Prosecutors warn Trump could ‘do this again’ if acquitted

Prosecutors warn Trump could ‘do this again’ if acquitted Trump faces third day of impeachment against him Democratic prosecu...

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  • Prosecutors warn Trump could ‘do this again’ if acquitted
  • Trump faces third day of impeachment against him
  • Democratic prosecutors have caused a stir with their statements

Democratic senators warn that Trump could “do this again,” referring to the attack on Capitol Hill if he was not convicted in the second impeachment against him.

They said that if acquitted he could cause violence or serve as an inspiration to other officials or leaders in the future, Efe indicates.

To this end, the “prosecutors” emphasized the lack of remorse shown by Trump before the assault on the Capitol on January 6 to request his disqualification from holding public office in the future.

Trump trial acquitted, Democratic senators


Trump “spread lies to incite the violent attack against the Capitol, our security forces and all of us, and then he lied back to his base to tell them that it was all right, that this was all acceptable,” said one of the senators, Ted. Lieu, during his speech in the Senate.

Trump’s ‘lack of remorse’

“And that is why President Trump is so dangerous, because he would make all of us, all Americans believe that any president can come after him and do the exact same thing,” he added.

Trump trial acquitted, Democratic senators

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For this reason, Lieu considered that “the lack of remorse is an important factor in the impeachment trial, because a political trial, a conviction, a disqualification is not only about the past, it is about the future, it is to make sure that no official in the future nor does any president do exactly the same as President Trump. “

During this day the nine Democratic senators will complete their allegations before giving way to the defense arguments, which will begin tomorrow, Friday.

The former president is accused of being ‘the chief inciter’

The indictment on Wednesday focused on proving, based on videos, that Trump resigned from his role as commander-in-chief to become “the inciter-in-chief of a dangerous insurrection.”

Trump trial acquitted, Democratic senators


While this Thursday he focused on his alleged absence of remorse, and it is that, for Democrats, said lack of remorse “shows without a doubt” that Trump will cause damage in the future if he is allowed to be president again.

Trump faces the charge of having incited an insurrection in the assault on the Capitol by a mob of his followers.

Prosecutors say ‘inciting violence’ is a Trump pattern

Beyond the events of that day, the Democratic “prosecutors” focused this Thursday on proving that Trump had long been encouraging his followers to violence, long before the attack.

“January 6 was a culmination of the president’s actions, not an aberration of them,” he said. Jamie Raskin, leader of the Democratic senators in charge of the trial.

Raskin noted that “the insurrection was the most violent and dangerous episode to date in Donald Trump’s continued practice and pattern of inciting violence.”

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Meanwhile, the defense attorney, Bruce castor, insisted on statements to the television network CNN that none of the protesters has acknowledged that the former president ordered them to enter.

“Is there anyone who said that they heard directly from President Trump (say that)?” He questioned, according to Efe.

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Trump’s defense prepares

The Trump defense he is now preparing to explain his arguments as of Friday, and has already warned that it will not take long.

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Despite the fact that each of the parties has 16 hours over two days to present their allegations.

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“It will be as short as possible,” said another of the former president’s lawyers, David Schoen, in an interview with Fox News.

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