Historic rains damage border wall as Henri unleashes tornado and floods

Heavy summer rains have caused severe damage to the border wall in Arizona. The rains damaged at least five gates that are part of the bo...

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  • Heavy summer rains have caused severe damage to the border wall in Arizona.
  • The rains damaged at least five gates that are part of the border wall.
  • In addition, Henri unleashed three tornadoes and major floods in the northeastern United States.

Heavy summer rains have caused serious damage to the border wall along the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona, damaging several metal gates on the border between that state and Mexico, reported the Efe news agency.

“For a long time we have warned about the damage that the border wall causes to the environment and this is just further proof,” LaiKen Jordahl, an expert on the border environment at the Center for Biological Diversity, told EFE on Monday.

Rains cause serious damage to the border wall

Photo: Twitter

Video images and photographs that circulate on social networks show the torrents of water caused by the intense rains registered in this region during the last week, to see the video click HERE.

The border wall near the town of Douglas, Arizona, became an artificial barrier that succumbed to the force of the water and the debris it carries, such as dirt and brush. The rains damaged at least five gates that are part of the border wall, which gave way under the impact of the flood and were left hanging open, supported only by hinges.

Rains can be deadly

arizona border wall
Photo: Twitter

This damage was caused by rains that have been classified as “historic” after a long period of drought. “We cannot control nature. Fortunately there are no houses and there was no one in the vicinity when these gates gave way ”, emphasized Jordahl.

Rains that occur in the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico during the North American monsoon season, which runs from July to September, can be deadly and cause flash flooding. The force of the water is such that in its path it drags everything, including vehicles.

It is not the first time it happens

heavy rains cause damage
Photo: Getty

This is not the first time that a segment of the border wall has been damaged by the rains in Arizona. In 2008 the natural phenomenon caused a segment of the barrier to become a dam, trapping water and debris and causing serious flooding on both sides of the border in Nogales.

During the presidential administration of Donald Trump (2017-2021), more than 400 miles (640 kilometers) of border wall with Mexico were built, the vast majority on the Arizona border. The Trump Administration ignored warnings from environmental advocates and built within national parks and on ceremonial sites of the Tohono O’odham indigenous people.

They ask that the wall be torn down

arizona border wall
Photo: Getty

“Nature is only fighting this strange object (the wall), which does not belong here,” Jordahl said. Currently an order from President Joe Biden keeps the construction of the border wall suspended and contracts that were still pending have been canceled.

Environmental defenders have requested that segments of the wall be torn down to restore the flow of animals and prevent future floods. For its part, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said in a statement that it is evaluating the damage.

Henri wreaks havoc

henri storm
Photo: AP

Henri unleashed at least three tornadoes Monday after more thunderstorms hit New England and left severe flooding in New York. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), a tornado hit Berlin, Massachusetts, shortly after noon on Monday and residents were urged to take shelter.

The tornado was reportedly traveling at 15 mph and no major damage or injuries were reported. A second tornado struck Marlborough, Massachusetts, two hours later, knocking over a tree over two cars, but there were no injuries. The third hit Stow shortly after 1 p.m. Monday, again knocking down a tree and some branches, he reported. The Sun.

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