Rox Reyna: The testimony of a cancer survivor

Hispanic Rox Reyna shared her experience as a breast cancer survivor. Now Rox helps other Latinas who suffer from what she herself suffer...

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  • Hispanic Rox Reyna shared her experience as a breast cancer survivor.
  • Now Rox helps other Latinas who suffer from what she herself suffered firsthand.
  • Rox Reyna has new goals in life, including a business that she wants to expand throughout the country.

By Elan Reyes Pineda

“I don’t want to go through this world, without leaving a trace,” is the first thing that she happily tells us. Rox Reyna, a female survivor of breast cancer, who welcomed us into her home with a powerful smile and impeccable elegance, wearing a pink dress as if to let us know that, although she has conquered death, nothing stops her from continuing to triumph.

Rox’s life story is different from other women who suffered or are victims of breast cancer, because after the trauma, she went on to connect with more than 60 thousand women through social networks to share with them how she went through the emotional ordeal, her state of health and the scars left by the total mastectomy performed on her, once she was diagnosed with her ailment, while she was in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Survive: a victory

Photo: Courtesy Rox Reyna

Not just any woman comes out of stage three cancer, says this businesswoman, who left Puerto Vallarta, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, when she was 15 years old, when her mother Carmina Soberanís brought seven siblings so that together with two who already They lived in the United States, had a better life, said Rox, who admits that it turned out for the best, because he was able to study, learned English and managed to work from a very young age.

In 2018, they made him believe that the cancer did not hurt and although he felt severe discomfort, it was not until 2019 that a specialist confirmed his illness and it was here that his fight to defeat this terrible disease began, in which the first 42 thousand were protagonists Mexican women connected in a single network, who began to know their situation.

The help of his daughters

Photo: Courtesy Rox Reyna

However, this dynamic Mexican-American, who in recent years dedicated herself to the tourist hospitality industry in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, is very aware of the role played by her two daughters, Kathia and Karla, two young women who managed to team up with their husbands. and the whole family, to help her fight this battle that she has managed to win and that keeps her with the desire to live, to help all the women who need it at any time.

What have you been doing? “After working in the hotel industry, I came with my daughters and started my own business to provide materials and equipment to Mexican butchers in Georgia,” Rox Reina continues to tell us. “I also worked as a Business Development Manager for a travel agency in Duluth, but I lost my job due to the pandemic,” says this brave Latina woman.

A new business

Photo: Courtesy Rox Reyna

Her focus today is on a novel activity, which began after looking in the mirror and looking at her “big side-to-side scars on her mammary glands,” she recalls. “I called my friend Blanca Miranda, who suggested that I try a wonderful healing gel made with seaweed, herbs, aloe vera and essential oils. This composition is applied with circular massages and the traces are erased ”, he assures.

“After breast cancer we can feel sexy again, because we have the right to wear clothes without impediment along the lines of operations. I will never be the same, but now I am a better human being ”, she affirmed without any doubt, while showing us her brand Le Seins.

Difficult moments

Photo: Courtesy Rox Reyna

How spiritual are you? “I had lost my faith, when I was going through the whole process, a roller coaster of emotions and financial difficulties, but curiously in Nevada I regained my trust in God and I understood his mission,” he acknowledges.

One of the most bitter drinks that this woman also experienced, an example of courage, was the sudden separation from her husband, a divorce that marked her in 2014 to experience anguished moments that she does not want to remember. “We should not love anyone hopelessly, if we do not love ourselves first,” she reiterated with aplomb as she reflected that her happiness is also due to the fact that she recovered herself.

Help other women

Photo: Courtesy Rox Reyna

Rox Reyna, better known as Rox, is a modern woman who is always talking about business, conferences, testimonials and having fun, but also with a work schedule at home, doing her homework daily, until she finds time to promote her store in line, which will allow you to sell your Le Seins kit, healing gel and soap, as well as underwear.

What we can find on Instagram and Facebook are aprons with captions such as “Happy to survive”, magnets for the car, allusive face masks, T-shirts with legends, printed mugs and a line of underwear, “so that those of us who suffered from breast cancer let us always feel sensual, “he said.

Fulfilling your dreams

Photo: Courtesy Rox Reyna

Finally, Rox Reyna needs to start fulfilling her dreams of traveling the world, because she has reasons to celebrate for life: having beaten breast cancer, having a lot of work and the fact of having recently received the long-awaited “Green Card ”, Which allows him to further develop the deep desire to achieve the leadership of good in the United States of America.

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