Republicans ‘unite’ against Biden’s third stimulus check

Republicans ‘unite’ against Biden’s third stimulus check Lawmakers formed a ‘bloc’ to oppose Democrats Thir...

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  • Republicans ‘unite’ against Biden’s third stimulus check
  • Lawmakers formed a ‘bloc’ to oppose Democrats
  • Third check at risk? The future of the stimulus is now in the hands of Congress

Republicans “unite” against Biden’s new $ 1.9 trillion stimulus, which calls for a third check for millions of Americans. Could the approval of the long-awaited aid be at risk?

Meanwhile, the Senate is waiting for the interpretation of the current regulations that could promote or possibly eliminate a clause that raises the federal minimum wage, indicates The Associated Press.

Republicans Stimulus Biden Check

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Democrats and their ‘slight’ advantage in Congress

Democrats, who have a ‘too fragile’ majority in the House and Senate, are preparing to approve the long-awaited aid in the Low camera on Friday.

However, the Senate is expected to introduce changes to the stimulus pushed by Democrats. Still, leaders in the Upper House have predicted that lawmakers will work “fast” to get the bill to Biden’s desk by mid-March, The Associated Press reports.

Not a single Republican supports

By Wednesday night not a single Republican lawmaker had voiced support for the bill. The leaders of the opposition party were preparing their attacks on the package, which they believe will eliminate jobs and will not serve to reopen schools or businesses closed due to the pandemic.

Republicans Stimulus Biden Check

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“I have not seen a single Republican so far who has found something there that he agrees with,” said the minority leader in the lower house, Kevin McCarthy. “I think all Republicans believe in three simple things: They want a project that brings us back to work, school, and health. This project is too expensive, too corrupt and too leftist ”.

Will he fulfill his promise to ‘unite’ the country?

The union of Republican lawmakers indicates that Biden’s first major legislative initiative will collide with unanimous Republican opposition.

And it ‘clashes’ directly with his promise that he would unite the country and a new Republican ‘wall’, like the one President Barack Obama encountered in 2009 during his eight years in office.

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Democrats will not ‘give in’

Without giving any sign of giving in, Democrats said the legislation would help people, businesses and governments, both state and local.

“If Republican legislators want to oppose all of that, my answer is, good luck,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said on Capitol Hill.

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Waiting for an important decision

The only thing on hold Wednesday was the decision of Elizabeth McDonough, the non-partisan rules arbiter, which could have huge political and legislative consequences, The Associated Press says.

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The bailout bill includes a clause to gradually raise the federal minimum wage to $ 15 an hour over five years.

Rescue under ‘special rules’

Arbitration is necessary because Democrats are pushing the measure under special rules, which make it possible to avoid the rule that a bill requires the approval of 60 senators, rather than a simple majority.

The same rules prohibit “incidental” impact clauses in the federal budget because they serve other purposes. The referee decides whether a clause passes that test.


Given the strong opposition of Republicans against the minimum wage increase check, it can only survive if it is included in a bill that does not require 60 votes, something impossible for Democrats in a 50-50 split Senate, says AP.

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