Rude! Lady Frijoles’ sister appears in a mini dress showing her middle finger (PHOTO)

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Rude!  Lady Frijoles’ sister appears in a mini dress showing her middle finger (PHOTO)
  • Mirna Zelaya appears sexy in photo but pulling the middle finger
  • Lady frijoles’ sister almost shows a ‘bubi’ in a mini dress
  • Followers constantly tell her how beautiful she looks on social media

Rude? Sister of Lady Frijoles, Mirna Zelaya appears in a mini dress showing her finger on social networks and almost got a ‘bubi’ in her latest publication.

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Mirian Zelaya, better known as Lady Frijoles, went viral on social networks after the woman of Honduran origin rejected this food in Mexico, just when she was in the caravan on her way to reach the U.S.

Through an interview, it is possible to see how Mirian, aka Lady Frijoles, She was outraged by the plate of beans they gave her:

Mirna Zelaya

PHOTO: Instagram. @zelaya_morenita

“I know that it is not by force that they feed one, and the truth is that the food they are giving here is fatal, look, just pure ground beans, as if they were feeding pigs” argued Mirian Zelaya at that moment.

After this embarrassing moment, Mirian rose to fame and went viral on social networks, where various media continued to follow her life, learning that after arriving in the United States, she was immediately deported to Honduras, where he currently lives with his sister Mirna.

It should be noted that Mirna has been able to take advantage of this moment of fame that Lady Frijoles gave her, since the woman began to publish various photographs on social networks, where the woman appears completely sensual.

This time it was not the exception, since Lady Frijoles’ sister shocked her more than 21 thousand followers on Instagram by posing with a black minidress while sticking her finger out of the way.

It was through his stories on Instagram that Mirna Zelaya, nicknamed as Morenita Zelaya, He published a photograph where he appeared sending kisses to his followers, while he was taking his finger out of the way.

In the image it is also seen how Lady Frijoles’ sister appeared with a low-cut black minidress causing a bubi to almost come out in the middle of the photograph. You can see the photograph of Mirna Zelaya here.

Although it is not known if his followers responded to this burning photograph where Lady Frijoles’ sister, Mirna Zelaya appeared sticking out her finger in a minidress, we can see how her followers are not left behind in their publications.

Since they constantly show Lady Frijoles’ sister how beautiful and sexy she looks in each of her photographs on social networks.

PHOTO: Instagram. @zelaya_morenita

A clear example is when the sister of Lady Frijoles captivated the Internet users by publishing a photograph where she can see her showing off her big attributes in a black leather jacket and a low-cut cream blouse.

At the bottom of the photograph, Mirna Zelaya wrote the following message: “Hehehe, it will be true friends that love is like grass, you plant it, take care of it and at the end a cow # $% comes and eats it HAHA”.

Quickly various comments began to arrive, where his followers highlighted how beautiful Lady Frijoles’ sister looked:

PHOTO: Instagram. @zelaya_morenita

Very beautiful ”,“ Every day you impress me more ”,“ Hello pretty, how beautiful you are ”,“ Mamasita bella ”,“ Always cool brunette ”,“ How beautiful you look ”,“ Give me a kiss ”,“ Precious ”.

They were one of the many comments that could be read in the photograph of Mirna Zelaya, sister of Lady Frijoles, who today made an impact in photography with a mini dress and showing the middle finger.

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