Quinceañera of death! Teen celebrates without knowing the tragedy that was coming upon her family

Family party turns into tragedy in Argentina After celebrating a birthday party, mother and 7 uncles of the quinceañera die They were inf...

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  • Family party turns into tragedy in Argentina
  • After celebrating a birthday party, mother and 7 uncles of the quinceañera die
  • They were infected with coronavirus and none had received the vaccine

Quinceañera of death. A family in Argentina experiences a tragedy after attending a birthday party. The quinceañera never imagined that this would be the last time she would see her mother and seven of her uncles alive. People died of coronavirus.

Apparently, the quinceañera party was where the infections occurred, and according to different media reports, none had been vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. The events took place in the municipality of Coronel Moldes, in the province of Salta, in Argentina.

Quinceañera of death: The mother and uncles of the celebrant die

Quinceañera of death: Party ends in disgrace
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As reported in various media, including cba24n.com.ar, the people who died were between 65 and 80 years old, all were brothers of the mother of the young birthday girl and had attended the celebration that took place in Coronel Moldes, 70 kilometers south of the provincial city.

Bernardo Biella, the doctor who treated them, reported that the clandestine meeting occurred four weeks ago and after 14 days the coronavirus infections began to register. “The first was that of the girl’s mother (for whom the 15-year celebration was held) and then the uncles began to have symptoms …”.

Quinceañera of death: 7 of the 9 siblings die

Quinceañera of death: 8 people die
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The doctor continued explaining: “One of them was admitted to intensive care, but 48 hours ago … (on Wednesday) seven of the nine brothers who attended the party had died.” He reported that there was no person vaccinated against the coronavirus among those who attended the party in Coronel Moldes.

It was reported that two other brothers continue to be admitted to the Hospital Papa Francisco, as announced by the C5N media, which made a report at the scene of the events and explained that in the place where the 15-year party was held, it is a tourist site where several meetings are held. WATCH VIDEO HERE

Quinceañera of death: “It is a virus that circulates more aggressive”

Quinceañera of death: Grief for various losses
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“It is a virus that circulates more aggressive and is transmitted faster,” warned the health specialist. So far it is unknown if there were more people infected at the 15-year party by coronavirus. These types of parties are held clandestinely.

As published MillenniumOmar Carrasco, municipal president of Coronel Moldes, where the party took place, assured in an interview that “other clandestine parties” had already been detected, but said that none “of this magnitude”, as it left 8 people dead.

Quinceañera of Death: Clandestine Parties

Quinceañera of death
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For his part, José Luis López, chief of the local police, assured that: “We have no record of a situation of this magnitude.” While the Salta Security Ministry reported that the police intervened 42 clandestine parties in one weekend.

They announced that in April “a total of 121 clandestine parties were closed in the province and so far this year 419”. The people who organize or participate in the celebrations can be sanctioned with fines of around 28 thousand pesos.

Quinceañera of death: Alert for second wave of contagion

Quinceañera of Death: Bitter Experience
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Jump Argentina is on alert for the increase in coronavirus cases that have occurred in the middle of the second wave of infections. The entire provincial territory is under a health protocol, which restricts the movement of people at certain times and prohibits mass social gatherings.

Last week, Elena Cornejo, wife of the governor of Salta, Gustavo Sáenz, tested positive for coronavirus, for which the president was isolated for being close contact. The episode occurred a few hours after President Alberto Fernández’s visit to that province.

On alert for health risk

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Currently, there are 16 departments at health risk in Salta, while four are still on epidemiological alert, according to the update of data from the Ministry of Public Health on the levels of transmission of the coronavirus in the province.

According to the newspaper La Nación, the general director of Epidemiological Coordination of Salta, Analía Acevedo, reported that the departments of the capital, Cerrillos, La Caldera and Rosario de Lerma, which make up Greater Salta, are on epidemiological and health alert.

Cities with high risk of Covd-19 infections

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The official also reported that the departments with a high risk of transmission of SARS-COV-2 are Cafayate, Güemes, Chicoana, Metán, La Candelaria, Rosario de la Frontera, Orán, La Viña, Santa Victoria, Iruya, San Carlos, Anta, Guachipas, Cachi, Molinos and Rivadavia.

The departments of medium epidemiological risk are General San Martín and Los Andes; while La Poma is classified within the category of low health risk. He pointed out that in order to carry out the epidemiological evaluation of each department, the incidence and reason for the cases.

Cases registered in the pandemic

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Since the beginning of the pandemic in Argentina, the province of Salta has recorded 58,820 coronavirus infections and 1,718 deaths. As of June 26, the government reported that 21 infected died: 12 men, eight women and one person for whom no gender data was provided.

The issue of the coronavirus continues to cause concern throughout the world, as demonstrated by the president of the United States, Joe Biden, who made explosive statements about this new variant of the coronavirus and explained what could happen to this variant.

Issues warning about delta variant of coronavirus

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US President Joe Biden warned that the delta variant of the coronavirus will do “a lot of damage” in some areas of the United States if the vaccination campaign is not advanced soon, which has slowed down in recent weeks, says Efe.

“We will not have to confine anything, but in some areas it will do a lot of damage” the delta variant, Biden said in statements to the press at the White House according to Efe. That variant was first identified in India.

Delta variant

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According to the Efe news agency, it is more contagious, and already accounts for 10% of all COVID-19 cases detected in the United States, indicated this week the country’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its acronym in English).

Although that proportion is still small, health authorities in the United States are very concerned that the situation in the United Kingdom will be repeated, where the delta variant is already prevalent and has delayed plans to reopen that country.

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