Roland Martínez wounds his son with gunshots because he disrespected him

Roland Martínez was arrested in Houston, accused of having wounded his son Orlando Martínez with a gunshot The boy punched his father, wh...

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FOTO Departamento de Policía de Houston
  • Roland Martínez was arrested in Houston, accused of having wounded his son Orlando Martínez with a gunshot
  • The boy punched his father, who did not tolerate the disrespect and pulled out a gun
  • According to the father, he never aimed at his son, but a shot wounded him in the left foot and he had to be taken to the hospital.

Roland Martínez was arrested in Houston, Texas, accused of having shot against his son because he disrespected him.

Martínez, 53, was arrested by the Houston Police Department (HPD, for its acronym in English) for the injuries he caused to his son Orlando Martínez, 25, when he was shot several times.

Now Roland Roberto Martinez, his full name, is being held in the Harris County jail while his son, Orlando Martinez, is in hospital recovering from his injuries but in stable condition.

The detainee faces the serious charge of aggravated assault with a firearm before Judge Lee Harper Wilson, of the 10th Criminal District Court in Harris County.

According to Texas State Penal Code, the charge of which Roland Martínez is accused is punishable by a sentence of two to 20 years in prison for whoever pleads guilty after a trial.

The arrest warrant for Martinez details the incident between the father and son, which began as a domestic fight at the family home.

At 10:15 a.m. on Sunday, February 7, 2021, the emergency number received a call from a Hispanic man asking for emergency paramedics because a boy was wounded by a gunshot.

Paramedics Houston Fire Department (HFD) performed at the house marked 7018 Sloan Road, in the southeast of the metropolitan area, in the Hispanic neighborhood of Golfcrest.

Roland Martínez was arrested for injuring his son with a gunshot wound in the foot (PHOTO Houston Police Department)

Upon arrival, paramedics found a Hispanic boy shot in the left foot, for which they requested the presence of detectives from the HPD Major Assault Division to investigate the case.

In the first investigations of the case, detectives from HPD’s Major Assault Division questioned the family to find out who had called authorities to report the crime.

The agents heard that Roland Roberto Martínez confessed to them that he had been the person who called the authorities to request attention for his son.

The man assured them that from early on that Sunday morning, he and his son Orlando Martínez had several family disagreements that escalated from discussion to shouting.

Suddenly, Orlando Martínez decided to settle the dispute with his father Roland and gave him a punch that his father managed to dodge, but it hit him square on the back of the head and knocked him to the ground.

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In anger at what Roland Martínez considered a serious lack of respect on the part of his son Orlando, the man ran to the conjugal bedroom and pulled out a pistol.

Martínez fired three or four shots, he is not sure according to what he stated in his statement, which flew through various parts of the living room of the house while he brandished the weapon.

According to Martínez, he really did not intend to shoot his son directly, but only to give him a lesson for his lack of respect for hitting him and never pointing the gun at him.

The man said that he suddenly saw his son Orlando Martínez bleeding deeply, lying on the floor and that was when he took his phone, to request the presence of the paramedics who took the boy to the hospital.

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Agents from the HPD Major Assault Division patiently listened to Roland Roberto Martínez’s statement and after he himself confessed how the events had happened, they arrested him.

As of this writing, Judge Wilson has not determined when Martinez’s first hearing will be and is awaiting a report from the doctors treating his son to assess the severity of his injuries.

The shooting incident between Roland Martínez, in which he wounded his son Orlando Martínez, was one over a weekend from Friday the 5th to Sunday the 7th of February 2021 where the HPD reported nine shootings in Houston.

The episodes of violence have put authorities in the metropolitan area on high alert, which has even asked federal agencies to begin collaborating with them to track all crimes with firearms.

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