Rapper Money Gang Vontae is gunned down in a Bronx pharmacy and it’s caught on camera

Rapper Money Gang Vontae is murdered. He was gunned down in a Bronx pharmacy. The terrible incident was caught on security video. MOMENTS...

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  • Rapper Money Gang Vontae is murdered.
  • He was gunned down in a Bronx pharmacy.
  • The terrible incident was caught on security video.

MOMENTS OF TERROR. On Friday, the last moments of rapper Money Gang Vontae, before being killed in a robbery, came to light. The young man was in a pharmacy when the assailants entered the place to steal a gold chain that he was wearing.

The video is from the pharmacy’s security footage. So far, it is known that there are four suspects who appear in the video where the rapper was shot and his gold chain was stolen. The rapper, originally from Los Angeles, was shopping at a pharmacy in the Bronx when the assault occurred.


Photo: Instagram

Avanti Frower, better known as Money Gang Vontae, was recently gunned down in a Bronx pharmacy. On Thursday, the 27-year-old rapper was shopping there when three suspects entered the premises and began the assault. Everything seems to indicate that the criminals went straight for the rapper, because he was the only one injured.

On Friday, the video recorded by the pharmacy’s security camera was released. The video shows the last moments of Frower’s life before he was brutally murdered. The images were obtained by the New York Post and, in them, the criminals can be seen savagely attacking the rapper.

What happened?

Money Gang rapper dies: What happened?
Photo: Twitter

In the video, a couple of men begin to violently attack Frower inside the Amazing Pharmacy on East Tremont Avenue, near Arthur Avenue, around 3:45 pm on Thursday. In the images, they can be seen beating him in order to take a gold chain and money belonging to the Los Angeles rapper, the New York Post indicated.

The situation escalated when the criminals took out a gun during the attack against Money Gang Vontae. In the images obtained by the media, one of the subjects can be seen shooting at the rapper in cold blood, killing him. While the incident was taking place, the pharmacy employees were hiding. Filed Under: Money Gang rapper dies

Can the attackers be identified?

Money Gang rapper dies: Are the attackers observed?
Photo: Instagram

In the images obtained by the New York Post, three subjects are seen viciously attacking the rapper. A portion of the video shows one of the suspects, who was wearing a white T-shirt and white du-rag, apparently struggling to grab something from Frower before three other criminals came running through the door.

Another of the images shows Frower on the ground, pushing past a swinging door to enter the area behind the counter, where one of the men hits him with a long umbrella, the New York Post reported. The pharmacy employees can be seen hiding under the counter. Filed Under: Money Gang rapper dies

“They made a mistake”

"they made a mistake"
Photo: Twitter

The father of Money Gang Vontae, Roger Frowner, 56, said that the people who assaulted his son and took his life will have to pay the consequences. He pointed out that they committed a crime in broad daylight because “they trusted their luck a lot.”

“They don’t need to be on the streets anymore, anymore! If they kill someone in broad daylight, inside a store, they’re treacherous. They made a mistake. They did the dumbest thing they could ever do. And I hope that God makes them pay for everything,” Roger Frowner told the New York Post when the video of his son’s murder was released.

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