Prediction fulfilled, Mhoni Vidente predicted the fall of a plane in Mexico (VIDEO)

The psychic Mhoni Seer is right again in another prediction He had previously predicted the crash of a plane in Mexico Six soldiers died ...

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  • The psychic Mhoni Seer is right again in another prediction
  • He had previously predicted the crash of a plane in Mexico
  • Six soldiers died this Sunday when crashing into a Mexican Air Force aircraft in the state of Veracruz

Mhoni Seer crash plane. The clairvoyant Mhoni Seer, got it right again in a prediction that he had commented a few weeks ago, and that is that he predicted that a plane would fall in Mexico, and this Sunday an Air Force aircraft crashed causing the death of six soldiers.

Previously in a video of Youtube, where every week Mhoni leaves her predictions on the program “Here and Now”, where she had said that an air tragedy was approaching in Mexico.

During the broadcast, the most famous clairvoyant in Mexico suddenly had a vision and that was when she said, “I see something very strong in Mexico, issues of a tragedy, I see a plane fall,” causing one of the program’s hosts to shudder. .

Mhoni Seer falling plane


“Visions suddenly come to Mhoni Vidente, and I see the plane falling in the middle of the city, and I see very important people on that plane, who is going to mark the history of the country,” said the psychic. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Six soldiers die in plane crash in Mexican state

And it turns out that this Sunday an aircraft of the Mexican Air Force crashed in the state of Veracruz, causing the death of six soldiers who were on board, according to Efe Agency.

Mhoni Seer falling plane


The events occurred at 09:45 am, in the vicinity of the El Lencero Airport in the Emiliano Zapata municipality, an area surrounding the city of Xalapa, capital of the state of Veracruz.

The Learjet aircraft with registration number 3912, belonged to the Secretariat of National Defense of Mexico, which left the runway and crashed on vacant land in the Mexican state.

The plane immediately caught fire, killing its six crew members, including the pilot and copilot at the scene. The victims were members of the armed forces. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE Y HERE


Mhoni Seer crash plane. Elements of the Mexican Army, State Police and aid personnel from the airport came to the scene of the accident, where they tried to rescue the pilots who were trapped in the middle of the fire, without obtaining any success.

Mhoni Seer plane crash 3


After managing to quell the fire that set the aircraft on fire, the ministerial staff entered only to lift the bodies of the six deceased who were inside.

The Sedena regretted the accident and assured that it will verify that the benefits that by law correspond to its heirs are granted, as well as the necessary support to support them in all their needs during this difficult time.


In a statement it was announced that the Air Accident Investigation and Judging Commission and the Inspection and Comptroller General of the Army and Air Force will investigate to determine the causes of the accident.

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