Pregnant woman is shot 11 times at her own baby shower

Was it a targeted attack? A pregnant woman was shot 11 times in the middle of a baby shower. Both the woman and the baby passed away. WHO...

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  • Was it a targeted attack?
  • A pregnant woman was shot 11 times in the middle of a baby shower.
  • Both the woman and the baby passed away.

WHO WANTED THEM DEAD? A pregnant woman was shot 11 times while unloading the gifts that she had received at the baby shower her friends and family organized for her. The terrible attack occurred in Philadelphia at 8:30 pm local time, and the 32-year-old was quickly taken to a local hospital in an attempt to save her life.

Unfortunately, both the young woman and the baby lost their lives and they were declared dead at the hospital. It seems to have been an attack directed against the young woman due to the brutal way she was murdered. The investigation continues and so far, neither the identity of the murdered young woman or the aggressors has not been released.


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According to local media, a woman who was seven months pregnant was attacked while getting out of her car to unload the gifts she got at her baby shower and was shot 11 times. According to the investigation, the shooting occurred at around 8:30 pm, in the 6100 block of Palmetto Street and the neighbors reported the attack.

The 32-year-old woman did not survive the attack, much less her unborn baby. So far, the investigation of this incident continues and only the casings that fell when the gun was fired have been recovered. Authorities have not released the identity of the pregnant woman and they haven’t revealed whether they have any information about the attackers.

Pregnant woman murdered after baby shower: was she targeted?

Pregnant baby shower murdered: were they after her?
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According to The Sun, the young pregnant woman was arriving at her home after having been at her baby shower. The 32-year-old woman was getting out of a KIA van and unloading some of the gifts that she had received at the event when the attackers appeared at the scene and fired at her.

The media stated that she was shot several times in the head and belly. According to the  Philadelphia police investigation, everything seems to indicate that it was a targeted attack. At the scene, bullet casings were found and the car was still filled with baby gifts. Filed Under: Pregnant Baby Shower Killed

Pregnant woman murdered after baby shower: Did she go to the hospital?

Pregnant baby shower murdered: Did they go to the hospital?
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ABC 6 pointed out that when the authorities arrived at the scene and saw the woman badly wounded, they quickly called emergency services, who transferred her to the Einstein Medical Center, where she was declared dead a short time later. The statement mentions that unfortunately, the unborn baby also passed away.

The shooter aimed at the most delicate areas of the human body. Although every effort was made to ensure that the mother and baby survived, they were so badly injured that it was impossible to save them. For the moment, authorities are not releasing her identity as they continue with the investigation. Filed Under: Pregnant Baby Shower Killed

Pregnant woman murdered after baby shower: How’s the investigation going?

Pregnant baby shower murdered: How's the investigation going?
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Local media reported that the weapon that took the young woman’s life could not be recovered at the scene but it was declared that the shells were found. In the images that were released of the aftermath, the evidence can be seen on the ground.

The Philadelphia Police Department stated that no suspects in the attack have been found and that investigations will continue to find the person responsible for the death of the mother and her baby. The motive for the shooting is unclear at this time, so authorities have asked that if anyone has information about the incident, they report it to the police. Filed Under: Pregnant Baby Shower Killed

Pregnant woman murdered after baby shower: A cowardly act?

Pregnant baby shower murdered: A cowardly act?
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ABC 6 stated that the deputy commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department declared that the person who shot the pregnant woman must be extremely cowardly for committing such a vile act.

“I mean, the person who did this couldn’t be more of a coward,” Said Christine Coulter, deputy commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department. For the time being, the investigation will continue and a $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in the shooting. Filed Under: Pregnant Baby Shower Killed

Pregnant woman murdered after baby shower: are the attacks on the rise?

Pregnant baby shower murdered: did the attacks increase?
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Christine Coulter, stated that she is tired of the violence in Philadelphia. Upon receiving the news of the death of the pregnant young woman, she said that she was deeply upset that unborn children and women are being killed. The deputy commissioner said that she will do everything possible to stop the wave of violence in the city.

“The city is approaching 500 homicides. Children are being shot, unborn children are being shot, what is the city doing about it? ” Coulter said in the statement she gave regarding the case of the pregnant woman. Everything seems to indicate that the young woman, 32, was not the only one to be attacked that night. Filed Under: Pregnant Baby Shower Killed

The mayor’s words

The mayor's words
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Through social media, the city’s mayor, Jim Kenney, stated that he was deeply upset and heartbroken by the death of the young pregnant woman. He spoke out against the violence in the city of Philadelphia and said that there would be a reward for anyone who has information about the crime.

This news is deeply upsetting and heartbreaking. My heart goes out to the victim’s loved ones during this painful time. The City is offering a $50,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. Contact @phillypolice lcalling or texting 215-686-8477.” Mayor Kenney tweeted.

Months earlier a similar incident took place in New York

Months before a similar situation happened in New York
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A pregnant woman lost her life after celebrating her baby shower. Reports indicate that everything happened at dawn, when her ex-partner arrived at the scene and began arguing with her current partner. The fight escalated and they both took out guns they were carrying.

The shooting started and the 31-year-old mother was injured. When the NYPD arrived, authorities found the unconscious woman and she was immediately taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, due to the her condition when she was found, neither her life nor that of the baby could be saved, and they were declared dead. There are no arrests so far, but investigations continue.

The attempt

Pregnant baby shower dies: The attack
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Local media reported on the attack. The 31-year-old woman from Manhattan tried to end a fight between two men at her own baby shower and she was fatally shot in the face at dawn this Sunday.

Unfortunately, the young woman tried to calm the situation down but she was seriously injured in the fight. Two of her children were at the scene, and witnessed the death of their mother. Needless to say, they were deeply affected by the circumstances that led to the woman’s death.

Reports that have come to light

Pregnant Baby Shower Dies: Reports That Have Come to Light
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According to PIXII, the woman who was fatally wounded is Shanice Young, 31. Young was expecting her fifth child, but it was not immediately clear how far along the pregnancy was. The young woman’s family had excitedly organized the baby shower to celebrate the arrival of their new family member.

Hours later, the tragedy that would end Shanice’s life unfolded. Apparently, it was all due to an argument started by the father of her other children who found out about the woman’s new pregnancy and went to confront his ex’s partner. The woman was alerted in the early morning about the argument and tried to stop the fight. Unfortunately, the situation ended with her death.

Authorities arrived at the scene

Pregnant baby shower dies: The authorities arrived at the scene
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According to ABC7, the police responded to the calls reporting that a woman had been shot on West 128th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard at around 1:15 a.m. The authorities quickly went to the scene and began to assist the young woman who had received a gunshot wound to the head.

Media reported that the police found the 31-year-old “unconscious” and unresponsive, so they administered first aid. They tried to revive the woman and she still did not respond any life saving measures. She was transferred to the nearest hospital in the area were she was pronounced dead.


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