“Ridiculous” they say to Lili Estefan for wearing clothes that “look like her daughter’s” (PHOTOS)

They call Lili Estefan ridiculous because of her clothes, criticize her and tell her that she took them off her daughter Lina Teresa The ...

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  • They call Lili Estefan ridiculous because of her clothes, criticize her and tell her that she took them off her daughter Lina Teresa
  • The host of El Gordo and La Flaca de Univisión, appears with jovial outfit
  • Although some people flatter you, others are not so convinced

He wanted to impress with his figure and outfit, but ended with several criticisms, this happened to the host of the program El Gordo y La Flaca de Univisión, Lili Estefan, whom they call “ridiculous” because of the clothes that he uses, since they tell him that he took it from his daughter Lina Teresa.

It all happened through her bill of Insatgram that the spiky Cubo-American presenter tried to fill the eyes of her followers, and although she succeeded, she was not spared from some criticism from her followers.

In her publication Lili Estefan posted the following message: “Take chocolate, pay what you owe! Missing you my beautiful people passing by to wish you a happy night! Nite nite ”.

Lina teresa

Image taken from Instagram @liliestefan

People immediately began to react to the pack of photos he uploaded and the controversy over his jovial outfit began.

Lili Estefan is a presenter and model who is currently 53 years old, perhaps that is why she was ‘rained’ by criticism for her very daring outfit.

The host participated in her early years as a model for the program Sábado Gigante and from there her career rose like wildfire.

On the next page we will leave you the most outstanding comments they made to the driver on her Instagram account.

We will also show you the other photographs so that you too can judge whether the presenter of El Gordo y La Flaca looks childish in her outfit.

The publication has been so successful that until the morning of this Wednesday, August 9, 2020, almost 31 thousand reactions of likes and more than 600 comments.

As we promised, we will leave you more pictures of Lili Estefan who is called “ridiculous” for wearing clothes that look like her daughter’s.

But first some positive messages from some personalities from the entertainment world, such as the actress Maribel Guardia, who told him: “Precious! The most spectacular legs ”.

A follower immediately commented: “And how do you do it to always look younger than the day before? You are divine and youthful, don’t be mean and share the secret ”.

Someone else commented: “I say the same as always Lili, more than five would like to have your body.”

The host of El Gordo y La Flaca wore a white skirt with a matching blouse of the same color, as well as a military green jacket.

She also wore her face with loose hair and olive green sneakers, which were one of the aspects that made her look taller.

But be prepared because on the next page you will see the strongest criticisms against the tall presenter who was criticized for wearing clothes that fit her daughter Lina Teresa better.

Image taken from Insatgram @liliestefan

One of the first messages against Lili Estefan received for dressing in jovial clothes that even seemed to belong to her daughter, was the following: “When old women dress young they look ridiculous.”

Someone else commented: “The shoes are beautiful, but the outfit is for your daughter.”

“Sometimes the way they dress her makes me very youthful for her age”, “you look beautiful, but I like that dress for your daughter Lina, sorry”, “those are your daughter’s clothes, wear your number and accept The clothes for your age, remember that your 16 was years ago, leave it for the youth as your daughter ”, they ‘rubbed’ in his face.

Other people considered that you should not wear those clothes: “It looks like your daughter’s clothes”, “too old for that outfit, that’s fine for your daughter (Lina Teresa), mija”, “Lili sister, those clothes do not fit your age … Your case gives me pain ”,.

But another wanted to make clear her disagreement with the clothes: “It is your daughter’s competition, no please, they are both beautiful. Those spectacular shoes. The very youthful outfit even though you are young, you understand me. You have always dressed elegant as a woman and mother, always beautiful ”.

The fat and the skinny

Image taken from Instagram @liliestefan

But criticism of Lili Estefan for wearing clothes that looked more like her daughter was fading with some more cheerful comments.

“You look like a girl my Lili”, “you look cute”, “Hi Lili I like to see you always happy”, “happy night @liliestefan my favorite chocolate, so I drink it every night, I love that outfit, the super cool olive color “,” I love your wardrobe, but I fell in love with your shoes, “more people told him to try to tip the balance.

Other people commented: “How beautiful Lili I love, your skirt looks spectacular”, “How beautiful you look, I loved your shoes! What brand are they? ”,“ Lili tremendous legs ”,“ wow how beautiful, you are always so beautiful… super model ”,“ you have the most beautiful shoes in the world, they are all beautiful ”.

Some more commented: “How cool and beautiful”, “I love how you dress”, “beautiful as always, my beautiful skinny, God bless you, I love your shoes, nite, nite”, “that color is spectacular, beautiful “,” What a sexy beauty “,” definitely elegant and beautiful, blessings, happy evening. “

So as you can see, the messages were divided among the people.

Lili Estefan clothes

Image taken from Instagram @liliestefan

Some images in this note come from next video

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