Rapper Einar shot to death in Sweden

Rapper Einar killed in Sweden, he was shot several times They suggest that he had already received death threats They link crime to gang ...

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  • Rapper Einar killed in Sweden, he was shot several times
  • They suggest that he had already received death threats
  • They link crime to gang affair

Rapper Nils Gronberg, better known as Einar, was killed in Sweden. He was shot several times and authorities believe that it could be related to gang fights, so now the investigations are focused on it, according to a publication made by the news site Newsbreak.

Authorities confirmed that the singer was just 19 years old and that he was shot to death in the suburb of Hammarby south of central Stockholm and died there, police spokesman Ola Osterling told Swedish news agency TT.


Killed rapper Einar Sweden
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After the shooting, police officers are looking for two men as alleged perpetrators who allegedly shot the rapper and some media insist that the event had to do with gangs, but the motive for the crime is not clear.

Meanwhile, the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet revealed an indication that could be the cause of the attack on the young rapper and it is that they suggest that he had received several threats recently, so it is not ruled out that the fact could be a settling of accounts against him .


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The young singer was born in Stockholm and rose to fame at age 16 when his song “Katten i trakten” from his debut album “Forsta klass” topped the Swedish charts in 2019, giving his career a boost. He was very recognized and famous before his public.

Later he received the honors of the show with the award for the song of the year in 2019 and the award for the debutant of the year a year later, with which he gained ground and prestige in the musical world, due to his great talent and the love you had for your audience. Filed Under: Rapper Einar Sweden Killed


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In recent years Sweden, like many other countries, has seen an increase in organized crime activity and there have been several gang-related shootings in Stockholm, Goteborg and Malmo, which is why the police are still investigating the case.

Some images of the artist’s lying body circulate on social networks, which has generated sadness, helplessness and indignation, as the young man began to take off in his musical career, a very difficult achievement in these times of so much competition. Filed Under: Rapper Einar Sweden Killed


Killed rapper Einar Sweden
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The crime happened at night and the first images show the security forces who arrived at the scene after the report to the emergency line. Dozens of elements arrived aboard patrol cars and surrounded the crime scene in order to secure it.

They immediately put up yellow tape to establish the conflict zone and cut off civilians. Meanwhile, the investigating agents arrived to collect all evidence or testimony and be able to gather the necessary information to solve the case of the murdered rapper. Filed Under: Rapper Einar Sweden Killed

Killed rapper Einar Sweden: SHOT AT BLANK

Nils gronberg
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On social media, followers began to mourn his death and post images of the singer, and in some cases even photos of the corpse lying on the ground, but his face was not noticeable. The police still do not know the motives for the crime.

In some Twitter pages they assure that the crime was in the style of execution of organized crime and point blank, that is to say that they arrived only a few centimeters away, they shot their humanity, without giving them time to even react to the deadly aggression.

Killed rapper Einar Sweden: INVENTED KIDNAPPING?

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However, some rumors about the singer’s private life began to circulate on social media. In Julio Vacacela’s account @juliovacacela it is said that allegedly “in 2020 he was kidnapped and stabbed by masked men who stole his Rolex and his jewelry.”

And they explained that “he refused to cooperate with the police and faced rumors that he was only seeking notoriety.” However, this information is not official, but it is one of many that circulates on social networks about alleged problems with gangs in the area.


Killed rapper Einar Sweden
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In a similar assault case, a month ago it was reported that young rapper Nehemiah Lamar Harden known as SpotemGottem was seriously injured after a shooting in his vehicle occurred, for which he was immediately taken to hospital. Different versions claim that he has undergone surgery due to being shot in his legs, according to The Sun.

Rapper SpotemGottem was in critical condition after being shot in the city of Miami, the 19-year-old singer-songwriter was shot at least five times during a brawl that broke out on the southern stretch of Interstate 95 early on a Friday morning. Filed Under: Rapper Einar Sweden Killed

Killed rapper Einar Sweden: TAKEN FOR A SURPRISE

Nils gronberg
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The events occurred at dawn on a Friday around 3:00 am, when the young artist was in his vehicle with his driver, and another car approached him and began shooting at him. The singer was shot in both legs while his driver suffered a hip injury.

Through social networks, the rapper SpotemGottem’s legal advisor confirmed the tragic shooting in a statement to Complex, adding that the young man is already “out of surgery and in stable condition.” So the 19-year-old apparently is out of danger after being shot in his legs.

Killed rapper Einar Sweden: 22 SHOTS FIRED

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Until that moment, the reasons why the other vehicle began to shoot the singer had not been confirmed, but the investigations were already in process. The vehicle was reportedly shot at least 22 times to the driver’s side.

Apparently the 19-year-old young rapper, SpotemGottem, has some criminal record, since last July he was arrested in Florida on assault and weapons charges. So maybe he is involved in businesses that are prohibited and for that reason he was shot.


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The 19-year-old was wanted for allegedly breaking open a parking garage door and pointing a rifle at someone who tried to stop him in June. He was detained without incident after US marshals tracked him to the hotel, where they found him lying next to him. to an AK-47.

Last August, police officers tried to locate the rapper to discuss a homicide that occurred the previous year. It is believed that SpotemGottem “may have information” on that murder, due to the fact that several weapons were found in his possession. Filed Under: Rapper Einar Sweden Killed

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