Raúl Santa, who played ‘Pupuchurro’ in ‘Ugly Betty’, dies

Actor Raúl Santa, who was known for playing ‘Pupuchurro’ in Ugly Betty, dies. Friends who were part of the cast mourn his dep...

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  • Actor Raúl Santa, who was known for playing ‘Pupuchurro’ in Ugly Betty, dies.
  • Friends who were part of the cast mourn his departure and express pain.
  • The soap opera was a great success in Latin America.

Latin America’s entertainment world was saddened by the news that actor Raúl Santa has died. He gained fame for his portrayal of ‘Pupuchurro’ in the famous Colombian telenovela, ‘Betty la Fea’. Many members of the cast expressed their sadness over the loss, according to El Tiempo.

The soap opera, Ugly Betty, debuted on the small screen in 1999 and was a great success. The plot revolved around the life of a secretary, played by Ana María Orozco, who was not very pleasant to look at. She had braces, glasses and frumpy clothes but still she falls in love with her boss, played by Jorge Enrique Abello, a handsome, successful, wealthy man.


Raúl Santa Pupuchurro dies
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This telenovela, directed by Fernando Gaitán, was so popular that it won the Guinness World Record in 2010 for being the most successful telenovela in tv history. It ran from October 1999 to May 2001 and could be seen in various parts of the world, especially in Mexico where several versions have come out starring renowned artists such as Angélica Vale and Jaime Camil. However, none had the success of the original version.

Now we hear the sad news of the death of one of the actors who appeared in the original program and who was also known as ‘El Check’. People remember him fondly and this tragedy has sparked overwhelming nostalgia. Not only in Colombia, but all over Latin America, people are mourning his passing.

Raúl Santa, ‘Pupuchurro’, dies: HOW DID THE ACTOR DIE?

Ugly Betty
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Reports from his family and acquaintances indicate that the actor died this Monday, November 15 after struggling with a “painful illness” for years, according to ‘Crónica del Quindío’. People on social media remember him fondly and weren’t shy about expressing their pain.

On Twitter, the star received more than 200 comments from fans of the soap opera, but also from other actors who appeared on the famous program, which has been one of the most successful on the small screen in Latin America. It was known for many wholesome, humorous and professional performances.


Ana Maria Orozco
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Star, Ana María Orozco posted the following message: “I am very sorry for the passing of the beloved actor and great colleague Raúl Santa. RIP. I hug you strong my @valeriasanta. I just received the sad news that our colleague Raúl Santa returned to the fountain. Our famous pupuchurro! (Black heart). May your sweet soul rest in peace. (Clapping hands sign, Clapping hands sign, Clapping hands sign). And thanks.”

Along with the message, she posted a photograph of the deceased actor in a scene from the famous soap opera Betty la Fea. Immediately a follower replied to the actress: “There is my pupuchurra, El Check is gone, your dear pupuchurro, God receive him in his holy glory, only good memories of Mr. Raúl. Amen. God’s times are perfect. ” Filed Under: Raúl Santa Pupuchurro dies

Raúl Santa, ‘Pupuchurro’, dies: WHAT DID ‘FREDDY CONTRERAS’ TELL YOU?

Ugly Betty
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Another actor who posted a heartfelt message was Julio César Herrera, who played ‘Freddy Contreras’. He, along with posting two photographs of his co-star, wrote the following farewell: “Raúl’s beautiful soul… have a good trip, Dear partner. Have a good trip. We had a lot of fun. ” Some fans reacted to his post.

“Abandoned by TV and the channels.” “Oh Don Pupuchurro Peace in his grave and strength to his family.” “that goes with Don Pupuchurro.” “or the check for Sofia.” “God have him in his holy glory (Hands palm against, palm against palm, Hands palm against palm) and give strength to your family.” “Goodbye Pupuchurro, have a good trip to eternity… peace and strength to the family .”


More people left messages honoring the actor on the account of Ana María Orozco, who played ‘Betty la Fea’. “Hello Greetings from San José Costa Rica, thank you very much for making us laugh so much, that novel will never be forgotten, I was barely 15 years old and now I am 38 and really that novel will not be surpassed by any other. How many joys they gave us. God bless you.”

“How sad this news, he left very young, my Heavenly Father received him in Holy Breast. Strength for his family and all his friends and for those of us who met him through the screen .” “The body rests, souls travel, memories remain. ” “Correct souls travel to heaven or hell. Not everyone will be in the presence of God. Because? In Life they never really looked for God.”  Filed Under: Raúl Santa Pupuchurro dies

Raúl Santa, ‘Pupuchurro’, dies: DID HE HAVE AN EXEMPLARY LIFE?

