Raúl Alzaga was arrested for sexually attacking a disabled woman

Raúl Alzaga was arrested for having sexually assaulted a 58-year-old woman in a wheelchair. Alzaga tried to cut his throat with a knife w...

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  • Raúl Alzaga was arrested for having sexually assaulted a 58-year-old woman in a wheelchair.
  • Alzaga tried to cut his throat with a knife when he was about to be arrested to avoid going to jail.
  • The Fontana, California Police Department revealed that there is at least one other victim of Alzaga.

Raúl Alzaga was arrested and accused of having sexually assaulted a disabled woman who uses a wheelchair in her home. The Fontana Police Department (FPD), in California, detained Alzaga following an investigation in a case that has shocked the Hispanic community.

Alzaga, 28, is already detained in the prison of the Los Angeles County after being detained in Pomona, a city west of Fontana where according to the authorities he committed the crime. The man is awaiting transfer to the San Bernardino County Jail to face his criminal prosecution for the brutal sexual assault.

Raúl Alzaga sexually attacked an incapacitated woman

Raul Alzaga
Raúl Alzaga, 28, is already in custody on two counts of sexual assault and one of them against an incapacitated woman who is in a wheelchair. (PHOTO: Fontana Police Department)

Kevin Henderson, FPD spokesman, offered MundoHispánico details on the sexual assault for which the corporation now accuses Raúl Alzaga of having sexually assaulted the disabled woman at her home. The name of the victim will not be revealed by the authorities to protect their privacy.

On Tuesday, June 1, 2021, at 1:00 a.m., a neighbor on Juniper Avenue, in the north of the Fontana metropolitan area, entered the room of a woman and sexually assaulted her. When Alzaga was raping the first victim, another man who was in the house realized what was happening.

Raúl Alzaga begins his round of sexual attacks

Raul Alzaga
Security cameras captured images of Raúl Alzaga sneaking into houses where he attacked at least two women. (PHOTO: Fontana Police Department)

Raúl Alzaga was surprised and threatened the man of the house with a razor with a knife while he jumped out of a window and escaped throughout the race, getting lost in the darkness of the night. The man inside the first home stayed to help the victim and call the authorities.

Then Raúl Alzaga continued along Juniper Avenue and forced his entry into a second house by moving the panels from one of the windows. A 58-year-old disabled woman slept in that second home, who leads her normal life on a wheelchair. That woman, Alzaga, was sexually attacked with violence without the woman being able to resist.

The attacker leaves too many clues at the scene

Raul Alzaga
The videos in which Raúl Alzaga is seen were crucial to be able to identify and arrest him after his two sexual attacks. (PHOTO: Fontana Police Department)

When the nightmare perpetrated by Raúl Alzaga ended, the woman was finally able to ask for help after the man left home. However, he left too many clues at the two addresses of his attacks on Juniper Avenue. The man who helped the first victim was able to offer a clear description of the attacker and, relevant information, of his tattoos.

So the FPD mounted an operation to search for the man and thanks to confidential information they were able to locate him in the neighboring city of Pomona west of Fontana. The agents who were tracking him was traveling in a car with two other men and decided to follow him.

Raúl Alzaga tries to escape from the police

Raul Alzaga
(PHOTO: Fontana Police Department)

The agents tried to stop the car in which Raúl Alzaga was traveling, but the person who was driving the car to warn the presence of the FPD authorities tried to flee at full speed. The police report does not specify which street in Pomona the events took place.

Then there was a brief chase by the FPD agents that culminated when the driver of the car lost control and crashed. The authorities do not detail whether civilians were injured in that crash or what the car in which Raúl Alzaga was traveling with the other two men collided with.

The fugitive tries to take his life so as not to go to jail

Raul Alzaga
PHOTO: Taken from Facebook

The three occupants of the car ran to escape the police. However, the agents’ priority was to catch the alleged sexual perpetrator and they went to capture Raúl Alzaga, who was already taking the lead trying to escape through the streets of the city.

Several officers caught up with Raúl Alzaga in the backyard of a house and ordered him to stop because he had an arrest warrant for the sexual abuse of the disabled woman. Then Alzaga took a knife out of his clothes and, instead of threatening the FPD agents, he put it to his neck and began to cut himself.

The police save the life of Raúl Alzaga

Raul Alzaga
PHOTO: Taken from Facebook

Before further damage was done, the FPD agents were able to hold Raúl Alzaga and take the knife from him. However, in his violent outburst the man had already made a deep wound. The agents requested the presence of paramedics to help Raúl Alzaga.

The paramedics of the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACFD) arrived at the scene and transported the man to a hospital to treat him for his injuries. When Raúl Alzaga was discharged on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, the FPD agents were able to arrest him, accused of two serious charges of sexual assault.

“She was not able to defend herself”

PHOTO: Taken from Facebook

In an interview with the television channel Eywitness News ABC 7 From Los Angeles, California, the daughter of the disabled woman who was allegedly attacked by Raúl Alzaga spoke about the traumatic experience that the crime perpetrated by the young Hispanic represented for her family. The woman spoke on condition that her face was not revealed.

“He is recovering. She has been paralyzed from the waist down since she was 25 years old so this attack was even more brutal and traumatic for her because she was not able to defend herself, “the victim’s daughter told the television station about the feeling she feels. her mother after being abused by Raúl Alzaga.

“The only thing one can do is pray”

PHOTO: Taken from Facebook

The FPD agents recovered videos from the surveillance cameras in the victim’s house in which Raúl Alzaga is seen walking towards the woman’s house and then forces his entry through a window that was not properly closed through which he slipped to carry out his brutal attack.

“She was not well protected from what happened to her, obviously, when one is in a wheelchair and does not have the ability to move or walk, the only thing she can do in such a situation is pray,” explained the daughter of the victim in a case that has shaken the community of Fontana, California, due to the vulnerability of the raped woman.

Friends and family of the victim ask for help

PHOTO: Taken from Facebook

The friends and relatives of the attacked woman opened an account on the social network Go Fund Me under the name Help Disabled Sexual Assault Victim Rebuild (Help a Sexual Assault Victim Get Up) to help the victim move to another home because the place where she was raped no longer feels safe.

“Our relative has suffered an attack that is a nightmare” details the account in support of the disabled woman and explains that they opened the account to “help our beautiful mother … who was horribly attacked in a monstrous sexual attack” the account details crying out for help.

“He miraculously survived”

PHOTO: Taken from Facebook

The account explains that the aftermath of the attack that Raúl Alzaga perpetrated against the woman has left her marked, perhaps for life, physically and mentally. “By the grace of God she miraculously survived this horrible experience, but she will need many things to overcome it,” details the account asking for help.

“Now she is in need of a new home, new furniture, expenses for her lawyers, living expenses. If God puts in her heart the desire to help her in this time of need, we will deeply appreciate it ”ends the account that asks for urgent help for the victim of Raúl Alzaga.

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