Revealed ‘everything’ about the child of the Oxxo



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  • Revealed ‘everything’ about the child of the Oxxo condoms
  • The viral child who ‘revolutionized’ social networks was branded a ‘nosy’
  • However, ‘the whole truth’ about the viral video recorded in an Oxxo has already been revealed

A few days ago, a viral video was released in which a child was caught attending an Oxxo, a popular store mexican, when a client asked him for condoms and this reaction with a very insightful face making the short viral and unleashing a ‘revolution’ in social networks.

However, a few days after the child the child went viral, everything is revealed about the Oxxo child who ‘revolutionized’ social networks and was labeled a ‘nosy’. Thanks to a statement from the company itself, the details of this video were released.

Do you work for Oxxo?

Niño del Oxxo, condoms, viral
PHOTO YouTube Daniel Morales

A Mexican child allegedly posed as an Oxxo cashier, and when a customer came to ask for condoms, the child’s face and reaction returned the viral video on social networks in a matter of days. With a particular face the young man took the condoms.

The young ‘cashier’ asked if something else was offered to which the client, who also recorded the funny scene, asked him for some black pills that also went viral due to their sexual ‘connotation’. The faces continued during the ‘funny’ video.

Niño del Oxxo goes viral

Niño del Oxxo, condoms, viral
PHOTO YouTube Daniel Morales

The customer also asked for a box of gum and after this, the young man who seemed to know how the Mexican store system works marked the products with the ‘most’ expensive ‘picaronas’. The boy who had an Oxxo uniform told the customer the amount to pay.

However, the client noticed the looks and said: “What are you seeing, nose (child)?”, To which the young ‘cashier’ replied that nothing. But one of the ‘funniest’ moments came when the customer at the popular Mexican store was about to pay.

The client ‘flees’ from the child of the Oxxo

Niño del Oxxo, condoms, viral
PHOTO YouTube Daniel Morales

When the client took out a ‘large’ bill to pay the condom bill, the young man in a funny way replied that he did not “have change”, immediately the ‘annoyance’ of the buyer could be noticed who took the condoms and prepared to flee from the Mexican store while the boy ‘cashier’ chased him.

However, the young age that the boy in the video appears drew the attention of many, since in Mexico it is only possible to work from the age of 16. According to the local newspaper El Sol de Puebla, the video is a performance of the boy, who is the son of an Oxxo employee.

What did the company say about the video?

Oxxo Amazon
PHOTO Shutterstock

“With respect to the video published on social networks, we communicate the following: the underage person who appears in the video has no employment relationship with OXXO. After carrying out the pertinent investigations, we confirmed that the minor is the son of one of our collaborators who works in an OXXO store ”, the company declared in a statement quoted by the porral Cooperative,

“The video made was created to upload to social networks,” adds the statement. The funny events go “against its philosophy, values ​​and code of conduct,” said the Mexican company, which also noted “that the necessary measures are being taken so that they do not happen again.”

El Niño del Oxxo A famous tiktoker?


Now that the whole ‘truth’ of the child with the Oxxo condoms has been revealed, it has also been revealed that the viral video has not been the only occasion in which he has done his thing. And, in Tiktok, a video series of the young man, also from the famous Mexican store, has caused a stir.

The Tiktok account @ danielmorales1994 is where the comic videos of the young man have gone viral, such as one in which he is seen from inside the refrigerators, with a funny outfit and where he is seen going out to chase an alleged client.

Promoting Oxxo?

PHOTO YouTube Daniel Morales

Another of the comic videos shows the boy from Oxxo, showing various products in the store, wearing a uniform and while another man can be seen in the background, ‘trapped’ in a funny way inside one of the store’s refrigerators.

The comments in these videos show the love and support that the child of Oxxo won after the thousands of times that his video was shared on social networks and the countless memes that were born from the particular performance of the young Mexican.

Behind the scenes


The performance of the boy with the Oxxo condoms became evident with subsequent video where it is clearly appreciated that the young man makes the videos in order to amuse his followers. In this TikTok video you can see a ‘behind the scenes’ of another video of the minor.

“That child is very funny”, “greetings ‘pal cajerillo’, I just knew that this was your channel, I already subscribe to all your networks”, “the child is very funny”, were some comments from the followers of the Oxxo child . To see the video click here.

The child of the Oxxo wins the hearts of many


And after the ‘fame’ that the boy from Oxxo gained, thousands of people have become his ‘fans’ and have shown their affection in short videos that even show him on a skateboard, shopping or playing and no longer inside the Mexican store . To see the video click here.

“That kid is cool”, “that kid already knows that p …”, “he reminds me of when I was a kid because of the skateboard”, “the kid looks cool”, “I know that kid”, “that kid is my idol ”. Still others wondered: “Who is the child?”, “The child is a client, a friend in the area, a relative?”

Who is the child of the Oxxo?


Many also wondered where the ‘nice’ Mexican boy who appeared in the viral video from an Oxxo in Mexico came from. The questions were answered by the owner of the account @ danielmorales1994. Who revealed that the young man is called Elias Luzanilla.

In addition, thanks to various responses from the user @ danielmorales1994 it can be deduced that the Oxxo from where the funny video was recorded is located in Rosarito in the Mexican state of Baja California. In addition, the official count of the child of the Oxxo.

Already grown?


After making his official account on TikTok known, the boy from Oxxo, Elías Luzanilla has been seen in more and more recent videos, like the previous one, where he can be seen ‘reacting’ to the video that led him to ‘fame’. Without a uniform, with a cap and visibly ‘bigger’.

The comments of his ‘fans’ did not wait: “I love his dimples”, “give him more credit to make it more viral”, “I am your fan boy”, “oh what a beautiful boy”, “we are your fans from Peru “,” I never get tired of seeing it, “were some of them. To see the video click here.

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