Ricardo Montaner ‘in tears’, cries for the departure of his daughter Evaluna Montaner and she reacts (PHOTO)

Ricardo Montaner publishes a photograph that makes many cry Evaluna blames Ricardo Montaner after the publication of the photo. After the...

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  • Ricardo Montaner publishes a photograph that makes many cry
  • Evaluna blames Ricardo Montaner after the publication of the photo.
  • After the publication, many comments applaud Ricardo Montaner.

The 63-year-old singer-songwriter, Ricardo Montaner, has the “empty nest” syndrome after the departure of his little daughter, Evaluna Montaner, who, after getting married, went to live with her husband, the Colombian singer Camilo Echeverry.

Through an emotional publication shared on his official Instagram account, Ricardo Montaner makes a brief reference to how he currently feels about the farewell of his daughter Evaluna.

In this publication it is possible to see a series of PhotographyIt is where the singer is seen lying in Evaluna’s bedroom, while observing her stuffed sheep with a sad expression on her face, accompanied by the caption: “The empty nest … @evaluna’s room.”

Quickly, the publication already has more than 400 thousand “likes” and an endless number of comments that commiserate with the feeling that every parent experiences every time a child leaves home.

An Internet user wrote that the children are not from home, but from where they go, as is commonly believed: “Ricardito is here, the children are not from the nest where they are born, but from the sky where they fly.”

The comment got many responses that argued that it was correct, where various comments were filled with red hearts and words like “That’s true”, “How beautiful, you’re right.”

Another netizen argued that Ricardo gave Evaluna everything to fly and be happy. “You gave him everything he needed to fly and be happy” being a reference to the fact that Ricardo was always there for them, he gave them love and weapons to face life.

There were other comments that asked to be adopted by the Montaner family, such was the case of this girl who wrote: “A very good opportunity for her to adopt me” wrote a girl, receiving a total of 2470 of “likes” and various answers that asked the same as her.

However, the comment that the public most expected, and of course the same interpreter of “I’m going to miss”, was that of his daughter, Evaluna. Do you want to know what he answered? Continue reading.

Ricardo Montaner in tears

PHOTO. Instagram. Ricardo Montaner

Evaluna, who was the “cause” of returning to Ricardo Montaner in tears, She did not want to be left behind and responded to this publication, where she blamed her father for making her cry: “I’m going to cry badly. I love you daddy. A lot. Come now ”melting more than one at those words.

Several Internet users did not ignore the comment of Evaluna Montaner, who highlighted how much they saw each other and the beautiful upbringing that Ricardo Montaner had with his children.

An Internet user stressed that she would do the same as Montaner with Evaluna’s room: “I will be like Montaner and he will have my ‘fat’ room intact when he leaves”.

To which another follower decides to say the same: “That is why I apply respectful parenting and empathy with my baby, so that when he takes a separate course he knows that his room will always be hers and no one takes his place.

Another fan stressed that Ricardo has always felt great love for his 23-year-old daughter: “Your dad has always melted for you” to which another seconded, “And you are also his darling, the light of dad’s eyes” , highlighting the strong love that Ricardo Montaner always had for his daughter.

It should be noted that Ricardo Montaner has always been characterized as a loving and respectful father, who loves and protects his wife, Marlene Rodríguez Miranda and their three children, Mauricio, Ricardo and Evaluna, with whom they have been family from the beginning. ideal for many.

Besides being a very protective father, who, if it comes to defending them, he will be there to do it.

Do you want to know when Ricardo defended his two sons Mau and Ricky? continue reading.

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Ricardo Montaner in tears

PHOTO. Instagram. Ricardo Montaner

A few months ago the interpreter pulled out the claws when a netizen went against Mau and Ricky, her two oldest children.

It all started when the singer shared a photo of his son on his social networks, which says: “The parents were waiting for sons-in-law like these … @mauyricky” in addition to taking the opportunity to promote his single, named Daddies.

However, what Ricardo Montaner did not expect was that an Internet user would confess the following: “I did not … I did not want any of them for my daughters.”

The Venezuelan singer, without falling into provocations, limited himself to answering: “With the so loving mother-in-law they would have, neither would I” which generated comments of all kinds from his admirers.

“Poor whoever happens to be his son-in-law”, “Hahaha, there is always a mother-in-law involved who should not give an opinion, poor sons-in-law and daughters-in-law of her”, “@montaner what elegance to answer”, “No one would want a mother-in-law like you” , “From which the boys were saved”, “Hahaha, you are the best ball in the world, there is no better answer than the one you gave him”, “Genius, very subtle”, “I love you Mr. Montaner and my mother wants to his two sons ”.

Finally, an admirer of the Venezuelan singer expressed herself as follows: “I would love to have a son-in-law like them, so gentlemen, loving, resourceful, respectful, they are the best and they have someone to go out to.”

And it is that Ricardo Montaner’s family has always been characterized by being very respectful, who, without a doubt, are very well educated by Marlene and Ricardo, who constantly always provided support and respect to their three children.

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