Provocatively dressed woman arrives at her son’s school and is prohibited from entering (VIDEO)

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Provocatively dressed woman arrives at her son’s school and is prohibited from entering (VIDEO)
  • A provocative woman arrives at her son’s school.
  • The mother is prohibited from entering because of her clothing.
  • “See how much I enjoy your criticism,” the woman replies.

Woman is prohibited from entering. Appearance is the basis for success, this phrase is heard very often in different places where people’s clothing is taken into account. There are even certain campaigns that seek to end this discrimination and much has been said in this regard lately.


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Through social networks, a video has already gone viral, due to the discrimination that a woman who was going to pick up her son from school suffered because of her clothing. The events occurred in Colombia, where the mother of a small child reported that she was not allowed to enter the school because of the way she was dressed.

Woman does not enter her son’s school because of the way they dress

Women's clothing prohibited entry

It turns out that the worker of an Educational Institution, prohibits the entrance to a mother of a family who went to school for her son. The reason she was not allowed in was because of the provocative appearance that the woman was wearing at the time.

This recording has generated several criticisms among the followers of social networks, because many say that it is a total discrimination for women who, as can be seen in the video, wears a very low-cut white top-style blouse. There were also those who criticized the way of dressing.

Women’s clothing prohibited entry: “You don’t have to come like this”

Women's clothing is prohibited from entering:

In the clip you can see how the female protagonist argues with what appears to be an employee of the Educational Institution, because they do not allow her to enter the building. A man who was also in the place denounced the act of an employee who did not let the boy’s mother pass.

“You don’t have to come like this”, you can hear how they say to the woman who was dressed very provocatively. Immediately another subject who is the one who recorded the discussion asks the employee to show him the regulation where it says that parents cannot enter dressed like this.

Women’s clothing prohibited entry: He achieved his goal

Women's clothing is prohibited from entering:

After a long discussion, the woman whose name is Isabel Castro, originally from Colombia, finally managed to enter the school thanks to the support of the other parents, who consider it discrimination to prohibit someone from entering just because of the way they dress.

“He tells me that, ‘if you come to an institution like that, you don’t have to come like this,” said the mother of the family on her social networks, telling how she was denied entry to the Institution. Now Isabel is already a celebrity on her Instagram account, since due to this video her number of followers increased considerably.

Women’s clothing prohibited entry: Send them a message

Women's clothing prohibited entry: Send them a message

The mother of the family better known as Isabel Castro quickly became an influencer in the social networks, due to the large number of followers he got in such a short time. She also took the opportunity to send a message to all haters who attacked her for her clothing.

“Look how I enjoy your criticism, muakk”, was the text that the mother wrote in her Instagram video, which accompanies a very sensual dance that has been liked by several Internet users who support her. This video has gotten a lot of reactions, earning compliments and compliments. “They tell me, you dress well because you have 3 children and you must set an example,” he added in another recording. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE .

Women’s clothing prohibited entry: The story of James Flores

Man Cancels Child Marriage: The James Flores Story
Photo: Facebook

Formerly a young man from Nuevo León, Mexico, went viral after he revealed the story of his failed engagement, due to a reason that caused his Facebook comments to explode: his fiancee did not want to take care of their children. There were no infidelities, no cheating, just that she did not want to be aware of her partner’s children.

James Flores became known for promoting a wedding package on his Facebook page that included everything from the salon, food, drinks and everything necessary for the celebration, since the wedding had been canceled and he did not want to talk more about it. theme. In a short time he managed to sell the package and in his announcement on social networks, he mentioned the reason why he had broken the commitment. Filed Under: Man Cancels Children Marriage

Women’s clothing prohibited entry: The wedding package

Man Cancels Marriage Children: The Wedding Package
Photo: Facebook

In his Facebook account, James Flores offered his contacts to sell a wedding package, because their engagement had been broken and he did not want to lose the money invested, so the best way to get it back was by selling the organization of the event and what was included, so several users took on the task of sharing the publication and making more people find out about the offer.

“Transfer of the wedding in the Europa room for 200 people, from $ 86,000 to $ 60,000, for Saturday October 16 includes: two-course menu, soft drinks, a bottle of cider, 21 room cards,“ viki ”pastry cake, candy table, fireworks , vampire pineapple and whiskey drinks, letters “LOVE”, light. If they are offered I also have: $ 2,500 church in Santo Tomás de Moro which is in Plutarco, photographs for church, room $ 7,000 to $ 4,000, 5 hours of event (8 pm to 1 am), you can change it from 7 to 12, more information by inbox. ”, the young man wrote through his profile and that publication was shared 5.4 thousand times. Filed Under: Prohibited entry of women attire

“I already recovered the 60 thousand pesos”

man cancels marriage children: "I already recovered the 60 thousand pesos"
Photo: Facebook

People were aware of what had happened, for this reason the young man explained on his social networks that he had finally been able to sell the wedding package and had recovered part of the money that he ended up spending on the wedding planning, in addition to thanking to the people who had shared his post, as well as adding a photograph with the couple who had purchased what he bought.

“I have already recovered 60,000 pesos, thank you all very much for your support. GOD BLESS YOU. There is no wedding but I got to meet a lot of people … right now I will tell you what was the reason for the cancellation. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW BRIDES! ” He published attaching an image with the couple and the money he had been able to recover. Filed Under: Prohibited entry of women attire

The controversial video

man cancels marriage children: The controversial video
Photo: Facebook

A few minutes later, the young man shared a video with the couple who had bought him the wedding package on his Facebook account and thanked him again for helping him to share the publication and he was able to recover the money he had already spent on planning the wedding. the reception, in addition to telling the reasons that led to the breakdown of that relationship.

“I am very happy because those who bought the wedding have already arrived, Alán and Lui. I am very grateful, I wish you a beautiful wedding, a long married life, please do not fight! I, in my case, it was not possible, it was not possible. And the truth is, I was sad, but thanks to you, I was encouraged, they made my day since yesterday that this went viral. I already got my money back, my 60 thousand pesos (3 thousand dollars), unfortunately, many people wanted to know my story, I didn’t want to, right. ” Filed Under: Prohibited entry of women attire

“I am very much in love”

man cancels marriage children: "I am very in love"
Photo: Facebook

The young man in the first part of the video comments that he is still in love with the one who was to be his wife, but for reasons the wedding could no longer be held, although he deeply appreciates the gestures of support from the people who came to write and comment. that he should continue with the party, even if there was no girlfriend, James took it as a joke and with a good sense of humor.

“I really love the one who was my future wife, I’m very much in love, in fact there she is, she doesn’t want to go out. But, well, I already got my money back, there are many people who are asking for marriage, there are many people who are giving me support, many people who tell me to do the event, well I will do the event, right. Only no girlfriend, so what. But I’m going to tell you the story. ”, Mentioned the young man. Filed Under: Prohibited entry of women attire

“I wanted a mother for my children”

"I wanted a mother for my children"
Photo: Facebook

In the two minutes that the video lasts, James Flores alludes that his wedding could not take place since the young woman who was his fiancée did not commit to taking care of his children and that he was looking for someone who will want to be their mother , and when he did not see that desire in the young woman, he defined that the best thing would be to break the commitment.

“Well, we had a dating relationship, I have three separate children. I am looking for a mother who loves my children, and unfortunately she did not support me with my children. I did not give them the attention that I wanted from a mother for their children. And if she doesn’t love my children, then I can’t agree to marry her. ”James confessed to the users who watched the video. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE



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