Pressley Stutts, an ally of Donald Trump who criticized the use of masks, dies of covid

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Pressley Stutts, an ally of Donald Trump who criticized the use of masks, dies of covid
  • Ally of former president of the United States, Donald Trump, who fervently opposed to mask mandates, dies of coronavirus.
  • Pressley Stutts vehemently opposed mask mandates and criticized measures against the covid in the United States.
  • Chairman of the Republican Party in South Carolina County, passed away on August 19 of neunomy.

Pressley Stutts, an ally of former US President Donald Trump, who fervently opposed  to mask mandates, dies of coronavirus, after entering a hospital along with his wife, according to the news site Huffingtonpost.

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According to information published by some local media, the president of the Republican Party in the county of South Carolina, died on August 19, after spending almost 20 days in the hospital with his wife.


Donald Trump ally
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The ally of the former president always expressed his rejection of the use of masks, as a measure against the coronavirus, was one of the main critics of the restrictions that were imposed to stop the contagion of the covid in the United States.

It was the Pressley Stutts family who, through a Facebook post, confirmed the unfortunate news. Through this network, Donald Trump’s ally shared his rejection against the use of masks, the vaccine and anti-covid tests.

Donald Trump’s ally: THEY LAMENT HIS LOSS

Pressley stutts
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On his position on the situation that generated the appearance of the covid in the United States and its restrictions, the politician Pressley Stutts said: “People should be free to receive the vaccines they want and free not to receive them. But what is happening now is discrimination ”.

On social media some people mourned his departure: “Oh no, I am deeply sorry for the profound loss of (Pressley) Pressley, a wonderful and patriotic man I was fortunate to meet. Prayers to his family and friends ”.

Donald Trump ally: “THIS IS TRAGIC”

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On the Republican’s page, more comments were received about his passing: “I am praying for the family during this difficult time! Pressley was a great fighter for Liberty and we will miss him! ”, And“ This is tragic. Praying for his wife, his family and all those who loved and respected him!

“RIP my friend. Condolences to Patty and the family. For his new friends who didn’t know it, Pressley owned a restaurant in Mooresville years ago and would open it at his expense on Thanksgiving to serve free meals. You will be sorely missed, ”wrote another person.


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Precisely on the use of masks, this August 20, 2021 it was reported that millions of students in Florida, Texas and Arizona are now forced to wear the mask to enter class, in school districts where the Democratic administrative boards have imposed the measure of protection despite resistance from Republican governors.

All three states are experiencing a rebound in the virus due to the contagious delta variant, and school boards in Miami, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and other cities argue that masks protect students as well as teachers and administrative staff. Filed Under: Donald Trump Ally

Donald Trump’s ally: “IT’S NOT A GAME”

Donald Trump ally
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Such districts use as an argument the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which recommends that everyone – students, teachers and administrators – wear a mask, whether they are vaccinated or not.

“This (the virus) is not a game,” said Marcia Andrews, a member of the Palm Beach County Florida school board. “I do not want one of the boys to die,” he added in comments published by the Palm Beach Post.


Pressley stutts
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The aforementioned governors insist that masks impede education and do little to prevent contagion. They say the rules violate every parent’s right to decide the best way to protect their children.

“Texans and not the government will be the ones who decide the best practices to protect the health of children, and that is why they will not be forced to wear masks in public schools or in public administration headquarters,” said the governor of Texas Greg Abbott, by prohibiting making wearing the mask mandatory. Filed Under: Donald Trump Ally


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For his part, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, issuing his executive order banning masks in July, cited a Brown University study that examined schools in New York, Florida and Massachusetts that he said shows masks have little effect.

However, the governor did not mention that the study covers cases associated with schools, not cases infected within the schools themselves. Filed Under: Donald Trump Ally


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One of the study’s authors, economist Emily Oster, recently stated that the governor never consulted her and that the report was made before the emergence of the delta variant. She is in favor of making the use of masks mandatory in schools.

While all that controversy is taking place, the cases of covid increase not only in the United States, but in several parts of the world and the return to classes has been canceled and several sporting events have been left for later as well as those of shows and others in all the world. Filed Under: Donald Trump Ally

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