Rapper R5 Homixide dies, murder suspected

Rapper R5 Homixide dies, it’s suspected to have been a suicide. Friends pay tribute to him on social media. The artist was based in...

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  • Rapper R5 Homixide dies, it’s suspected to have been a suicide.
  • Friends pay tribute to him on social media.
  • The artist was based in Atlanta and the investigation is ongoing.

Rapper R5 Homixide dies, it’s suspected it was a suicide, authorities are investigating the case and his friends pay him tribute on social media, with some farewell messages, reported the news site The Sun.

The preliminary report indicates that the artist died at night at the age of 24 and it was through Twitter that many people confirmed the tragic news, since it was the immediacy of the network that allowed the case to be immediately known.


Rapper R5 Homixide dies
Photo Twitter

Immediately his friends, family and followers sent farewell messages as a tribute, since he was considered an “amazing artist” in the world of music, for which he had thousands of followers on social networks.

In addition, on Instagram, friends and acquaintances shared dozens of photographs and anecdotes that lived next to the rapper, which further shocked the community, which did not miss the opportunity to remember the singer.

Rapper R5 Homixide Dies: WAS HIS DEATH PRESENT?

According to what was published by The Sun, it was the Rap Alerts Twitter page that he tweeted after hearing the tragic news from show business: “Atlanta rapper R5 Homixide has passed away after he reportedly committed suicide. #RIP ”.

Curiously, a month before his death, the singer launched a message about death. Could it be that he already sensed it? He said the following in an interview: “Lavida is a Grand Theft car every day, you may or may not make it home.”

R5 Homixide rapper dies: accusations expire

Photo Twitter

In that same interview, the rapper confessed how he managed to get out of a complaint for murder and other crimes that were accused of what was a great incentive for his followers who began to see him as an example.

“Coming to Atlanta specifically at Bankhead and Eastside, transitioning to street music and staying independent, moving like a rapper, and the importance of self-confidence,” he said.

Rapper R5 Homixide dies: “TAKE ME WITH YOUR TWIN”

Instagram photo

Additionally, fellow rapper Problem Child 5 posted a photo of the couple with the caption, “Who went to watch my back now? Take me with your twin ”along with a series of emojis of broken hearts on the networks.

This photograph is one of the most viewed since it is also a very moving video that has caused a sensation among all the fans and followers of the singer, because he looks happy and in a very calm and peaceful way.

Rapper R5 Homixide Dies: RAPERS KILLED

Rapper R5 Homixide dies
Photo Twitter

Recently, the deaths of rappers have shocked the world, as a few days ago the rappers David Turner, 45, and Odion Turner, 42, better known as 12 O’Clock and Murdock, of the Brooklyn Zu group, were murdered, reported Mirror’s news portal.

Preliminary reports indicated that the singers were linked to the Wu Tang clan and that both were shot dead. Portland police reported that according to medical examiner reports, the two had gunshot wounds.


Photo Twitter

The shooting happened around 5:30 in the morning on Tuesday, four more people were injured in the skirmish, one of whom was hospitalized and his health is reported as serious, waiting to improve over the course of the days.

The authorities gathered all the evidence of the place as well as testimonies to be able to find those responsible for the crimes of the Brooklyn Zu group, however, until a few days ago no more was known about him or them, so the following days would be decisive. Filed Under: Rapper R5 Homixide Dies


Rapper R5 Homixide dies
Photo Twitter

Young Dirty Bastard, the son of rap legend Wu Tang Ol ‘Dirty Bastard, was the one who paid tribute to the victims through a heartfelt recognition on social media and this is what he wrote upon hearing the tragic news.

“Rip 12 o’clock. Rip Murdock. My parents were the closest blood ties. My two older cousins ​​were murdered. I love Yalll. Blood Forever. Brooklyn Zu, ”he wrote when he received many messages of encouragement. Filed Under: Rapper R5 Homixide Dies


Photo Twitter

The police were investigating a surveillance video of the area where the shooting was reported and it can be seen how the singer is fired on board a car and immediately leaves at full speed after the attack.

Oregon Live reported that Stephon Turner, Odion’s brother, confessed in his statement that the two victims were in an RV trailer with Odion, suddenly a person knocked on the door and asked for a cigarette. Filed Under: Rapper R5 Homixide Dies


Photo Twitter

Act later, that person fired shots at the two singing stars 12 O’Clock and Murdock, which is why the younger brother of Hate Turner fell on the floor, since he was in the back. According to the first statements of Stephon Turner, the double murder could have been due to “jealousy, lust, hatred and greed”.

Police investigating officers work hard to find out the identity of the person responsible and find his whereabouts. These homicides of 12 O’Clock and Murdock correspond to numbers 57 and 58 this year in Portland, a number that already exceeds those registered in 2020. Filed under: Rapper R5 Homixide dies


Photo Shutterstock

Divine Turner was not far behind and through Instagram, she broke the news that her father was murdered and posted the following message: “So I am out of town, far from home, on business and I receive the call that they murdered me. dad. I do not know what to do.”

The man placed the following title in a very sad way to publicize the news that shook the world of entertainment because of what happened to the group Brooklyn Zu: “It’s a sad day for me … They murdered my father in #Oregon” . He received dozens of responses. Filed Under: Rapper R5 Homixide Dies

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