothers the Mexican first lady Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller.

At the age of 27, the beautiful model and politician was already a deputy for MORENA, the party of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. In addition, she won the election to become mayor of Tepic. She is a former model and studied business management engineering, according to files from the Chamber of Deputies.

AMLO’s alleged girlfriend is a former beauty queen and was a deputy for the president’s party

The "AMLO's girlfriend" She is a former beauty queen and was a deputy for the president's party
Photo: Instagram

With the recent announcement that the president of Mexico was infected with coronavirus, the mayor did not take long to send a special message to the president. “I wish a speedy recovery to our President, @lopezobrador_. We know that we will see him again in Nayarit very soon,” she posted on Twitter.

The mayor hoped that AMLO would visit her land “to continue guiding the transformation of our state,” according to the message shared on social media. She immediately received many not so kind comments. For example: “Better go get the COVID test and pregnancy by the way,” a follower remarked.

This is not the first time that she has been seen “close” to AMLO

This is not the first time that he has been seen 'close' to AMLO
Photo: Instagram

In addition to her extensive experience in politics, the mayor also won the Nuestra Nayarit beauty pageant in 2015 and was a finalist in Nuestra Belleza México 2016, Debate reported. Geraldine Ponce then gave up modeling to dedicate herself to politics.

Some other moments when she was seen with AMLO include the photo above, when announcing that she would leave the Chamber of Deputies to run for mayor in Tepic. In 2019, netizens were also scandalized by an uncomfortable moment between Geraldine Ponce, the first lady, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, and the current Mexican president.

What does the first lady say about AMLO’s supposed girlfriend? Video proves her “jealousy”

What will the first lady say about AMLO's supposed girlfriend? Video proves the 'jealousy' of AMLO's wife
Photo: Instagram

A video was posted on YouTube by Grupo REFORMA with the title “La Miss de Morena.” It shows President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sitting in an airport, speaking closely with the now mayor of Tepic, Geraldine Ponce. Immediately, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller seems to notice them and comes to sit next to the president, right between the beauty queen and AMLO. For many, it was a clear sign of jealousy. Geraldine Ponce, who was sporting a tight yet elegant fuchsia suit, finished speaking with the president and stayed nearby.

This is how the first lady reacted to AMLO’s alleged girlfriend

This is how the first lady reacted to the alleged "AMLO's girlfriend"
Photo: Instagram

Moments later, AMLO’s wife got up and allowed other people to take photos with the Mexican president. Given the criticism and rumors, the former model did not hesitate to publish a photograph with AMLO’s wife to show that there was no friction between them.

“With @BeatrizGMuller, she does not serve as the First Lady of Mexico but she is a first lady. Women like her have my total admiration,” she wrote on her official Twitter account, where she posted a photo with Gutiérrez Müller. The mocking comments were quick: “Dear mayor, you wash her clothes, but I take them off.”

AMLO’s supposed girlfriend in a tiny bikini

This is how the first lady reacted to the alleged "AMLO's girlfriend"Photo: Instagram

The controversy is always following Geraldine Ponce. On social media, she publishes provocative images showing off her beauty and physical attributes to her followers. “In a little corner of Nayarit with the blessings,” says the post along with a photograph of her in a tiny bikini with her dog next to her, enjoying the sand.

With Geraldine Ponce’s victory in the election, she became the first woman to occupy the Mayor’s Office of the capital of Nayarit, Agencia Reforma pointed out.

“we have the great opportunity to show that women can also obtain great results”

"We have a great opportunity to show that women can too"
Photo: Instagram

In an event held at the Municipal Electoral Council of Tepic, the 27-year-old Moreno said that this ushers in the beginning of the transformation in her municipality and reflects her commitment to those who voted for her. “By being elected as the first Municipal President of this capital I feel that commitment doubly.”

“Since we have the great opportunity to show that women can also obtain great results, we can demonstrate what we are made of and we are going to do it with a lot of work, we are going to dedicate ourselves to striving every day,” she said, according to Agencia Reforma.

The alleged girlfriend of AMLO and her heavy hand with irresponsible police officers

The supposed "AMLO's girlfriend" and his 'strong hand' against 'irresponsible' policemen
Photo: Instagram

“We are not going to fail, we cannot fail, we are committed to ourselves, but above all to the citizens who gave us their vote and trust,” said the faithful follower of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. According to official data, Geraldine Ponce obtained 51% of the votes.

On Twitter, the mayor showed her “strong hand” against the people in her charge. “The bad practices to which many elements in the corporations and the City Council have been accustomed are going to end,” she said in a recent tweet, where she took the opportunity to rebuke the police under her charge.

Geraldine Ponce rebukes police officers on social media

Geraldine Ponce 'punishes' her police officers on social media
Photo: Instagram

“Today, at 9:30 in the morning I passed through this area and saw four patrols of the Road Police under my charge making use of official vehicles, having breakfast at a single point at the same time and neglecting their obligations to citizens,” reported the mayor on Twitter.

“I have ordered the Municipal Comptroller to raise their respective administrative records and apply the corresponding sanctions. If this behavior continues, the responsible personnel will be terminated immediately, including the Director of the Road Police,” added the former beauty queen.

To see the video of the awkward moment between the first lady and Geraldine Ponce, click here.

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