Ana Maria Orozco
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People could not stop honoring the actor for his great talent and the joy that he brought to the television: “Thank you for so many fun moments, great actor, peace in your grave and strength to your family and friends.” “What a beautiful phrase.” ”For such an incomprehensible moment of our earthly learning. Angels of strength for your loved ones and friends (Smiling face with halo) greetings from Guatemala.”

“God have him in his holy glory. Amen. (Hands palm to palm, Hands palm to palm, Hands palm to palm) If you behave well on this earth. Our Lord Jesus Christ (Hands palm to palm) will be the one who judges the behavior. Our.” A few people took a tone that was inconsistent with the affection expressed by most others.

Raúl Santa, ‘Pupuchurro’, dies: WHAT DID YOU WISH FOR THE DECEASED ACTOR?

Raúl Santa Pupuchurro dies
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Some strange comments about his life followed: “I once heard a priest say the following: ‘When the soul transcends, nothing that happened in earthly life is taken away; the soul leaves pure as it arrived ‘and I think that is so. ” “Rest in peace we remember you in that super role and as the pupuchurra lol.” “The body returns to the land where it comes from and the soul flies to God who gave it RIP.”

“Rest in peace Raúl Santa, whom many of us remember as Efraín“ el Pupuchurro ”in BLF.” “Receive a Cordial Greeting from the Logan Portugues Family in Costa Rica. A hug from a distance and the best blessings and successes for you.” “Great actor, my condolences to his family.”“God bless you. Illuminate your way to eternity.” “Go for eternal life to another dimension rest in peace with God the father our creator of the world, amen.”


Raúl Santa Pupuchurro dies
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Just last year, the sad death of actor Alfonso Ortíz at 71 years of age was announced on social media. At that time he suffered a heart attack and was admitted to a clinic in Colombia. The famous actor Alfonso Ortiz died in a clinic in Bogotá, Colombia where he was admitted a few days after having suffered a heart attack while taping a new production, according to the La Nación.

It is worth mentioning that the actor, after suffering a heart attack while taping, was immediately admitted to the clinic where he was tested for COVID-19. He tested negative and was hospitalized there for just over a week but he unfortunately lost the battle and died. He was a talented, well-known film and theater actor, highlighting his appearance in Colombian films such as La Vorágine and Losing is a matter of method. Filed Under: Raúl Santa Pupuchurro dies


Ugly Betty
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With more than 40 years dedicated to acting, Alfonso Ortiz was known for his outstanding performances in soap operas such as ‘Pobre Pablo’, ‘La hija del mariachi’, ‘De pies a cabeza’, not to mention a few others. Several celebrities shared heir pain on social media, where they left messages of support for the actor’s family and also said goodbye to the deceased.

Some of the prominent celebrities who said goodbye to the actor were “the barracks of the ugly” (Ugly Betty’s friends on the show). Estefanía Gómez, one of the stars of the show, said goodbye to her friend on her Instagram account: “Teacher!! who taught me from love, my first teacher and for many years, the one who saw me confused and took the trouble to help me, the one who gave me the strength to believe in my dreams, Thank you teacher, you leave a huge void, infinite thanks!!! Always in my heart, have a good trip we will see you soon,” shared the actress. Filed Under: Raúl Santa Pupuchurro dies


Ana Maria Orozco
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Another actress from the cast of Ugly Betty, who said goodbye to the actor was Luces Velásquez. She was also part of the barracks of the ugly: “Fly high, my husband, just like Eulalia and Carlos, this love and friendship was foolproof, just beautiful memories full of laughter will remain in my heart and as that poem by Miguel Hernández says ‘your laugh makes me free, it sets me wings,’ I love you my Alfonso .” That’s how the actress said goodbye.

Marcela Posada was another actress who said goodbye to Alfonso Ortiz on Instagram. She was also a member of the cast of Betty la fea and showed her pain through her farewell: “If the people who have passed through your life remember you with love, gratitude and a smile, because your life had meaning then it was a successful life. Alfonso You leave us teachings, a good example, love, respect, an example of honesty. You were always an excellent stage partner and a generous and gentle teacher. You live in our lives and you will live forever in all the generations of actors that you embraced with @box of tools. We love you. ” Filed Under: Raúl Santa Pupuchurro dies

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