Woman recovers her cell phone 77 days after it fell into the sea

A Florida couple and their tech-savvy neighbor helped a woman who dropped her cell phone into the sea to have it back after 77 days in the water.

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Miami, May 14 (EFE News) .- A Florida couple who are fond of collecting shells on the beach and their tech-savvy neighbor made it possible for a woman who dropped her cell phone into the sea to have it back after 77 days in the water. Palm Beach (southeast Florida) television channel 12 echoed this story involving shell hunters Laura Leigh and Lawton Martin, neighbor Devron Richardson and “mermaid” Amie Vreeken.

The four met in Delray Beach (Florida) this week for the delivery of the phone and spoke before the cameras of the channel. The Martins found the telephone on the seashore when they were looking for shells, they took it home, took off the protective cover and put it to dry. As they did not have a charger for that brand of cell phone, they asked their good neighbor Richardson for help, who always helps them when their computer breaks down.

Mermaid’s cell phone

He charged the phone’s battery and Turn it on A photo of a woman dressed as a mermaid with four costumed children around her appeared as the wallpaper. With the help of a tool to find the people who appear in a photograph on the internet, he located Vreeken, who plays a mermaid at a show in Las Vegas, and could not believe what Richardson wrote him over a messaging system.

“OMG (Oh my God!) This is a joke! This is fantastic,” were the words Vreeken typed on his new phone in response to Richardson. Vreeken, a mother of four, said that she goes every two weeks to visit a friend in Delray Beach and in February they went kayaking and a wave hit them and dropped the phone into the water.

cell phone

In the end

They even searched for him with a metal detector and couldn’t find him. “It took 77 days, 77 days, from the second it fell into the sea until they called to tell me they found my phone,” Vreeken said in amazement. As he told the television channel, in addition to thanking the Martin and Richardsons, he wrote a very favorable review about the phone case he bought for $ 10 with the title “77 days in the ocean and the phone is fine.” EFE News

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