A new report on Vicente Fernández’s health is cause for celebration (PHOTOS)

Good news about Vicente Fernández’s health. Will El Charro spend Christmas at home? A new medical report from the hospital gives ho...

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  • Good news about Vicente Fernández’s health.
  • Will El Charro spend Christmas at home?
  • A new medical report from the hospital gives hope and people celebrate.

Good news about Vicente Fernández’s health has been shared on social media. The singer’s been hospitalized since July in Jalisco, Mexico after health complications. What began as an alleged fall, led to more problems with El Charro’s health. So far he has not been able to leave the hospital.

Now, the latest and most recent report on Vicente Fernández states that his health has improved considerably, to the delight of the thousands of fans of the Mexican singer whose family has been worried for the past few months since he was admitted to the intensive care unit after a medical emergency.

Vicente Fernández and his health… the most recent medical report

Vicente Fernández health

And the first to celebrate the announcement about Vicente Fernández’s health was Mexican journalist Ahtziri Cárdenas from Televisa who, through a message on her Twitter account, hinted that El Charro was recovering faster than expected and that it would be announced soon.

“Good news. Vicente Fernández shows clear improvement. He interacts more with his family and breathes on his own for longer periods. Bravo to doctors and his family for so much teamwork. Congratulations Vicente Fernández for your effort. There will be a new announcement shortly,” wrote the journalist.

Charro’s health improves and everyone is amazed

Singer's health improves

Quickly, the words of the Televisa journalist asserting that the Mexican singer might be able to celebrate Christmas with his family at his ranch ‘Los Tres Potrillos’ made the media rounds. And then the long-awaited statement was made.

Ever since the summer when he was hospitalized, rumors and speculations about Vicente Fernández ran wild until the family confirmed that the latest report that gave us the best news so far.

He no longer needs a respirator? Good news about Vicente Fernández’s health

Vicente Fernández health improves

The new statement from Vicente Fernández’s family on the singer’s health states: “The Fernández family is forever grateful for your expressions of affection and to the media for being constantly concerned about the health of Mr. Vicente Fernández,” the statement begins.

“With continuous multidisciplinary medical care to maintain and improve his health. As of today, a greater cooperation and improvement in his state of spontaneous breathing has been achieved,” the statement continued to  explain Vicente Fernández’s notable improvement.

He has more strength in his lungs, people celebrate his remarkable improvement

El Charro recovers

“We are proud to inform you that it has been possible to remove him from the ventilator for periods of up to one hour and he has increased his pulmonary effort to emit vocalization, which is part of the pulmonary rehabilitation process,” they specified.

“We continue with a slow but steady progression towards improvement. Currently stable, awake during the day, aware and with greater interaction. He maintains cardiovascular stability,” they finished giving the good news about Vicente Fernández’s improvement against all odds.

Vicente Fernández’s wife and family were celebrating a few days ago at a party

Vicente Fernández health improves drastically

Three months after Vicente Fernández was hospitalized and constantly monitored for his deteriorating health after suffering a fall in summer and when more ailments were discovered, it is now known that he left intensive care and is in a private room.

After Don Vicente Fernández’s wife was also operated on weeks after the singer was hospitalized, now Alejandro Fernández’s mother is radiant and it seems that the danger for her husband has passed, as she looked very happy at a party.

Will Vicente Fernández leave the hospital soon?

Vicente Fernandez

At an event in Guadalajara, Jalisco, in Mexico where the Fernández family resides, doña Cuquita can be seen looking very happy. She was wearing evening dress in a large garden full of tables and guests, so the reporters didn’t miss the opportunity to interview her and question her about Vicente Fernández’s health.

The wife of Don Vicente Fernández began by saying: “To the best public,  I thank you for all your prayers, I am very grateful and I always pray for all those people,” stating that she feels very grateful towards those who have been concerned for her husband’s health.

Doña Cuquita confirms suspicions by appearing radiant

Doña Cuquita
Instagram: El Gordo y la Flaca

Perfectly made up, very lively and speaking directly, Alejandro Fernández’s mother did not want to remain silent anymore and spoke about Vicente Fernández’s health: “I am very well, thank you very much for your support,” she answered and later clarified the singer’s state.

“We are already improving, thank you for your attention,” concluded Vicente Fernández’s wife, Mrs. Cuquita, who doesn’t spend a day away from her husband, because she goes to the hospital every day to encourage the Mexican singer who is already out of the intensive care unit.

Did Doña Cuquita confirm what everyone suspected about the singer?

Doña Cuquita

Currently, Vicente Fernández is in a hospital room and out of danger, however, he has problems communicating and can’t speak. He communicates through signs, but it’s part of the recovery process and physical rehabilitation that he requires to return to good health.

The new medical report from the hospital adds that when he left intensive care he was awake and interacting with the people around him and the respirator is less and less required for his lungs to function properly. They define his progress for the week as ‘satisfactory’.

Doña Cuquita was criticized for her physical appearance

Doña Cuquita wife Vicente Fernández

The video of the interview with Doña Cuquita was shared on the Instagram account of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, where people voiced out their opinions: “The lady is younger than the children.” “A super polite lady… God bless her!” “Oh, I thought it was Alejandro Fernández dressed as a woman.” “What happened to her face?”

“Isn’t that Belinda on Halloween??” “Why is her face so stiff?” “I thought that was a catrina.” “Shame on those who leave negative comments, you would like to grow old and have the money that she has, to do whatever she wants.” “There are humans, there is no humanity.”  HERE YOU CAN SEE THE INTERVIEW WITH DOÑA CUQUITA.

Will he leave the hospital soon and return to his Ranch?

Health statement singer husband Doña Cuquita

Three months after Vicente Fernández was taken to the hospital after toan alleged fall and more health ailments were discovered, which sent him to intensive care, it was reported that his health has improved and he may be in a room being monitored on a ventilator. But not everything is good because his son Vicente Fernández Jr confirmed that he cannot speak.

The cameras of El Gordo y La Flaca were on the outskirts of the hospital where Vicente Fernández has spent the last three months of his life fighting to recover and although the family received great news about the improvement of El Charro, the truth is that, according to the words of Vicente Fernández Jr, the singer cannot speak.

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