Priscila Ángel boasts a low-cut blouse and followers make her husband the Reckless “jealous” (PHOTO)

Priscila Ángel appears in a fitted golden blouse At 43, the woman boasts a first-class body Followers make Daredevil “jealous”...

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FOTO: Mezcalent.
  • Priscila Ángel appears in a fitted golden blouse
  • At 43, the woman boasts a first-class body
  • Followers make Daredevil “jealous” with their flattery for Priscila

“For the Daredevil to rage.” Priscila Ángel, wife of Daredevil Gustavo Ángel, appears in the photograph posing with a low-cut gold-colored blouse and followers comment to make the singer “jealous”.

At more than 40 years of age, Priscila Ángel has become the envy of many women for the incredible body that the Daredevil’s wife boasts on social networks, which is subjected to rigorous exercises and eating plans to preserve that figure while natural.

After this, it was just a few hours ago when the Daredevil’s wife published a photograph on her official Instagram account, where she appeared with a fitted gold-colored low-cut blouse, which provoked, as usual, various comments about it.

Priscila Ángel low-cut blouse

PHOTO: Instagram. Priscilla Angel

In the publication, it is possible to observe Priscila Ángel leaning against what seems to be a wall very similar to that of her photo shoot for her sports brand Pris Fit, This is because the wall was filled with various strong and vivid colors.

However, what attracted the most attention was the incredible figure and face of “youth” that the 43-year-old woman boasts, since the Daredevil’s wife appeared with a fitted blouse in gold tone and with neckline, causing his figure to be accentuated even more in the photograph.

On the other hand, Priscila Ángel posed with a slight smile for the camera, turning sideways to give the best angle to the image.

At the bottom of the photograph, Priscila Ángel wrote a message of reflection, where she asked her more than 200 thousand followers to continue persevering until they became the human being that they want to do:

“How do you become the person you want to be? It begins being so today, do not wait for tomorrow, do not wait for a “better time” “The time to change and improve is the present and is a constant in our lifetime”, You could read.

Quickly various comments began to arrive, where users commented on how beautiful she looked, without caring that the Daredevil got “jealous” you can see the photograph of Priscila Ángel in a low-cut blouse here.

Various comments began to arrive in the photograph of Priscila Ángel wearing a tremendous low-cut blouse, where users highlighted how beautiful the Daredevil’s wife looked.

A follower wrote the following, with the purpose that Gustavo Ángel, her husband, would become “jealous”: “I like you because you are more than beautiful and so that the Reckless one can get excited”.

PHOTO: Instagram. Priscilla Angel

Another follower claimed that she will always look very young despite the years: “Super beautiful and precious, sweet charming, as young as any way.”

A user remembered the songs that Priscila Ángel composed when she was still a member of her band Priscilla and her silver bullets, Back in the 90s: “Hello Priscila, you are excellent and you have a beautiful family, yesterday I was looking for and listening to some of your songs, very beautiful songs, greetings from Argentina.”

Daredevil's wife

PHOTO: Instagram. Priscilla Angel

“You are beautiful and radiant like the sun”, “Beautiful lady”, “How beautiful you are Priscila”, “Beautiful lady Priscila”, “Pretty with all due respect”, “What a beautiful thing”, “Wow, my God, what you’re beautiful ”were one of the many comments that could be read in the photograph of Priscila Ángel showing off a low-cut blouse.

Slim and voluptuous! Priscila Ángel wife of Temerario surprises with her most sensual photo

Before Priscila Ángel appeared showing off a golden low-cut blouse, the Temerario’s wife surprised her followers after sharing a photograph of her, where she looks the worked and spectacular body that, Gustavo Ángel’s wife constantly exercises.

Daredevil's wife

PHOTO: Instagram. Priscilla Angel

The publication consists of a black and white photograph of Priscila Ángel while she is in profile turning to the camera, she wears a white sleeveless blouse, tight jeans and a black belt.

Quickly, the comments were filled with praise and phrases for Priscila Ángel, Daredevil’s wife, who, unlike many actresses and personalities of the show, has always kept a low profile, away from the spotlight and public problems.

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