Priest spends alms on sex, drugs and parties

Priest Francesco Spagnesi spends alms money. Authorities confirm that he spent it on sex, parties and drugs. At parties, he was accompani...

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  • Priest Francesco Spagnesi spends alms money.
  • Authorities confirm that he spent it on sex, parties and drugs.
  • At parties, he was accompanied by his partner identified as Alessio Regina.

Priest Francesco Spagnesi spends alms money on sex, parties and drugs, he was detained after this was confirmed, according to information published by Plumas Atómicas.





This story has surprised the entire community, after police gave their report and confirmed that the priest had been arrested as he was allegedly guilty of the crime of drug trafficking in Florence, Italy.


Priest spends alms
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The authorities have said that the priest not only did this with money but also organized orgies with his partner, who was identified in the investigations as Alessio Regina.

As more research has been done, more details of the parties that Francesco Spagnesi threw have become known and people are more surprised by the terrible actions that the father performed.

Priest spends alms: SEARCH ONLINE

Francesco Spagnesi
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The information from the police indicates that Francesco Spagnesi’s guests were recruited by the priest via the Internet, in the orgies the participation of up to 200 people approximately was counted.

The authorities indicate that the father generally wanted his guests to be homosexual and that they liked drug use. This they generally did home seven days on sex dating websites.


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It has also been said that the man was looking for a certain type of assistants and that most were managers, businessmen, doctors, nurses, so he always had a choice.

The man’s arrest took place on August 27 when the police conducted an inspection of his apartment which he shared with his 40-year-old partner. Filed Under: Priest Spends Alms


Priest spends alms
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When they arrived at the place they found several things of which they did not even imagine, the policemen found a drug called GBL, better known as “rape drug”, which they brought from Holland.

In addition, the police officers said they found traces of cocaine use. All this would not have been achieved without money, for which he is accused of a withdrawal of 40 thousand euros from the account of the curia. Filed Under: Priest Spends Alms


Francesco Spagnesi
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After obtaining all this evidence, the priest received his ‘punishment’. Immediately the church separated him from his position and soon he stopped being a father and now, in addition to the criminal sentence, he will receive that of his parishioners who will no longer believe in him.

The authorities have considered the man an addict and a drug dealer and for now he has been ordered to continue a house arrest while the investigations continue. Filed Under: Priest Spends Alms

Priest spends alms: TAKEN ADVANTAGE

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But this is not the only case of a religious who is involved in a sexual crime. Late last month it was reported that a pastor took advantage of his hierarchy in the temple.

A Las Vegas pastor identified as Fermín Rangel Ramos was arrested for allegedly committing sexual crimes against a minor, although authorities believe there may be more victims

Priest spends alms: SUSPICIOUS

Priest spends alms
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Pastor Fermín Rangel, 52, was arrested on August 11 for being suspected of lewdness with a minor, although he had multiple arrest warrants, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police (LVMPD) said in a statement cited by News 3 MF on Monday, August 30.

According to the aforementioned outlet, the defendant was described as the pastor who has been president of a church located in the 3600 block of Vegas Drive for more than 20 years. No further details were provided about his arrest.


Francesco Spagnesi
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Although the church is not identified in the press release issued by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, Google Street View shows the name of Pastor Fermín Rangel on a sign that identifies the Bethel Christian Center located on the corner of Vegas and Rancho, News detailed 3 LV.

Court records cited by the newspaper indicated that Pastor Fermín Rangel was ordered to be arrested on a $ 50,000 bond for two counts of lewdness with a 14- or 15-year-old boy, and three counts of gross or overt lewdness. Filed Under: Priest Spends Alms


Priest spends alms
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The conditions of the bond include that Pastor Fermín Rangel must remain under electronic monitoring and cannot have any contact with the alleged victim or any other minor.

His next court appearance is scheduled for November 4. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said detectives believe there may be other victims who have not come forward to make their reports. Filed Under: Priest Spends Alms

Priest spends alms: INFORMATION

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They asked that anyone with information on Pastor Fermín Rangel should contact the department’s sex crimes unit at (702) 828-3421 or, if they want to remain anonymous, through Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555 .

8 News Now reported that the pastor’s name appears to have already been removed from a sign in the church, although the letters are still visible. 8 News Now tried to speak to church employees and parishioners, but they only said they were aware of the situation and had no further comment.

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