Quino, Mafalda’s “father”, dies at 88

Quino, the creator of the endearing character of Mafalda, died today at the age of 88 The world of culture mourns the death of the Argent...

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  • Quino, the creator of the endearing character of Mafalda, died today at the age of 88
  • The world of culture mourns the death of the Argentine artist Joaquín Salvador Lavado
  • He died in Mendoza, Argentina, Tuesday September 30, 2020

Mafalda is in mourning. And with her all the characters in the philosophical comic strips by Joaquín Salvador Lavado. Quino, as everyone knew him, has died at 88.

The world-famous cartoonist son of Spaniards who emigrated to Argentina died in Mendoza, Argentina.

Quino, like Mafalda, had his gifts early in life. At the age of 13 he enrolled in Fine Arts, but in 1949 he left the career “tired of drawing amphorae and plasters”, according to what he himself said in different interviews throughout his career.

From that moment on, he decided to dedicate himself to what he liked the most and what made him world famous, to be a humorous cartoonist. In 1954 he published his first strip in the weekly ‘This is’.

Since then, his vignettes, drawings and comic strips have appeared in newspapers and magazines in America and Europe.

With the 1976 coup in Argentina, the comedian went into exile in Milan. In 1990 he adopted Spanish nationality and has also alternated residence between Madrid and Buenos Aires.

But it was his “artistic daughter” the philosophical and tender Mafalda who gave him glory from 1964 to 1973, although the stories of the iconic girl have been replicated around the world to this day.

Mafalda was born, actually, as a character for a frustrated ad campaign.

But the little question had something to do with it, because her first strip was published on September 29, 1964 in the weekly ‘Planeta’ and she no longer left Quino’s hand until 1973, when the master of graphic drawing stopped drawing it.

Quino, creator of Mafalda, dies at 88 in Argentina

When that moment arrived, Quino continued drawing, but for an adult audience, with a more acid and black humor. His last most prominent titles were What an unpresentable present! (2005), The Adventure of Eating (2007) and Who is there? (2013).

During his last active years, Quino published mainly in the Argentine newspaper Clarín.

He still drew Mafalda a little more due to the request made to him in support of charitable campaigns launched by UNICEF or the Government of Argentina.

This is what he did after the failed 1987 coup against President Raúl Alfonsín, when he put the slogan in the girl’s mouth: “Yes to democracy! Yes to justice! Yes to freedom! Yes to life!”.

However, Mafalda never stopped being reprinted and remains in force today.

“Cinchona. Rest in peace ”- Twitter @aracelibs

Quino, creator of Mafalda, dies at 88 in Argentina

This character reflects a view of the adult world seen from the eyes of a rebellious, questioning, environmentalist girl concerned about peace and human rights.

Mafalda has awakened the smiles of millions for almost 60 years and will always continue to do so, in the company of her friends Manolito, Felipe, Susanita and Libertad, each of them with their own peculiar characteristics reflecting a very emblematic type of “adult children”.

Mafalda’s comics came to Europe in 1969 thanks to the Prince of Asturias Award Umberto Eco, who defined her as an “angry heroine”.

The sayings of the little contestant have been translated into fifteen languages ​​and have been published in newspapers and magazines around the world … as well as being an emblem of many T-shirts with their sweet, funny and critical messages.

Today Mafalda is in mourning… and so are we.

Quino, creator of Mafalda, dies at 88 in Argentina

“Few things are as sad as Quino is gone” – Twitter @RSilvaRomero

Quino, creator of Mafalda, dies at 88 in Argentina

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