The terrible prediction made for this winter in America

A terrible prediction is made for this winter in the US. The Old Farmers Almanac uses secret formulas to make its famous winter weather p...

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  • A terrible prediction is made for this winter in the US.
  • The Old Farmers Almanac uses secret formulas to make its famous winter weather predictions.
  • Snowfall will be more abundant than average.
Although there are still a few months to go before winter comes, we are already beginning to talk about this winter season that apparently is coming with more force than ever. A clear example is in the natural phenomena that have struck the country throughout this year, where earthquakes, storms and hurricanes have hit the United States.
The first to make winter predictions is The Old Farmer’s Almanac, this almanac began to share its winter predictions since 1792, being one of the most popular in the country, according to Lugares de Nieve.

Terrible winter prediction for the USA

Winter season prediction
This almanac has had several successes over the years, so citizens verify what this new season of snowfall and cold will be like, to take their precautions. It is worth mentioning that the Old Farmers Almanac uses secret formulas combined with modern science to make its famous predictions of winter weather in the United States and Canada.
As every year, he makes a prediction for the cold season, and this time they say that winter will come to the country stronger than ever. Apparently this year the cold, snowfall and winter storms will be present in the United States, warning citizens beforehand.

Winter season prediction: The Old Farmer’s Almanac and its predictions

Winter season prediction: The Old Farmer's Almanac and its predictions
Photo Old Farmer’s Almanac
The secret formulas of the Old Farmer’s Almanac to predict what the winter will be like each year were released, to find out why they are so effective. Apparently they use three scientific disciplines which are solar science, climatology and meteorology.
The study of sunspots and other activities of the sun, the study of prevailing weather patterns, and the study of the atmosphere are what make their forecasts so effective. They compare historical weather conditions and patterns with current solar activity.




Winter season prediction: What do you expect for this winter season?

Winter season prediction: What do you expect for this winter season?
Photo Old Farmers almanac
For the United States, the Old Farmer’s Almanac has given its forecast for this year and states that recent trends in temperate temperatures will dominate the eastern and northern zones this winter. Temperatures will be below normal in the western part of the country.
“The lower-than-normal temperatures will be confined primarily to the western states and northeastern New England. Specifically, winter will be colder than normal in Maine; the regions of; Intermountain, Desert Southwest and Pacific Southwest; and eastern Hawaii and above normal elsewhere, ”the almanac states.

Winter season prediction: Predicted rainfall

Winter season prediction: Predicted rainfall

The almanac also predicts some below-normal rainfall from the Delmarva Peninsula to North Carolina. The rains combined with the intense cold causes great concerns in the citizens of these states which have already been warned.

“Snowfall will be more abundant than average in the Northeast, Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, High Plains and northern Alaska and a little below normal in most other areas that receive snow,” warns the Old Farmer’s Almanac in its predictions for this winter.

Winter season prediction: Canada warned

Winter season prediction: Canada warned

For this winter season of 2021, “severe winter temperatures are forecast with values ​​below normal in most of the country,” he tells the almanac. But all the contrary will happen in the Canadian Atlantic, which will have temperatures above normal.

The rains will also be present in Canada above normal, even mentioning that the snowfall will be more abundant: “The areas from Alberta east to Quebec must prepare for a train of snow storms” accompanied by a winter storm.

Winter season prediction: Hurricane Sam

hurricane sam
Photo: Twitter

It should be remembered that Hurricane Sam, now category 2, has gained strength to become a dangerous meteor while subtropical storm Teresa weakens and could dissipate on Sunday, according to meteorologists. So far no advisories or warnings have been issued for Sam, whose vortex was about 1,855 kilometers (1,150 miles) east-southeast of the Leeward Islands early Saturday morning.

The Miami-based National Hurricane Center noted that Sam had maximum sustained winds of 175 km / h (110 mph) making it a Category 2 hurricane. It is expected to move up one category later in the year. day and reach Category 4 on Sunday, with winds of 225 km / h (140 mph).

There are no notices so far

hurricane sam
Photo: Twitter

Sam is located about 1,150 miles (1,855 km) east-southeast of northern Leeward Islands and is moving in a west-northwest direction at 13 miles per hour (20 km / h), the reported news agency reported.

For now, there are no coastal watches or warnings in effect for Sam’s presence in the Atlantic basin, which is having a more active hurricane season than normal as predicted by experts. Filed Under: Winter Season Prediction

Sam is a strong but not very intense hurricane

hurricane sam
Photo: Twitter

Of the list of names for 2021, only Victor and Wanda remain to be used and there are still two months of the hurricane season ahead. A slower movement to the west northwest is expected over the weekend, followed by a turn to the northwest on Monday.

Sam is a strong but short hurricane. Hurricane-intensity winds extend up to 15 miles (30 km) from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extend up to 60 miles (95 km), the NHC said. Filed Under: Winter Season Prediction

Storm Teresa weakens

hurricane sam
Photo: Getty

Meanwhile, subtropical storm Teresa formed north of Bermuda on Friday. According to the forecast, it had maximum sustained winds of 65 km / h (40 mph) and was about 255 kilometers (155 miles) north-northwest of Bermuda. The meteor, which was moving at about 9 km / h (6 mph), is expected to lose strength throughout Saturday and dissipate on Sunday.

Forecasters noted that Teresa could be the ninth short-lived and relatively weak system of the Atlantic Ocean hurricane season, AP reported. Filed Under: Winter Season Prediction

In the Atlantic: Peter and Rose

Storm 18 could become Hurricane Sam this weekend
Photo: NHC

For now, two other systems roam the Atlantic: Tropical Depression Peter and Tropical Depression Rose. The good news is that meteorologists don’t think any of them make landfall.

Of course, special attention will have to be paid to Peter, who threatens to generate heavy rains that could trigger floods this Thursday mainly in the North Leeward Islands, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola. Filed Under: Winter Season Prediction

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