After rumors of illness, Queen Elizabeth II appears twice on palace balcony

Queen Isabell II appears twice on the palace balcony. UK is partying after jubilee festivities. The famous Troping The Color was held thi...

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  • Queen Isabell II appears twice on the palace balcony.
  • UK is partying after jubilee festivities.
  • The famous Troping The Color was held this Thursday.

SHE APPEARS IN PUBLIC AGAIN! After rumors of illness, this Thursday Queen Elizabeth appeared at the annual Trooping The Color celebration, where she was seen smiling and showing great affection for her youngest great-grandchildren. They were all celebrating the queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

On the royal balcony, only the members who fulfill a function with the royalty could stand next to the beloved Queen. This included: Prince Charles and Camila Parker, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Anne of England, among other royal members. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were present but not on the balcony.


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On Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II appeared at the jubilee celebrations and people were surprised by how good she looked. Wearing a classic blue suit, complete with matching hat, she was seen as her Royal Highness enjoyed Trooping The Color in the company of her family members and even gave directions to a beaming 4-year-old Prince Louis.

The platinum jubilee kicked off to make way for four days of partying in the UK. Queen Elizabeth II, in recent months, has been missing several royal commitments, making way for her son Prince Charles, to attend them on her behalf. For this reason, rumors have been swirling about a possible illness that could cause her to step down from the throne.

Queen Elizabeth II’s “first time”?

Platinum Jubilee: Does the "first time" of Queen Elizabeth II?
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Queen Elizabeth II was greeted from the balcony, as lines of British soldiers passed below and honored her Royal Highness. Trooping the Color is one of the biggest celebrations in which the entire royal family participates during the military march. Usually, Queen Elizabeth II, her children, her confederates in the military, and grandchildren, accompany them.

Queen Elizabeth II posed next to her cousin Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, 86. In previous years, Prince Philip used to accompany her, until a year ago, when he passed away. The duke is the highest-ranking royal member of her Royal Highness generation and has sometimes replaced her, USA Today reported. Filed Under: Platinum Jubilee

Avoiding the awkward presence of Prince Andrew?

To avoid the awkward presence of Prince Andrew?
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The queen, who wore a dark dove blue gown designed by Angela Kelly, was joined on the balcony by more than a dozen royals, though not Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, who have stepped down from top-line royal duties. The couple traveled to London from their California home with their two young children to take part in the celebrations quietly, and watched Thursday’s Trooping the Color with other family members, the AP reported.

They did not appear on the balcony of the palace, because the monarch decided that only the working members of the royal family should have that honor. The decision also conveniently excluded Prince Andrew, who has stepped away from public duties amid controversy over his ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, according to USA Today.

“We can just enjoy really celebrating the queen”

"we enjoy the day"
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In statements, Hillary Mathews, a local, spoke about the meaning of this celebration with the British people. The woman stressed that the celebration occurs at a time when they can forget about the horrors that have been seen around the world in order to have a day of tranquility and celebration.

“Everyone has the same mission,” said Hillary Mathews, 70, who had come from Hertfordshire, outside London. “All the horrors that’s been going on in the world and in England at the moment are put behind us for a day, and we can just enjoy really celebrating the queen,” the woman said in an interview, according to the AP.

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