Puerto Rico will receive funds for electricity grid 3 years late

Help Puerto Rico. The Trump administration announced that it will provide $ 13 billion in aid to the island three years after Maria The a...

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  • Help Puerto Rico. The Trump administration announced that it will provide $ 13 billion in aid to the island three years after Maria
  • The announcement has generated criticism because it should have been delivered long ago and they highlight the political purposes of the move as it occurred before the elections
  • Florida, one of the decisive states in the November presidential election, has a significant Puerto Rican population

Help Puerto Rico. The government of President Donald Trump announced on Friday that it will provide nearly $ 13 billion in aid to Puerto Rico to rebuild the electricity grid and repair schools after the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria three years ago, amid criticism that the assistance should have surrendered a long time ago and is only being released right now for political purposes.

The announcement comes as Trump, who has hesitated to provide assistance to the island, and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden seek to attract votes in Florida, a state with a large population of Puerto Ricans – including many who fled the United States. destruction of Maria. Florida is a key state in the presidential election.

Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vázquez thanked Trump and the government for delivering the funds, one of the largest sums provided by the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for disaster relief. .

“Working as a team pays off,” Vázquez said in a series of tweets.

Democratic Representative Nydia M. Velázquez of New York said the timing was noteworthy, three years after the storm destroyed Puerto Rico’s power grid and caused the longest blackout in US history.

“The Trump administration delayed and resisted allocating those much-needed funds,” said Velázquez, who was born in Puerto Rico. “Now, forty-six days before the election, the administration finally finds it appropriate to release those funds.”

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Trump has persistently opposed providing additional aid, saying the island had already received too much and that he was concerned the money would be wasted or wasted.

After the storm passed, the president had a public dispute with the mayor of San Juan for her criticism of his government’s response. Trump angered many by throwing rolls of paper towels at a crowd during a visit to a church on the island. This year, Democrats posted a picture of the scene on a billboard in Kissimee, a heavily populated Puerto Rican city in central Florida.

Democratic leader Tom Pérez says Puerto Rican vote in Florida will be final

The president of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Tom Pérez, said this Friday that Puerto Ricans “are going to make a difference” in the contested presidential elections in Florida and described as late that until today the government of Donald Trump awarded millionaire funds for the island, three years after the destruction left by Hurricane Maria.

During a virtual forum on the situation faced by Puerto Ricans on the island and those who moved to central Florida after the devastation and death caused by Hurricane María, Pérez moderated a discussion in which Congressman Darren Soto and the former secretary of Julián Castro Housing, among other Democratic leaders.

For Soto, it is “cynical” and a “political plot” that after so long the government of President Trump offers resources for the reconstruction of the island a few weeks before the presidential elections in which he will face Democrat Joe Biden.

“Where has he been these three years?” Asked the congressman of Puerto Rican origin.

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced today to the Government of Puerto Rico the allocation of 13,000 million dollars in federal funds to rebuild its electricity grid and repair educational structures, the largest ever granted by that US agency.

“His Administration failed Puerto Rico when Hurricane Maria made landfall and people desperately needed help, and throughout the recovery process,” Pérez lamented.

The Democratic leader was distrustful that these resources are really effective.

“Puerto Ricans will not be fooled by their empty promises: the deaths, suffering and struggles that Puerto Ricans still face are a constant reminder that Trump has been talking a lot but doing very little,” he said.

Castro said for his part that Trump “has failed” the Puerto Ricans after the devastation of María, which has caused a serious housing crisis to which are now added the possible evictions due to unemployment due to COVID-19, and called to Puerto Ricans and Hispanics to vote for Biden who “does have a plan”.

The island, which this territory and the US Commonwealth, struggles to recover from Maria, which caused nearly 3,000 deaths, with some 23,000 people still homeless.

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The president of the DNC recalled that three years have passed of treating Puerto Ricans as “second-class citizens” since Trump went to “throw away paper towels” after the hurricane.

Congressman Soto recalled that Puerto Ricans both on the island and those settled in central Florida, especially in the area of ​​the city of Orlando, face serious problems of housing and unemployment, among others.

Private sector employment in that central and tourist region, where theme parks are located, decreased by 118,600 jobs during the year, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity reported today.

The agency detailed that the unemployment rate in this region was 11% in August, 7.9 percentage points more than a year ago.

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