René Santos Juárez is wanted for the shooting homicide of another Hispanic

René Santos Juárez, 24, has an arrest warrant in Texas for the murder of another man. Manuel Guzmán, 34, got into an argument with Santos...

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  • René Santos Juárez, 24, has an arrest warrant in Texas for the murder of another man.
  • Manuel Guzmán, 34, got into an argument with Santos Juárez and the latter shot him dead.
  • The Houston Police Department needs the help of the community to catch the killer.

René Santos Juárez has an arrest warrant in Houston, Texas, accused of the gunshot homicide of Manuel Guzmán. Agents of the Homicide Division of the Houston Police Department (HPD) released Santos Juárez’s photograph to ask the Hispanic community for help so he can be stopped.





Young René Santos Juárez, 24, is considered armed, dangerous and since last Thursday, September 16, 2021, he has an arrest warrant for the murder of Manuel Guzmán that occurred on Thursday, January 28, 2021 in an apartment complex to the south of the greater Houston area.

René Santos Juárez is wanted in Texas for a homicide

René Santos Juárez, 24, despite his youth, already has an arrest warrant for a homicide in Texas. (Photo: Houston Police Department)

The murder charge against René Santos Juárez is being held before Judge Chuck Silverman of the Harris County Criminal District Court 183. The crime of murder according to the Texas State Penal Code Whoever finds himself guilty of this crime is punished with a sentence of 20 to 99 years.

In the case documents, consulted by MundoHispánico In Texas, he becomes aware of the case against René Santos Juárez for the death of 34-year-old Manuel Guzmán, which began as a heated argument in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

Shots break the quiet of the night

(Photo: Taken from Twitter)

According to the investigation of the agents of the HPD Homicide Division at 8:00 p.m. on that Thursday, January 28, 2021, several neighbors called the emergency number to report several shots that were heard in the parking lot of their apartment complex.

HPD patrols were dispatched to Del Mar Apartments, 10909 Gulf Freeway, to attend to a report from distressed neighbors who heard the shots. When the first officers arrived at the apartment complex, they found a Hispanic man lying on the floor of the parking lot and shot and wounded.

Manuel Guzmán could not survive his injuries

(Photo: Houston Police Department)

Through his credentials, the wounded man was identified as Manuel Guzmán and his condition was so critical due to at least one bullet in the chest that HPD patrols requested the urgent presence of paramedics from the Houston Fire Department (HFD, for its acronym in English).

However, when HFD paramedics arrived on the scene they could no longer do anything for Manuel Guzmán and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Then the patrollers requested the presence of detectives from the HPD Homicide Division to carry out investigations in the case with the man lying between the cars.

The name of René Santos Juárez comes up in the investigation

(Photo: Houston Police Department)

Since then, the agents of the HPD Homicide Division put together the puzzle that represented the investigation into the death of Manuel Guzmán and after several months of investigations that is how they found René Santos Juárez as his alleged murderer.

The details of the case reveal, according to the testimonies of various neighbors, that on the night of the tragedy Manuel Guzmán got into a heated argument with another younger, slimmer and Hispanic man. Neighbors told authorities that Guzmán was a resident at the Del Mar Apartments.

They identify the car of the alleged murderer

(Photo: Houston Police Department)

In the middle of the discussion between Manuel Guzmán and his alleged perpetrator René Santos Juárez, several shots were heard and the victim ran between the cars after feeling injured. The shooter also ran between the parked cars and got into a vehicle in which he escaped at full speed.

The agents of the HPD Homicide Division discovered that the car in which René Santos Juárez had escaped was a Chevrolet Impala, in dark blue or black, from the years 2003 to 2005 and with the front bumper in a different color from the rest vehicle.

Where is René Santos Juárez hiding?

(Photo: Houston Police Department)

Thanks to the Chevrolet Impala trail, those before the HPD Homicide Division were able to identify René Santos Juárez as the alleged murderer of Manuel Guzmán and formally accused him of the murder. Now, legally, René Santos Juárez is already considered a fugitive in Texas.

The agents of the HPD Homicide Division ask the Hispanic community that if anyone has reliable information about the whereabouts of René Santos Juárez, contact 713.308.3600 or the non-profit organization Houston Crime Stoppers at 713.222.8477. All tracks will be kept anonymous.

Manuel Guzmán one more victim by firearms

(Photo: Houston Police Department)

The murder case against René Santos Juárez is one more link in the violence with firearms in the country. The non-profit organization National Archive of Gun Violence, which fights to raise awareness about the dangers of the free sale of firearms, reports that 31,964 people have died so far this year.

As of Sunday, September 19, 2o21 of those people who have been shot dead in the United States, a total of 14,672 were murdered and 17,292 committed suicide. 29,481 were injured. The country already lived in the first half of the year 508 mass shootings, where several people died in the same event.

The new gun law in Texas

(Photo: Houston Police Department)

Since last Wednesday, September 1, 2021, a new law on the free carrying of weapons came into force in Tecas. From that day on, by a law approved by the State Congress, it is legal to carry a firearm, rifle or pistol, in sight and without having received training to use it and without having permission, despite the constant deadly shootings.

Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, signed the new law that he called a “constitutional right” to carry weapons such as rifles, shotguns and pistols of any caliber in practically any public place. By signing his signature on the new law, the governor said he signed the “documents that instill freedom in the Lone Star State.”

In Texas some law enforcement agencies express concern

(Photo: Houston Police Department)

The Reform of Law 1927, legal name of the new arms law in Texas, was voted in the State Congress in May 2021 and was approved with a round of 86 in favor and 62 with 2 abstentions, part of the 150 congressmen. Governor Abbot signed the law, which was his proposal, last June to make it effective until September 1, 2021.

However, some law enforcement agencies in Texas have publicly and privately criticized the decision to pass a law that according to many police officers exposes them in the first place to the dangers of firearms in the hands of people who do not they know how to handle them properly and, secondly, the citizens.

René Santos Juárez is wanted in Texas for a homicide

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